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All Youtube videos on polarity-music

In this post I link all my available Bitwig Studio Tutorials on youtube. Most of them even with time markers for the video to jump exactly to the right position in the video. The Site will be updated and is also a guide for me to see where there are gaps or missing pieces. Maybe its also nice for me to revisit some of the videos and exchange them for better ones. You can follow me on youtube if you havent already or support me on patreon. Thanks!

when kick  bass is the sameFrequency and Keytrack tip for #bitwig #howto @bitwigthis is the best tool for arrangement!an Interesting Beat Repeater with the Bitwig FX Gridtry this for melodies in @bitwig  @modarttvideos #howtodo THIS for the LO-FI sound (free preset)this looper for @bitwigDo this on every device in @bitwig #howto #sounddesignyou can do this in @bitwig too #bitwig #tutorial #testsustain notes  wavetables as melody sources in BitwigScatter by @SoundGhost -  A simple grain cloud VST Plug-inRecreating the Doppler Effect in Bitwig StudioBetter Panning in Bitwig Studio - Simulating Real-World Stereo FieldHandy Drums - Amazing Drum Sounds with Goran Grooves Studio StandardRealistic Rain Sounds in BitwigMelodic techno but modular? Creating a Track from Scratch with No Devices in BitwigRatios - Discovering Chords  Meldodies in BitwigMisha Clone - Create Your Own Eurorack-Inspired Sequencer With Bitwig StudioConvert Audio to MIDI for Free with Basic Pitch WebsiteReach - A Powerful Algorithmic Reverb PluginCreation of Puzzled Desire - Melodic TechnoTAIP by @BABYAudio-official - this plug-in sounds really nice...Creation of Night Flight - Generative-2023-01-17Guide to Baby Audios Free Plug-insCreate Unique Reverb Effects with Bitwig StudioCreation of Neon Velocity - Unlock the Secrets of Creating Dark Drum  BassDiscover Radio in Your DAW - Create Unique Atmospheric Sounds with This Plug-inExploring Alternatives to Compression for Volume AutomationExploring Tomofon by Klevgrand - A Fresh Take On Additive SynthesisCreating Chord Memory Presets with Note FX Selector and Note Grid - Bitwigtry these 2 ways of creating melody  rhythm - Bitwig Gridevery piano track needs this #bitwig #echo #delay #surrealmachineseveryone has an analogue synthesizer at home - Bitwiguse this to quantize audio live - Bitwig FX Grid Audio Quantizer@audiothing BubblesPianoteq 8 and Supermassive 2.5 🀝this is how easy it is to start a track - Bitwig AmbientBalance your mix with THIS native device - Bitwig Spectral Suiteeveryone should know THIS patch - Bitwig Auto LevelerDeep Dive into Spacer VST by @spectralplugins4864 - Is THIS better than Supermassive?How to Make your FIRST FM polyphonic Synth VST in Max RNBOBehringer Poly D , Vital, SpacerAmbient Future Beats out on bandcamp - https://bit.ly/3fo4Gk3Thingsis THIS plugin all plugins at once? - PlugDataHow to make complex music with only a filter and an envelope - Bitwig Studio (free download)my viewpoint on this - Bitwig 4.3.9 backlashBitwig 4.3.9 goes Spectral - 4 NEW devices!The DSEQ3 by TB Pro Audio: Your New Best Friend in Sound DesignBitwig Track from the start PART 3 - How to make an 8 bar loop into an arrangement

Overview / Playlists

Bitwig Devices explained

I dont really like to make videos for each device, because it only tells you how the device works and not what you can do with it. Knowing how a car works doesnt makes you a good driver. But a lot of people favor these videos for whatever reason. Here we go:

Bitwig Tips and Tricks Videos

Small and useful tricks you can only do in Bitwig Studio. This is your second stop after the beginner tutorials. Most videos have multiple small tutorials inside. Alot of people actually like these kind of videos, because they give you interesting short tips in one video. You can watch the Bitwig Tips and Tricks youtube playlist here.

Bitwig Tutorials (Non Grid Tutorials)

These are Tutorials that are not Grid related. Your usual production & daw tips and tricks with practical approaches. You can watch the playlist on youtube here. From newest to oldest sorted.

Bitwig Grid: Modules explained

Here I try to explain individual modules in various contexts. A module by itself is quickly explained and usually has only one simple function. But in combination with other modules it can work wonders. You can watch the full playlist on youtube.

Bitwig Grid: Solutions

These videos are concerned with providing solutions to practical problems. So how do I build a bass or a pad. How do I sequence things. How to build a reverb. Here I ask questions that come up in everyday life and try to answer them. You can watch the full playlist on youtube.

Bitwig Grid: Beginner Course

Bitwig Grid: Generative Beginner Course

You can find it on the Blog or on a playlist on youtube
How to start in the grid, apply pitch and gate signals and how to go from synth to self running. In this tutorial I show you how to build generative patches by yourself. The whole thing is designed as easy as possible and should invite you to participate.

Free Bitwig Presets explained

All Videos linked and listed

the note grid is fun...
circle of fifth progressions trick with the Bitwig Note Grid
Extract Grooves with the Bitwig Note Grid - Groove Pool Fix?
Bitwig Note Grid: LetΒ΄s build a Step Sequencer
Bitwig Note Grid: I didn't know VOICE STACKS could do that!
Grid Note Out / Midi Out Preset for the Bitwig Grid - Gate, Pitch & Modulations for VST & Devices
Note Wrap chord auto inversions - free Bitwig 4.2 Note Grid Preset
Transform your Bitwig Synths into generative Patches - Generative Grid Tutorial for Beginners 1
Folding & wrapping notes into one octave in the Bitwig Grid (solution for vsts in the comments)
why not sing your notes? - VOICE2NOTE Bitwig Studio 4.2b3
Bitwig Grid: letΒ΄s PRACTICE together πŸ₯°
Bitwig Grid: More Voice Stacks Magic
What are Voice Stacks? - Bitwig Concepts Guide
Polarity Ultra-Chord - Easy Chords for Bitwig 2.0 [Free]
6 Reasons I switched to Bitwig 4 #bitwig #daw
Pope invents method for deterministic melodies in the Bitwig Grid
Bitwig Grid: Voice Stacks on Reverbs & Resonators
why does this work? - Note Wrap Explained
Living Pads - Bitwig Tutorial
How to create generative music in the Bitwig Studio Grid
"Into The Ether" - A modular Track using Moog Sound Studio // QPAS // OP-1 Field // TX-6
Introducing Note Grid [Bitwig Studio 4.2]
Fugue Machine - using BitwigΒ΄s Grid polyphony mode
generative music, but without the grid?
in Bitwig 4.2 you can skip the piano roll for melodies
This is how I've created my own sequencer using note grid in Bitwig.
Step-Sequencer with random generated pitches - Bitwig Grid
Bitwig Grid: Voice Stacks on Reverbs & Resonators
Bitwig Grid: More Voice Stacks Magic
Bitwig Note Grid: LetΒ΄s build a Step Sequencer
Bitwig Note Grid: I didn't know VOICE STACKS could do that!
this hidden TRICK is not in the manual - Bitwig probabilies are in the modulation amounts
Bitwig Grid: letΒ΄s PRACTICE together πŸ₯°
3 FREE PLUGINS that are underrated and I use in every project
Morph EQ on drum and bass in bitwig
this creative MORPH EQ plugin is NUTS!!
Why using the Tree Monster? - Bitwig Studio
Quantize Bitwig Modulations to Intervals, Notes & Scales
Bitwig effect SEQUENCING but SMART and EASY - no 10 free vst plugins used :SEOlol:
this BITWIG EXTENSION is very helpful
Comb Guitar - physical modeling based acoustic guitar preset for Bitwig Studio (patreon)
are MARKOV CHAINs in BITWIG possible?
turn POLYMER into a polyphonic PHYSICAL MODELING synth - Bitwig 4.3 is here
track from the start 4: BITWIG ONLY - no vst plugins / no hardware
build a MODAL SYNTHESIZER from zero in Bitwig
the new Steinberg Backbone 1.5 update is NUTS!
Bitwig E-Snare Tips
CLAP plugins πŸ‘ in Bitwig, better than VST plugins? U-HE Hive Clap!
Bitwig E-Kick Tips
take this GRAIN of sound...
3 things you like: loudness, easy workflow & free plugins
is this a future feature of Bitwig?
iΒ΄m watching your GRID PATCHES
this is an INSTAGRAM FILTER for your SOUND
this new DELAY device blew my mind
Bitwig 4.3 is here!!!
this is the best TOOL you already own
this one trick no one told you about, because it's a secret. But i do, because i'm nice!
πŸ”΄ Ambient 24/7 - Modular / Star Citizen / Cyberpunk / Bitwig
you asked me how I did it - generative percussions for house / techno
Generative Synth percussions in BITWIG
KNOWLEDGE is not everything, how to LEARN and why itΒ΄s hard
the module is only available in Bitwig
is this the smallest self generating patch?
loops from scratch: letΒ΄s do ... GLITCH HOP in Bitwig
track from the start 3: wobbly, gritty & dark techstep drum & bass ... in Bitwig
let’s create BELLS, a self running generative ambient patch in Bitwig Studio
Check my latest video on the topic! #bitwig pinging eq+
pinging in Bitwig is fun - resonance is your friend
is this the best method for melodies? - Bitwig Studio
this is the best DRUM SAMPLER vst plugin right now
closing the gap - persisting the gate
easy chord progressions? - Circle of Fifths preset for Bitwig Studio
track from the start 2: simple, downtempo, traditional arrangement & workflow ... in Bitwig
Extract Grooves with Bitwig - Transient Shaper Trick / Splitted Bands / Preserve Note Offs
Extract Grooves with the Bitwig Note Grid - Groove Pool Fix?
track from the start 1: how to start from zero, go generative and add usual stuff later on in Bitwig
circle of fifth progressions trick with the Bitwig Note Grid
my setup: Arturia Keystep Pro / Bitwig / Moog DFAM, Mother-32 & Subharmonicon
Math: Add Subtract - Bitwig Grid Modules explained
why does this work? - Note Wrap Explained
Channel-16 modulator in Bitwig Studio explained
why not sing your notes? - VOICE2NOTE Bitwig Studio 4.2b3
Note Wrap chord auto inversions - free Bitwig 4.2 Note Grid Preset
in Bitwig 4.2 you can skip the piano roll for melodies
dubstep bass sounds without vital or serum? Bitwig Phase-4
using samples is cheating
gain staging, channel order, grouping, bus processing
FX SEQUENCING - spent less time in the arranger micro editing things
why your mixdown is shit - tonal balance, brightness equals loudness
Sound Design Basics - how to make kick, pads, leads, bell, bass sounds
how i mixdown tracks - quick, simple, loud and clean mastering
there is a new SAMPLE MANAGER on the block
XLN XO easy Sample Export - perfect browser replacement for your DAW
the note grid is fun...
Bitwig 4.2 is here!
loops from scratch: letΒ΄s do ... SYNTHWAVE! in Bitwig
this fx plugin is a synth...
πŸ”΄ Ambient 24/7 - Modular / Star Citizen / Cyberpunk / Bitwig
letΒ΄s create a space station
generative music, but without the grid?
Polisphere - large maintained library of sounds & presets for Bitwig Studio (patreon)
Generative-2022-01-22 Bitwig Lullaby (free download)
do you use a transient shaper?
create your own crappy Audio FX instead of buying crappy plugins
CHORDS : another chord progression plugin?
πŸ”Š Generative-2022-01-12 Sequences! (free download)
use XLN XO to create new samples & sample packs - easy layering techniques
could it be any sampler? glitch sounds with Sononym and Bitwig
have you ever built a song like this before?
more bitwig chord progression tips & tricks
old bitwig grid patch and some new sequences
doing chords & progressions the bitwig way
can it replace your 20k euroack?
ambient fun in vcvrack
can you mix ambient & dubstep?
future garage beats made with bitwig
some more bubbles from yesterdays @bitwig youtube tips & tricks video.
Glitch Hop & Squarepusher Basslines? no problem in Bitwig 4.1 - Tips & Tricks Part 5
Bitwig 4.1 step modulator and arpeggiator tip
πŸ”Š Generative-2021-11-22 Ambient Klingeln (free download) + DFAM / Mother-32 / Poly-D
[NO TALK] Designing Presets for my Patreons in Bitwig
track from start #4: Drum & Bass - Bitwig Tutorial
Ambient Chill / Bitwig Q&A
πŸ”Š Generative-2021-11-09 - Just Sequence (free download)
some edm chords
Bitwig 4.1: forget the piano roll!
Live: Bitwig 4.1 Beta
track from the start #5: Melodic House / Techno - Bitwig Tutorial
Push Record: Melodic Techno/House Improv-Jam
building a CHORD GENERATOR - Bitwig Tutorial
this plugin feels like cheating
Live Stream: Music & Chill
game over for music producers ....
what I always wanted to do with the sampler... (patreon)
Groove Pool for Bitwig (patreon)
the best audio pitch shift
a new modular daw!!! ... and its free
Generative-2021-09-13 Just Drone (download in description)
LIVE: Bitwig Talk Livestream
2042 - modular ambient
working on old drafts
friday ambient chill hangout
creating melodic meat
generate a techno set with this (+download)
4 things music producers wont tell you, number 5 will blow your mind
If you do Ambient, you need this!
Generative-2021-08-18 Bitwig Generative Dark Ambient / free preset
Friday Blade Runner Mood
No other VST plugin can do this?
Live: your daily dose of Bitwig & Chill
this plugin is nuts ... Bitwig pls!
ableton live, cubase and logic dont have this
Generative-2021-07-29 Bitwig Generative Techstep / Drum & Bass (free download)
Is this the best Phaser?
Hardware Journey with Bitwig - music software dude discovers hardware
Gold 1 - Drum Re-Synthesis
Polygon - Generative Ambient 30min / Moog Mother 32 / microfreak / K2 / crave / volca
Swinger - Ambient / Modular / Bitwig
how to make things stereo?
CrabM3AT // Drum & Bass / Bitwig Project Download (patreon)
Polynom - creative & unique distortion in Bitwig
Generative-2021-07-01 Bitwig Generative Chillwave Ambient (free download)
Live: Ambient Live / Generative Hangout - Bitwig 4 / Sensel / Korg / Maschine
No Sun No Fun // Drum & Bass / Bitwig Project Download (patreon)
Live: Bitwig 4 BETA 5 - Ambient / Chill Out / Q+A?
[NO TALK] Designing Presets for my Patreons in Bitwig
Fugue Machine - using BitwigΒ΄s Grid polyphony mode
Buttermilk - Ambient / Modular / Bitwig
Live: Bitwig 4 BETA 4 - hot sounds from the cool tub
Ultrafat - compressor & expander for Bitwig Studio 3.3 (patreon)
Live: Bitwig 4 Building FX
Live: Bitwig 4 on a short sunday
Live: Bitwig 4 is here!!!
Live: Bitwig & Chill?
Implementing a "threshold" in the Bitwig Grid - Tutorial
SP-404 Lo-Fi Hip Hop Effect Rack in Bitwig Studio - preset & creation process
doing music in Bitwig 3.3.8 with euclidean & melody generators
Sinemod Melody Generator - Tutorial & Preset for Bitwig Studio
Euclidean Rhythms Generator - easy peasy in the Bitwig Studio Grid
best reverb ever?
polarity - valley // future garage / ambient / dubstep
Saturator - Bitwig Studio
Bitwig is generating music for me #techno #house #generative
I tried the sonible smart:EQ 3
Generative Pattern Combining in the Bitwig Studio Grid
Generative-2021-05-03 Deep Techno
Your voice is a unique instrument - Bitwig Tutorial
Exponential Off Grid Groove Modulation Techniques - Bitwig Tutorial
Bitwig Sampler: matching loop length with song tempo / subdividing the length with modulators
polarity - grafty // ambient dubstep // project download for Bitwig available
Live: Bitwig Production Fun & Q&A! More work on Bells From Hell!
Live: Bitwig Production Fun & Q&A! Trying out Pigments & Gullfoss
Recorder - Bitwig Studio Grid Module Tutorial
Live: Bitwig Production Fun & Q&A! only hard bass & drums today :D
Piano Delays - 7 effect presets for Bitwig Studio that create beautiful spaces
Live: Bitwig Production Fun & Q&A for newbs & serious talk
Sequenced Synths - 10 musical presets for Bitwig Studio
Live: Bitwig Chill & Sounddesign! AMA!
Live Bitwig Ambient Sound Design + AMA!
Live Sounddesign in Bitwig! AMA!
sound design with Valhalla Supermassive - nasty and eerie sounds
Making Songs with only Audio FX? Bitwig Tutorial
the delay is your friend - Bitwig / Audio FX tutorial
πŸ”΄ Live: Mixed In Key Satellite Chaos Mode! Join me making music!
Live: 10x10 Bitwig Modular Grid Challenge / AMA!
Generative-2021-02-25 Vertical Space
How to connect Bitwig & VCV Rack on Windows #shorts
How to make something Loud with the Bitwig native devices - Tutorial
Live: Ambient & Chillout Bitwig Music Stream
Real-time MIDI Input quantizer for Bitwig
[NO TALK] Designing Presets for my Patreons in Bitwig
πŸ”΄ Live: Bitwig & Bass / n00b Q+A
polarity x mica franco - hold me close
πŸ”΄ Live: could be bitwigs wig out of bits if bits could be a wig?
πŸ”Š Generative-2021-02-02 - Generative Dub Techno in the Bitwig Studio Grid (free preset)
Pope invents method for deterministic melodies in the Bitwig Grid
VE3K1 // Polarity - deep & funky Drum & Bass / Bitwig
πŸ”΄ Live: Cooking Beats in #Bitwig Studio #modular #music #qa #hashtag #production #live #cubase #fls
Pillow Tension // Polarity - deep, liquid Drum & Bass - Bitwig project available
πŸ”΄ Live Bitwig Ambient / Drum & Bass Production! Ask questions or hang out? - https://polarity.live/
Clash! // Polarity - deep liquid Drum & Bass in Bitwig / DMCA / GEMA / Copyright free
Building an procedural Bitwig grid patch (stream clip)
πŸ”΄ Live: Bitwig Modular Ambient & Chill Out Livestream - https://polarity.live/
πŸ”΄ Live: Breaking Pads - #Bitwig - https://polarity.live/
Sidechaining in Bitwig ... is different! What cubase, ableton, fl studio can learn
Chillwave Ambient - Moody & Relaxing Vibes - Bitwig Generative
πŸ”΄ Live: How to control Bitwig with your mind??
πŸ”΄ Live: old german man yells at Bitwig
πŸ”΄ Live: old dude makes drum & bass in Bitwig
πŸ”΄ Live: Bitwig Beginners? Ask stupid questions about starting in Bitwig!
πŸ”΄ Live: Bitwig Production Live!! Ask Questions and get rich fast!
πŸ”΄ Live: Big Bitwig Grid Patch - Say Good Bye to Your Music Pain!!!
generate epic melodies with this "Melody Maker" preset in Bitwig Studio 3.3
πŸ”΄ Live: How to get super rich in 5 steps in Bitwig Studio
Cyberpunk 2077: Timelapse Night City - Polarity // Deep Winter Sountrack
πŸ”΄ Live: polarity, glitches & pads in #bitwig join, ask some questions, zip a coke and eat a bretzel
πŸ”΄ Live: Beats & Bitwig! Ask questions and watch me fail!
super epic polyphonic MPE glitch ... thing? for Bitwig 3.3
Building a small outro with random Kalimba samples (stream clip)
FX-Layer Fader / Instrument Layer Fader Preset for Bitwig Studio
Building a small Reverb in the Bitwig Grid (stream clip)
Folding & wrapping notes into one octave in the Bitwig Grid (solution for vsts in the comments)
Scaler - subdivide rhythms and signals in the Grid of Bitwig Studio
Generative 2020-12-01 Meter Rhythm #ambient #modular
πŸ€“ Modulations, Audio FX & simple Sequencing - Generative Bitwig Grid Tutorial for Beginners 3
Micro Percussions Vol.1 - 127 Samples in a Bitwig Drummachine
Using random Hi-Hat samples to create a patterns in Bitwig Studio (stream clip)
Bitwig 3.3 Midrange Bass Sounds by polarity (stream clip)
This plugin can balance everything: Voxengo Teote
πŸ”΄ Live: Just #Bitwig Grid things...
πŸ”΄ Live: Exploring things in Bitwig + Vital release?
πŸ”΄ LIVE: Ableton 10 user tries Bitwig Studio for the first time
πŸ€“ Control multiple parameters with the Chebychev Module
Zaxx - deep, minimal Drum & Bass in Bitwig
πŸ”Š Generative-2020-22-04 - #Techno #Chill out #Modular
Berlin City - moody synth & effects driven by Berlin noises for Bitwig Studio 3.2.8
[NO TALK] Designing Presets for my Patreons in Bitwig
Mega Impacts - Randomized Impact Sounds for Bitwig Studio 3.2.8
πŸ€“ You can clone every Serum warp mode in the Bitwig 3.3 Grid
πŸ”΄ Live: Bitwig 3.3 is here. Wavetables, Polymer & new Editing!
Improvised Blade Runner Outro with the Bitwig polysynth (stream clip)
πŸ”΄ Live: Bitwig Production - Bounce, Q+A, Fun, Talk,
πŸ”΄ Live: #Bitwig is awesome! Hang out, come in enjoy the #music & ask questions
Area51 - Space Ambient in Bitwig
πŸ”΄ Live: #Bitwig user flies into space to eat a bretzl!
πŸ”΄ Live: Cyberpoly - Bitwig & Chill - come hang with polarity !bitwig
Aeriaeus - epic & smooth space pad sound for the Bitwig Grid (walkthrough+patreon content)
Checkov - A synth without an oscillator (walkthrough+patreon content)
πŸ”΄ Live: Grey Day - Bitwig 3.5 waiting room
πŸ”΄ Live: Bits & Wigs.... GRID mmmkay?
πŸ”΄ Live: Ambient in Bitwig & playing Star Citizen at the same time!!!!
πŸ”΄ Live: GODS OF NEPTUNE 2020-09-18 #bitwig #ambient Q&A live music production
πŸ”΄ Live: Music is the best friend - Bitwig Q&A / Music Production
πŸ”΄ Live: Early Bird Bitwig Music Stream - Zaxx, Flatland, Heimat, Shitnfunk
πŸ”΄ Live: Bitwig, Q&A, Basslines, Pads and Funny Faces
πŸ€“ Workflow, Solutions, Groove - Tips & Tricks Part 4
can you create unlimited percussions stems with this bitwig trick??
πŸ”₯ Mudpie Tools - 35 small Bitwig presets for resampling (mid tier subs only)
πŸ”Š Generative-2020-07-29 - Sequence Generator - Bitwig #Gridnik #Ambient
πŸ”΄ Live: Bitwig Livestream and Q+A - https://polarity.live/ 15.08.2020
πŸ”₯ Hard Clip - native Bitwig hard clip device (free for all)
How does this sonible smart reverb sound to you?
Polarity Memberships now available on Youtube
Real-time pitch, half-time and reverse audio in the Bitwig Grid
Voxengo CurveEQ VST Overview - super creative freeform & match eq
Building a drum beat repeater and break device in the Bitwig Grid
Voxengo ShineChilla VST Overview - Saturation / Harmonic Generator
πŸ”Š Generative-2020-07-29 - 5ths Up 4ths Down- Bitwig #Gridnik #Ambient
πŸ€“ a deeper look at signals and how to fake them - Generative Bitwig Grid Tutorial for Beginners 2
Transform your Bitwig Synths into generative Patches - Generative Grid Tutorial for Beginners 1
Trotzdem // Deep House Techno
Launch Window // Deep House Techno
πŸ”₯ Kalimba Tommelklaver - pluck & drone sounds Bitwig preset (patreon exclusive)
πŸ”Š Generative-2020-07-07 - Stille Post- Bitwig #Gridnik #Ambient
πŸ€“ Estimate Pitch with Zero Crossings - Bitwig Studio Grid
Bitwig Livestream and Q+A - https://polarity.live/
Bitwig shenanigans and Q+A? Zoning out doing some sounds
πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ 2 tips for Bitwig Studio presets & clips / Livestreaming update
πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ Convolution in the Bitwig Studio Grid [advanced]
πŸ€“ Handle Harmonic Overtones with Bitwig 3.2 EQ+ and Pitch Expression tracking
πŸ”₯ Evolving Sounds & Sequences - Bitwig 3.2 is live! check out my new presets
πŸ€“ Stereo Tricks with Bitwig Studio - Tips & Tricks Part 3
This is something everyone should know!
πŸ€“ Do not fear this modulator in Bitwig Studio
πŸ€“ Shaping Synth Sounds with Static Noise / Groove Extraction in Bitwig Studio
πŸ”Š Generative-2020-05-15 - Kettenreaktion - Bitwig #Gridnik #Ambient
This Bitwig Sampler feature is perfect!
πŸ€“ Synthesis Methods in the Grid & Dynamic Oscillator Shapes - Bitwig Studio 3.2 Tutorial
Bitwig Tips & Tricks 2 - You need to know this
πŸ€“ What Ableton, Cubase & Logic can learn from Bitwig Studio: MPE expressions on all devices
πŸ”₯ Delayed Envelopes for Bitwig Studio 3.2!
πŸ€“ Steps: This Bitwig 3.2 Grid module can change everything!!
Bitwig Tips & Tricks 1 - This is why we all love Bitwig Studio
πŸ”₯ MFB Synth Pro - Tasty warm analog synth patch for Bitwig Studio 3.2
πŸ€“ 6 creative ideas for the Bitwig Studio 3.2 beta weekend
πŸ”₯ Textures - How do you add textures to your Sound? Bitwig Studio 3.1 Preset
πŸ€“ Why does the Bitwig 3.2 Drum Machine have its own Returns?
πŸ€“ What is an Array and why is it in the Grid? Bitwig Studio 3.2 Beta
πŸ±β€πŸ Bitwig 3.2 Beta Overview - What's in the Box?
πŸ”₯ Synthetic Drums - 3 Bitwig Grid Presets for Bitwig Studio
🎢 Ambient & Chillout Tales II - Teaser
πŸ”Š Generative-2020-03-29 - Twinkle Twinkle - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik #Ambient
πŸ€“ Audio Hocket Machine in Bitwig Studio - modulate between multiple audio sources
πŸ€“ How to create Drum & Bass tune in Bitwig Studio 3.0 from start to finish
πŸ€“ How to make a Track Part 3/5 - Bitwig 3.0 Sound Design Approach
πŸ”₯ Reference Level - Intelligent Gain Preset for Bitwig 3 - Space Time Color
❀ Loudness normalization, auto gain, loudness meter, VST3 and free - TbPro Audio dpMeter4 in Bitwig
⚑ Generative Procedural Melodies in Bitwig Grid - Gridnik 2020-02-24 review
Generative-2020-02-24 - LFO Seq + Evolving Pads + Spitfire Originals - Bitwig #Gridnik #Ambient
πŸ”₯ Evolving Pads for Bitwig Studio 3.1
How to make a Track Part 2/5 - Bitwig 3.0 Beginner 2020 Tutorial - re-upload
Outpost - scanning for survivors
How to make a Track Part 1/5 - Introduction and Overview - 4 main approaches - Bitwig 3.0 Tutorial
⚑ This is how I build "Simple Stuff" Generative-2020-02-03 - Modular Bitwig 3.1.2 Grid Tutorial
Generative-2020-02-03 - Simple Stuff - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik #Ambient
Generative-2020-01-28- Deep Growl - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik #Ambient
Grid Note Out / Midi Out Preset for the Bitwig Grid - Gate, Pitch & Modulations for VST & Devices
2h Ambient, Atmospheric, Generative, Endless Music - Bitwig Studio 3.1 Grid
πŸ’₯ Generate random Soundscapes with this #Bitwig preset - Endless Sounds
πŸ”Š Bastl Eurorack & Bitwig Studio - Gate & Pitch Signals from the Grid #Doepfer #ExpertSleepers
πŸ”Š Bastl Eurorack & Bitwig Studio - Basic Patches & Concepts #Doepfer #Bastl #ExpertSleepers
⚑ This is how I build this big modular Bitwig 3.1 Grid - Review "Into Space" Generative-2020-01-03
New Babbage - Soundtrack for a low level flight #StarCitizen #Bitwig
Generative-2020-01-03 - Into Space - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik #Ambient #StarCitizen
🌊 BitStep Dubstep Project in Bitwig Studio - Free Template Download
😘 Vocoded Cello Instrument for Bitwig Studio 3.1.1.
🌝 Vocoder with Drum Synthesis & Reverb Effects - Bitwig Tutorial
πŸ’― The Bitwig Vocoder is awesome - 3.1.## XMAS gift Tutorial
πŸ›Έ This is how you make the Reverb better! - Bitwig 3.1 Tutorial
πŸš‘ How to make a Synth Voice Bass in the Grid - Bitwig 3.1 Chebyshev Tutorial
⚑ This is how I build this big modular Bitwig 3.1 Grid - Gridnik Review for Space Bleeps 2019-12-11
Generative-2019-12-11 - Space Bleeps - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik
πŸ’« Inverting Signals in the Grid - Phase, Notes, inversions (Multiply) - Bitwig Modular Tutorial
πŸ€– SampleRobot & Bitwig Studio Multisample Patches - Create your own libraries - Demo Tutorial
🀘 Gridwig: How to Gridnik in Bitwig with the Polygrid - Modular Tutorial for Nerds
Generative-2019-11-28 - Rhythm & Phase - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik
Pianoman - full ambient Bitwig 3 project for my patrons
Generative-2019-11-20 - Bells & Piano- Bitwig Studio #Gridnik #Ambient
πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ Bitwig Studio 3.1 Pitch-12 - Diatonic Mode Switches, Cthulu, Melodies
πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ Bitwig Studio 3.1 Pitch-12 - Strumming, AI Piano Player
🀴 Bitwig Studio 3.1 Pitch-12 - Chords, Progressions, Inversions!
Generative-2019-11-15 - Mega Cool - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik #Ambient
Bitwig 3.1 beta - trying out the pitchesss
Taikos - Bitwig Preset
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How to create a chord progression inside the Grid of Bitwig Studio 3
iZotope Ozone Elements - Free Maximizer with LUFS Loudness Target Feature
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How To Get Better At Producing Music? #vlog
JP-8000 Supersaw Emulation in the Bitwig Studio Grid
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Lazy Saturday Bitwig Studio Stream - Live Production
Bitwig Studio Grid Stream Replay - 2019-09-04
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Generative-2019-08-20 - 8min Endlos-Techno - Bitwig Studio #Gridnik
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Making Music with Filter-Resonance, Noise and Key Tracking in The Grid from Bitwig Studio 3
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πŸš€ bitwig.community - your new browser startpage
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Tape-Stop with the Bitwig GRID, how to misuse the delay and some wavetable fun
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Piano Man // Polarity "HELL EP" - Ambient/Chill
Polyrhythms & Oscillators - How to use oscillators as a clock to create unusual rhythms
Frequency Modulation - FM Synthesis in Bitwig Studio (modular / semi-modular)
Gravity Modulator - bring values back down to earth!
Rando Rambo - Why not generate your presets on all your Instruments?
Bitwig 3.0 beta is a time sink and i love it
Bitwig VLOG - History, Community, Future, Marketing, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic
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Piano Starter - learn to play
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Harmony Starter - How to build Scales & Chords as a noob
Sub, E-Kick & the EQ-2 - how to tune and EQ drums in Bitwig Studio
WELTRAUM - Epic Pad/Lead Preset for Bitwig Studio
Phase-4 Midrange - How to Bass in Bitwig
Small Modulations - Bring your sounds to life with Bitwig modulators
Fake Distortion - give sub & synth kick drums more grit
Orgeno Organ - Harmonic Level Randomization for nice Pads
Biano - Organic Piano / Marimba Patch for Bitwig 2.5 Sampler
Sparkle Synth - Sine + Resonator Fun - Bitwig Studio Preset
50 Percussions for BitwigΒ΄s Drum Machine - Folded Bongos
Wishful Waves
Future Garage - Polarity Bitwig Project Share
Ambient Template 1 - Polarity Bitwig Project Share
we have a deal
NEUMOND by Polarity - Out Now
Soundtrack - World War 3 / Downfall
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Auto Gain all the things - Hornet LU Meter
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No Delete: Disable & Hide Tracks Workflow - Bitwig Tutorial
Dunkel EP - Out Now!
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Daily Routine - Polarity EP (2018) out now ~ Drum & Bass
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Smart EQ Live VST Plugin - Balance your mix artifically? - Polarity Review
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Note Probability - Trigger Condition Preset for Bitwig 2.0 [FREE]
Synthetic Layer - Bitwig Tutorial
Top 5 VST Plugins you should watch out for on Black Friday
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Am Schiff - Polarity WIP
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Polarity unsaved: Drop Of Hope
Polarity Dynamic EQ for Bitwig [Free]
Zen Drops - Polarity [ Ambient / Experimental / Modular]
Whale Cave - Polarity [Experimental / Noise / Modular]
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Bitwig Live Session - God Made Me
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Polarity - Sunrize ~ Deep & Bass [Free Download]
Tanz du Schwein!
Polarity Knister - Vinyl Crackle Noise for Bitwig [Free]
Polarity unsaved: Krasser Halt (BITWIG)
Polarity Haltmal - Hold Delay for Bitwig [Free]
Polarity KrassVerb for Bitwig [Free]
Polarity unsaved: Motor (BITWIG)
Polarity unsaved: Bit Dub (BITWIG)
Polarity Ultimate Kick-Snare for Bitwig
Polarity unsaved: Deadrat (BITWIG)
Polarity unsaved: Sunrise (BITWIG)
Polarity unsaved: Opa Ed (BITWIG)
Polarity unsaved: Reese (Sonic-PI)
Polarity unsaved: Reflektor (BITWIG)
Polarity unsaved: Kurzfunk (BITWIG)
Polarity unsaved: Moon Transit (BITWIG)
Polarity unsaved: Nill (BITWIG)
Producing: Shroombab & Kitsune - We Killed Privacy (Polarity Remix) - Part2
Producing: Shroombab & Kitsune - We Killed Privacy (Polarity Remix) - Part1
Polarity - Lichtenberg Wind ( Drum & Bass / Volksromantik )
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