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Moog Labyrinth in Bitwig

Jul 12, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I showcase my recreation of the MOOC synthesizer called Labyrinth inside of Bitwig Studio. I explain the different sections and features of the synthesizer, including the oscillators, mixing section, wave folder, filters, routing options, VCA, and more. I also mention that I might implement a corrupt feature in the future to randomize the sequences, but for now, the preset can be downloaded for free.

Midrange Bass Sounds in Bitwig

Jul 09, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I demonstrate how to use the cycles mode in Bitwig's sampler to create bass sounds from random noise samples. By manipulating the harmonics and overtones, I show how to create rich and unique bass tones. I also explore different techniques such as using the sampler or the grid, applying effects like distortion and filtering, and experimenting with modulation to create diverse bass sounds.

Create Sounds from Noise

Jul 08, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I demonstrate how to generate tonal sounds from random noise using the Cycles mode in my sampler. By manipulating the grain size and key tracking, I can create different pitches and waveforms. This technique allows for easy and flexible sound design, making it perfect for creating ambient pads and other tonal sounds.

Cross-Modulation Voices in Bitwig

Jul 01, 2024 Tutorial
Sure! In this video, I explored how to utilize voice stacking in Bitwig to create complex modulations and sounds. By extracting values from different voice stacks and cross-modulating them, I demonstrated how to achieve interesting and unique sonic results. Although it may not be the most practical approach, the possibilities for experimentation and creativity are vast.

Driv Melody Sequencer in Bitwig Studio

Jun 28, 2024 Tutorial
I successfully rebuilt the Driv sequencer from Ableton Live inside Bitwig Studio. I demonstrated how to use the Grid to create four different play heads with varying playback speeds and directions. I also explained how to route each play head to separate MIDI channels for recording.

AU5's UltraComp in Bitwig Studio Spectral Filtering

Jun 25, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I show how to recreate AU5's Ultra Comp filter in Bitwig Studio for the Bitwig Reddit community. Using a combination of All-Pass filters and signal blending, I demonstrate how to achieve the spectral filtering sound and moiré pattern seen in AU5's video. Additionally, I provide an alternative method using Bitwig Studio's frequency split feature, which offers a more straightforward and CPU-friendly approach to creating different types of filters.

Shift Register - Generative Melodies

Jun 24, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I demonstrate how to create a random note generator using the Polymer synthesizer in Bitwig Studio. I use the Node Grid and the Dice module to generate random nodes, and the Triggers module to create eight equally spaced triggers within one bar. I then use the Shift register to record and modify the generated sequence, allowing for variations and alterations in the playback.

Bitwig Colour Themes

Jun 21, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I explain how the Barry Kai Bitwig theme editor works and provide a disclaimer that using it is at your own risk. I showcase the steps to download and use the theme editor, including exporting and editing the theme JSON file. I also mention the Bitwig Discord and theming subforum as valuable resources for assistance and share the possibility of customizing Bitwig Studio's colors using community-made themes.

Markov Chain Ambient in Bitwig

Jun 19, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I introduced my Markov Chains preset, which is a melody generator based on probabilities. I explained how it works and how I coded it using information from the Hook Theory website. I demonstrated how to create an ambient drone sound using the preset and additional modulations and effects.

Dark Ambient in Bitwig with the Grid

Jun 17, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I explore creating new sounds using the Bitwig Grid. I start by sampling different instruments and then manipulate the samples using various modules such as triggers, quantizers, and modulation. The result is a unique and atmospheric ambient sound that can be further customized and experimented with.

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