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Lo-Fi Vibes: Creating Ambient Music from YouTube Samples

Apr 17, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I share my process for creating ambient music using samples from YouTube. I demonstrate how to record audio from the Windows output and use it in a granular sampler to create unique pad sounds. I also incorporate a minimal beat, piano melodies, and effects like reverb and delay to build a chill-out tune.

Jochen Mader aka Skyence - Musik Talk mit Polarity

Apr 17, 2024 Talk
In dem Video geht es um den Unterschied zwischen professionellem Musikmachen und privatem Musikmachen. Der Sprecher erklärt, dass er als Komponist und Musiker zwar professionell arbeitet, aber auch gerne einfach rumdödelt und Musik für sich selbst macht. Er spricht auch über die Veränderungen in der Musikindustrie und die Auswirkungen der KI-Technologie auf die Musikproduktion.

Amiga-Style Sampling in Bitwig Studio: Recreating the Crunchy, Lo-Fi Sound!

Apr 15, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I explain how to replicate some of the features of the Amiga sampler in Bitwig Studio. The Amiga computer in the 90s had limitations in terms of sampling quality and space, resulting in a distinct sound with artifacts. By using the bit reduction, sampling rate, and key tracking features in Bitwig Studio, you can achieve a similar sound and even simulate slicing and stretch modes.

Hardware Ambient Jam with ENSO and Bitwig

Apr 15, 2024 Music-Video
Small Hardware and Bitwig jam i did earlier today. Just playing around with synths and hitting record on OBS. ENJOY

Revolutionary Grid Kick Drum Technique: Perfect Phase Alignment!

Apr 12, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I discovered a new technique for creating kick drums inside Bitwig's grid. By modulating the phase input of a sine oscillator with an AD signal and multiplying it by -10, the kick drum's tail end stays in place even when changing the pitch envelope. This allows for easy alignment with bass sounds and provides fast control over the attack phase of the kick drum.

Frank Hahn (Chicken) und Cyrilla - Musik Talk mit Polarity

Apr 09, 2024 Talk
Ich sprach mit Rike aka Cyrilla und Frank Hahn aka Chicken von den Giana Brothers über unsere Anfänge mit Amiga und C64 und wie Technologie die Musikproduktion prägt.

KickDrum VST by AUDIJA - Precise Kick Drums

Apr 08, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I showcase a new plug-in from a German company that costs $22. It is a kick drum generator with a user-friendly interface and precise kick drum generation capabilities. The plug-in allows for easy alignment with the bass and offers unique features such as frequency and gain envelope shaping, as well as an auto gain function.

Wheelchair Rollers for old Folks - Drum and Bass Mixtape

Apr 05, 2024 Music-Video
I'm rolling into the darkness. I tried out a new mix where I slowly transition from bassline rollers to deeper tracks. Maybe I didn't quite nail it, but I had fun.

DSEQ-3 Underrated and Versatile

Apr 04, 2024 Tutorial
In this video, I discuss the EQ Three by TP Pro audio, emphasizing that it is often overlooked due to the lack of advertisements or sponsored videos. I demonstrate various ways to use the EQ, such as as a track spacer or a spectral gate. Additionally, I explain how it can be utilized as a "magic cue" or an analyzer for comparing frequency distributions between tracks.

XO Drum Machine and Clean Bass Sounds with Wave Tables in Bitwig

Apr 01, 2024 Tutorial
In the video, I demonstrated how to set up an XO preset in Bitwig Studio to avoid muting and unmuting the return channel. By muting the individual buses and leaving the master channel untouched, you can hear the preview of samples without any audio leakage. Additionally, I showed how to create a mono bass sound using the Serum wave table editor, removing the fundamental and replacing it with a stable mono sine wave, while still maintaining a stereo spread on top.

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