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Polarity is a German Electronic music producer, dj, performer, community creator and open source dude from berlin, germany. This is my polarity music blog where i write about music production. Become a patron or check my releases on bandcamp.

Greetings everyone, I'm Polarity and it's my pleasure to share with you some valuable insights and practical tips about music production. As an experienced music producer, I've had the opportunity to experiment with various techniques, tools, and workflows to develop my own unique approach to music creation.

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Exploring Scrawl Techniques - Creating Unique Sounds with the Poly Grid

May 15, 2023 Tutorial
In the video, I demonstrate how to use a Scrawl feature in the software tool. By utilizing the Poly-Grid and various modules like envelopes and audio outputs, I show how to draw shapes that generate unique sounds. Drawing slowly creates high-resolution dots, while drawing quickly decreases the resolution. I explain how to manipulate the shape by selecting and adjusting its properties using the value and histogram features. The chaos slider allows for randomization, resulting in complex wavetable-like shapes. I showcase techniques like duplicating shapes, mirroring, scaling, and combining the Scrawl with oscillators and filters. I mention the potential for creating dubstep-style baselines and encourage viewers to explore the tool's features to generate their own unique waveforms. Finally, I remind viewers to save their favorite waveforms and invite them to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for future content.

New Music

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Aperiodic - a 30min drone in Bitwig and some Stepic Magic. Yesterday, I created a music video using Bitwig that features a diverse array of sounds. Instead of relying heavily on a grid-based structure, I utilized probabilities and uneven loop lengths to create a sense of variety throughout the piece. To add more depth and texture to the sound, I incorporated random and prolonged modulations for the filters.

One of the main highlights of the music video is the use of Stepic to produce the main arp that plays a melody. The sound produced by this instrument adds a unique and mesmerizing quality to the overall composition.

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Multi Dimensional Concept - 2023-04-02

Multi Dimensional Concept Cover
A new deep and catchy drum & bass EP with 4 new tunes. Get Multi Dimensional Concept on Bandcamp

In 2065, scientists discovered a multi-dimensional concept that allowed them to access a new world beyond our universe. Excitement turned to horror when they realized that this new world was the true reality, and that everything they had known was merely a simulation.

The discovery sparked a global crisis, as people struggled to come to terms with the revelation that their lives were nothing more than a digital construct. The scientists continued to explore the true reality, searching for answers to the fundamental questions of existence. As humanity struggled to find its place in this new world, the only thing that was certain was that nothing would ever be the same again.

Where Do Our Souls Go?

Reflekshun and me did an epic journey through the rich tapestry of the question: Where Do Our Souls Go? get the newest release by Reflekshun & Polarity on bandcamp or watch the video:

Get more releases on my polarity.bandcamp site

What i do

While I cannot claim to know everything there is to know about music production, I'm confident that the tips and tricks I'll be sharing with you are based on my personal experience and extensive testing. However, I must emphasize that what works for me might not necessarily work for everyone, so take these suggestions as a guide rather than a definitive truth.


Throughout this platform, I'll be covering a wide range of topics related to music production, including sound design, mixing, mastering, workflow optimization, and much more. I'll also be sharing some of my favorite tools and resources that have helped me achieve the desired results in my music productions.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting in the world of music production, I hope that you find the tips and tricks I'll be sharing to be useful and informative. I believe that music production is a never-ending learning process, and by sharing my experiences, I hope to contribute to the growth and development of the music production community.

So, join me on this journey as we explore the fascinating world of music production and learn together how to create amazing music that touches the hearts and souls of people all around the world.


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