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Undercommon - Chill Beats

Aug 01, 2023 Music-Video
Hello there! I'm excited to share my latest track, which I created using the versatile Bitwig Studio. Throughout the process, I ...

Tired Snail - Ambient Drone (Patreon Project)

Jul 20, 2023 Music-Video
I made this ambient background drone bed yesterday in Bitwig. Mostly generative and Bitwig only. You can download the project ...

Patch Nass - Generative 2023-07-17

Jul 18, 2023 Music-Video
Small eerie generative ambient patch in @bitwig that sounds to me like a deep dark cave. Download the patch on my github: ...

Ambient Chill Beats Improv - Bitwig v5

Jun 30, 2023 Music-Video
Simply hit the record button and let creativity take over. I recently immersed myself in a spontaneous jam session with Bitwig, ...

No Violence Ambient

Jun 24, 2023 Music-Video
DAW Bitwig (supermassive, kontakt, the grid) - Arturia Keystep Pro - Arturia Microfreak - Moog Subharmonicon - Moog Mother-32 ...

Sade - No Ordinary Love (Polarity Remix)

Jun 09, 2023 Music-Video
deep & dark remix of SADEs original. You can download the mp3 here: my main channel, tutorials & more ...

Miley Cyrus - Jaded - (Polarity Remix)

May 30, 2023 Music-Video
Took Miley for a spin in Bitwig on top of my typical ambient tech beats. Kind of a remix / rework twisting the original harmonies into ...

Catwalk - the story of Soren and Lyra

May 24, 2023 Music-Video
Generative-2023-05-24 but tuned to ambient In the neon-lit heart of New Angeles, amid an amalgam of futuristic technology and ...

LOGIC 2 PUSH - The Story of Pixel

May 23, 2023 Music-Video
In the year 2135, the city of Neo-Tokyo was a neon-lit labyrinth, a cybernetic sprawl of towering skyscrapers, holographic ...


May 22, 2023 Music-Video
On a stormy evening, as rain poured relentlessly from the charcoal sky, Ava found herself standing on the outskirts of the city, ...

stock devices only?

Apr 26, 2023 Music-Video

Aperiodic - Ambient

Mar 24, 2023 Music-Video
30min drone in Bitwig and some @devicemeister Stepic magic. Yesterday, I created a music video using Bitwig that features a ...

Wanderers - Stepic & Bitwig - Ambient

Mar 21, 2023 Music-Video
Some stepic sequences and a bit of Bitwig and lots of reverb. Also my rain preset on top for some ambience. my main channel, ...

Neon Velocity - Basics EP

Mar 13, 2023 Music-Video

Easy Going feat. @KozmykJ @PolarityMusic

Mar 12, 2023 Music-Video

Generative Ambient 1h in @bitwig & binaural rain

Feb 15, 2023 Music-Video
ambient #generative my main channel, tutorials & more music: @PolarityMusic mein deutscher kanal: ...

Friday weekend mood with @bitwig @Iconproaudio

Feb 10, 2023 Music-Video

„Basics“ new EP out

Feb 08, 2023 Music-Video

Heulen Gottes @PolarityMusic

Feb 06, 2023 Music-Video

no claps no snares @PolarityMusic

Feb 05, 2023 Music-Video

Gray Day - Psybient

Jan 30, 2023 Music-Video
excerpt drone from my livestream yesterday: you can download the Bitwig project ...


Jan 30, 2023 Music-Video

Generative-2023-01-17 Night Flight

Jan 17, 2023 Music-Video
watch building this patch and also link to the patch download: - DAW Bitwig (supermassive, the grid) ...

Ambient Improv Attack - 30min - Bitwig

Jan 16, 2023 Music-Video
Just a "short" Ambient session in Bitwig with some soft and hardware synths. Using touchOSC for some controls as always.

Melodic techno draft

Jan 02, 2023 Music-Video

Resolution - Bitwig Generative-2023-01-01 (free patch download)

Jan 01, 2023 Music-Video
You can download the Bitwig 4.4 Patch here: - DAW Bitwig (supermassive, kontakt, the grid) - Arturia Keystep ...

new drum and bass liquid draft

Dec 26, 2022 Music-Video

Alles Sterne - 1h Modular Ambient

Dec 17, 2022 Music-Video
Using a rainmaker preset in the grid as a fx backdrop, @klevgrand tomofon for the drones, @VCVRack for some mutable ...

Subharmonicon + Supermassive - Ambient Jam

Dec 13, 2022 Music-Video
no mastering. just recorded to obs - DAW Bitwig (supermassive, kontakt, the grid) - Arturia Keystep Pro - Arturia Microfreak - Moog ...

Sensible Touch - Generative Melodic House - Bitwig

Dec 06, 2022 Music-Video
Yesterday I built a generative Grid patch. Today I tried to give it a bit more intention with the help of touchOSC. The Grid is playing ...

Circuit - Ambient Future Beats

Nov 20, 2022 Music-Video
You can buy the whole EP on bandcamp: or stream it: - DAW Bitwig (supermassive, ...

Ensonics - Live Jam with Bitwig & TouchOSC

Nov 19, 2022 Music-Video
Played around with some pads and #touchosc and thought about recording a short jam. So I took some pads out for a space walk.

Filter Drops

Oct 30, 2022 Music-Video

Feeding Partials - 40min Ambient Drone - Bitwig Grid

Oct 28, 2022 Music-Video
Modulated some upper ratios in this grid synth and used spacer & supermassive for the reverb. - DAW Bitwig (supermassive ...

Generative-2022-10-07 Controversy

Oct 08, 2022 Music-Video
Performed my recent Grid with some additional gear :) You can watch how i build this on my other channel: ...

Hive + Vital ambient drones in

Oct 01, 2022 Music-Video

24 min ambient with rain - sardonic

Oct 01, 2022 Music-Video
some random pads & rain. sleep well. rain generator used: ...

Generative-2022-09-29 Straight4Floor

Sep 29, 2022 Music-Video
Download the patch: Forks: Jamming by @gentlesoundz - DAW Bitwig ...

Shy - Ambient / Chill Out / Drone

Sep 13, 2022 Music-Video
Ambient Chill - jam from yesterday. Its Poly-D only with some valhalla and a simple DFAM beat. Wanted to keep it simple.

Endlich Endlos - Bitwig Generative-2022-09-03

Sep 03, 2022 Music-Video
Spiced up my generative patch with some analogue gear. You can download the Bitwig Patch here: - DAW ...

Generative Bitwig Steam Deck

Sep 02, 2022 Music-Video

Guilty - Polarity

Aug 24, 2022 Music-Video
Started as a tutorial on my main channel ( ) but added some bits off video and made it a whole ...

Jazzy - my tutorial draft expanded

Aug 23, 2022 Music-Video

Soulmates - Polarity EP

Aug 22, 2022 Music-Video
get Soulmates here: #drumandbass #deep #liquid my main channel, tutorials ...

Stacks - Bitwig Generative-2022-08-16 (free patch download)

Aug 16, 2022 Music-Video
You can download the #Bitwig grid patch on my github for free: think about a subscription on patreon to get ...

bitwig note grid and addictive drums

Aug 09, 2022 Music-Video

Sunday is patchday

Aug 07, 2022 Music-Video

Detuning things

Aug 06, 2022 Music-Video

Drums in Heaven - Bitwig Generative-2022-08-05

Aug 05, 2022 Music-Video
download the patch here: watch the creation (plus german mumbling): my ...

Eintausend - Bitwig Generative-2022-08-02

Aug 04, 2022 Music-Video
You can download this #bitwig Grid patch for free on my github: my main channel, tutorials & more music: ...

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