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I´m a real DJ, not like Grimes!!!! - Sunday D&B Mix

Apr 21, 2024 Music-Video
Here you can see a real DJ set by a guy (a real man) who's spinning because he's got skills. Not like Grimes, who just presses buttons!!! This is about skill, authenticity, and stuff like that. (irony off) Today, there's another little Sunday Drum & Bass mixtape with both new and old tracks.

Hardware Ambient Jam with ENSO and Bitwig

Apr 15, 2024 Music-Video
Small Hardware and Bitwig jam i did earlier today. Just playing around with synths and hitting record on OBS. ENJOY

Wheelchair Rollers for old Folks - Drum and Bass Mixtape

Apr 05, 2024 Music-Video
I'm rolling into the darkness. I tried out a new mix where I slowly transition from bassline rollers to deeper tracks. Maybe I didn't quite nail it, but I had fun.

Drum & Bass for Old People - Drum and Bass Mixtape

Mar 23, 2024 Music-Video
I popped in today to cook up a headbanging drum and bass mix. Hope you guys like it. But mainly, I made it for myself and my daily walks. I tried again to mix the styles and get those long transitions right. Think one transition was a bit off, but who cares? Drop a comment with wishes, ideas, or critiques.

I feel Young again - Minimix

Mar 10, 2024 Music-Video
It was a beautiful Sunday today, and I thought I'd whip up a little mini-mix with some more minimal Drum and Bass 170bpm tunes.

This Track is gone forever - Analog is better than Digital

Mar 09, 2024 Music-Video
I was a bit bored today and thought I'd record a few sequences while playing on my synths. Nothing special, just messing around. The bass comes from the @behringer Poly-D, arps from the @MoogSynthesizers M32, drums from the DFAM, and a drone and @modarttvideos Pianoteq from @bitwig

Tritonage - Tweaking the Harmonics

Mar 02, 2024 Music-Video
I'm adding various harmonics in and out with the @MoogSynthesizers Subharmonicon, running it through a Valhalla Supermassive, and recording everything in Bitwig. In @bitwig , I'm playing a random backdrop that I created in another tutorial video yesterday My @behringer Poly-D is also providing a nice warm bass. Nothing special, really, but I felt like recording and documenting the whole thing.

Structures - The Darkness of the Neighborhood

Feb 27, 2024 Music-Video
Structures is one of the tracks I made for #FAWM 2024. It all came together within an hour. I took a bit more time for the mixdown. The recordings are from Berlin, Lichtenberg. I think the bleak apartment buildings and the industrial vibe really add something special to the track.

23 times PaulXStretch and nothing more

Feb 24, 2024 Music-Video
In the video, I use the free plugin PaulXStretch 23 times. In each instance, I've recorded one note and a unique sound from the Korg Triton. Each instance also has a different recording length, different panning and stretches the sample differently. It's always great to see and hear how you can create soundscapes with such simple workflows.

Don't judge; I'm old Minimix 2024

Feb 19, 2024 Music-Video
Just snagged a new @DenonDJTV SC Live console. Used to spin real vinyl years ago, but ended up selling it all. Now, I'm diving back in, and honestly, it's a blast without the hassle of lugging around records and dealing with turntables. Been playing around with some mixes in the evenings. Decided to record a little DnB mix I'm into. Check it out and enjoy!

Berlin School Ambient Improv

Jan 30, 2024 Music-Video
Time for another improv on my long time not used gear. Used all my moog studio devices, polyD and some pads from bitwig

Undercommon - Chill Beats

Aug 01, 2023 Music-Video
Hello there! I'm excited to share my latest track, which I created using the versatile Bitwig Studio. Throughout the process, I ...

Tired Snail - Ambient Drone (Patreon Project)

Jul 20, 2023 Music-Video
I made this ambient background drone bed yesterday in Bitwig. Mostly generative and Bitwig only. You can download the project ...

Patch Nass - Generative 2023-07-17

Jul 18, 2023 Music-Video
Small eerie generative ambient patch in @bitwig that sounds to me like a deep dark cave. Download the patch on my github: ...

Ambient Chill Beats Improv - Bitwig v5

Jun 30, 2023 Music-Video
Simply hit the record button and let creativity take over. I recently immersed myself in a spontaneous jam session with Bitwig, ...

No Violence Ambient

Jun 24, 2023 Music-Video
DAW Bitwig (supermassive, kontakt, the grid) - Arturia Keystep Pro - Arturia Microfreak - Moog Subharmonicon - Moog Mother-32 ...

Sade - No Ordinary Love (Polarity Remix)

Jun 09, 2023 Music-Video
deep & dark remix of SADEs original. You can download the mp3 here: my main channel, tutorials & more ...

Miley Cyrus - Jaded - (Polarity Remix)

May 30, 2023 Music-Video
Took Miley for a spin in Bitwig on top of my typical ambient tech beats. Kind of a remix / rework twisting the original harmonies into ...

Catwalk - the story of Soren and Lyra

May 24, 2023 Music-Video
Generative-2023-05-24 but tuned to ambient In the neon-lit heart of New Angeles, amid an amalgam of futuristic technology and ...

LOGIC 2 PUSH - The Story of Pixel

May 23, 2023 Music-Video
In the year 2135, the city of Neo-Tokyo was a neon-lit labyrinth, a cybernetic sprawl of towering skyscrapers, holographic ...


May 22, 2023 Music-Video
On a stormy evening, as rain poured relentlessly from the charcoal sky, Ava found herself standing on the outskirts of the city, ...

stock devices only?

Apr 26, 2023 Music-Video

Aperiodic - Ambient

Mar 24, 2023 Music-Video
30min drone in Bitwig and some @devicemeister Stepic magic. Yesterday, I created a music video using Bitwig that features a ...

Wanderers - Stepic & Bitwig - Ambient

Mar 21, 2023 Music-Video
Some stepic sequences and a bit of Bitwig and lots of reverb. Also my rain preset on top for some ambience. my main channel, ...

Neon Velocity - Basics EP

Mar 13, 2023 Music-Video

Easy Going feat. @KozmykJ @PolarityMusic

Mar 12, 2023 Music-Video

Generative Ambient 1h in @bitwig & binaural rain

Feb 15, 2023 Music-Video
ambient #generative my main channel, tutorials & more music: @PolarityMusic mein deutscher kanal: ...

Friday weekend mood with @bitwig @Iconproaudio

Feb 10, 2023 Music-Video

„Basics“ new EP out

Feb 08, 2023 Music-Video

Heulen Gottes @PolarityMusic

Feb 06, 2023 Music-Video

no claps no snares @PolarityMusic

Feb 05, 2023 Music-Video

Gray Day - Psybient

Jan 30, 2023 Music-Video
excerpt drone from my livestream yesterday: you can download the Bitwig project ...


Jan 30, 2023 Music-Video

Generative-2023-01-17 Night Flight

Jan 17, 2023 Music-Video
watch building this patch and also link to the patch download: - DAW Bitwig (supermassive, the grid) ...

Ambient Improv Attack - 30min - Bitwig

Jan 16, 2023 Music-Video
Just a "short" Ambient session in Bitwig with some soft and hardware synths. Using touchOSC for some controls as always.

Melodic techno draft

Jan 02, 2023 Music-Video

Resolution - Bitwig Generative-2023-01-01 (free patch download)

Jan 01, 2023 Music-Video
You can download the Bitwig 4.4 Patch here: - DAW Bitwig (supermassive, kontakt, the grid) - Arturia Keystep ...

new drum and bass liquid draft

Dec 26, 2022 Music-Video

Alles Sterne - 1h Modular Ambient

Dec 17, 2022 Music-Video
Using a rainmaker preset in the grid as a fx backdrop, @klevgrand tomofon for the drones, @VCVRack for some mutable ...

Subharmonicon + Supermassive - Ambient Jam

Dec 13, 2022 Music-Video
no mastering. just recorded to obs - DAW Bitwig (supermassive, kontakt, the grid) - Arturia Keystep Pro - Arturia Microfreak - Moog ...

Sensible Touch - Generative Melodic House - Bitwig

Dec 06, 2022 Music-Video
Yesterday I built a generative Grid patch. Today I tried to give it a bit more intention with the help of touchOSC. The Grid is playing ...

Circuit - Ambient Future Beats

Nov 20, 2022 Music-Video
You can buy the whole EP on bandcamp: or stream it: - DAW Bitwig (supermassive, ...

Ensonics - Live Jam with Bitwig & TouchOSC

Nov 19, 2022 Music-Video
Played around with some pads and #touchosc and thought about recording a short jam. So I took some pads out for a space walk.

Filter Drops

Oct 30, 2022 Music-Video

Feeding Partials - 40min Ambient Drone - Bitwig Grid

Oct 28, 2022 Music-Video
Modulated some upper ratios in this grid synth and used spacer & supermassive for the reverb. - DAW Bitwig (supermassive ...

Generative-2022-10-07 Controversy

Oct 08, 2022 Music-Video
Performed my recent Grid with some additional gear :) You can watch how i build this on my other channel: ...

Hive + Vital ambient drones in

Oct 01, 2022 Music-Video

24 min ambient with rain - sardonic

Oct 01, 2022 Music-Video
some random pads & rain. sleep well. rain generator used: ...

Generative-2022-09-29 Straight4Floor

Sep 29, 2022 Music-Video
Download the patch: Forks: Jamming by @gentlesoundz - DAW Bitwig ...

Shy - Ambient / Chill Out / Drone

Sep 13, 2022 Music-Video
Ambient Chill - jam from yesterday. Its Poly-D only with some valhalla and a simple DFAM beat. Wanted to keep it simple.

Endlich Endlos - Bitwig Generative-2022-09-03

Sep 03, 2022 Music-Video
Spiced up my generative patch with some analogue gear. You can download the Bitwig Patch here: - DAW ...

Generative Bitwig Steam Deck

Sep 02, 2022 Music-Video

Guilty - Polarity

Aug 24, 2022 Music-Video
Started as a tutorial on my main channel ( ) but added some bits off video and made it a whole ...

Jazzy - my tutorial draft expanded

Aug 23, 2022 Music-Video

Soulmates - Polarity EP

Aug 22, 2022 Music-Video
get Soulmates here: #drumandbass #deep #liquid my main channel, tutorials ...

Stacks - Bitwig Generative-2022-08-16 (free patch download)

Aug 16, 2022 Music-Video
You can download the #Bitwig grid patch on my github for free: think about a subscription on patreon to get ...

bitwig note grid and addictive drums

Aug 09, 2022 Music-Video

Sunday is patchday

Aug 07, 2022 Music-Video

Detuning things

Aug 06, 2022 Music-Video

Drums in Heaven - Bitwig Generative-2022-08-05

Aug 05, 2022 Music-Video
download the patch here: watch the creation (plus german mumbling): my ...

Eintausend - Bitwig Generative-2022-08-02

Aug 04, 2022 Music-Video
You can download this #bitwig Grid patch for free on my github: my main channel, tutorials & more music: ...

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