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Showcasing Projects and Presets: Bitwig Studio and Community Creations

Tutorial | May 23, 2019

In today's video, I showcased some creations by Sunset on Mars, an artist who contacted me on SoundCloud. He creates ambient tracks using Bitwig Studio with minimal use of additional VSTs. I also talked about the new features and fixes in Bitwig Studio 3.0 Beta 3 and encouraged viewers to try it out and provide feedback to the developers. I then showcased a preset called Mutated Butterfly Preset, which uses impulse responses of recursive filters to create sound. Finally, I shared a glitch generator created by N. Beidt, which adds interesting artifacts to drum loops. Overall, I asked for feedback on this format of showcasing community creations and expressed my willingness to share more in future videos.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

Q1: Who is Sunset on Mars and what type of music does he create?

Sunset on Mars is an artist or project that creates ambient tracks. He can be found on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/SunsetOnMars. Most of his tracks are created using Bitwig Studio with no additional VSTs, although he may incorporate some samples into his music.

Q2: What is the purpose of showcasing other artists' creations in daily videos?

The purpose of showcasing other artists' creations in daily videos is to provide insight into how other artists work and create music. By giving viewers the opportunity to see the process and techniques used by different artists, they can gain new perspectives and insights into their own creative process. The videos aim to inspire and educate artists by highlighting the unique styles and approaches of various musicians.

Q3: What updates can be found in Bitwig Studio 3.0 Beta 3?

Bitwig Studio 3.0 Beta 3 includes several improvements and fixes. One notable change is the addition of a feedback control in the Phase 1 module oscillator. There are also numerous other updates and fixes included in this version. To access the beta version, users can visit bitwig.com and download it if they have a running plan. It is encouraged for users to provide feedback to the developers to help identify and address any issues.

Q4: What is the Glitch Generator script preset and how can it be used?

The Glitch Generator script preset is a tool created by N. Beidt on Niko from Germany. It is designed to generate glitchy artifacts that can be used to enhance drum loops and create interesting sound effects. By activating the script preset on a track with a drum and bass loop, the glitch generator will introduce random artifacts between the beats. To further utilize the glitch sounds, users can bounce down the glitch track into a sample and then arrange and manipulate it as desired. The Glitch Generator 2 preset is available in the GitHub repository of Polarity Music Tools, and more of N. Beidt's music can be found on soundcloud.com/n.beidt.fx.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
You can also click on the timestamps to jump to the right part of the video, which should be helpful.

[00:00:00] Hey, in today's video I want to show you at first an project or an artist called Sunset on Mars
[00:00:06] and Michael wrote me on SoundCloud a few days ago and asked me if I can show some of his creations in my daily videos.
[00:00:15] And he even sent me a patch as you can see on the right side
[00:00:20] which he used to create one of his tracks and
[00:00:24] that's why I came up with this idea of
[00:00:28] of you guys sending me some creations you made inside Bitwig Studio or grid patches
[00:00:36] I can showcase in my daily videos. And as you can see Sunset on Mars
[00:00:41] Michael is creating ambient tracks and you can go to
[00:00:47] SoundCloud.com/SunsetOnMars and can listen to all of his tracks.
[00:00:52] And he said he is creating most of his tracks inside Bitwig Studio with no additional VSTs.
[00:00:59] Some samples maybe but most of the stuff is basically created in Bitwig only.
[00:01:05] And because he sent me also this patch here as you can see on the right side
[00:01:10] we can see how he creates
[00:01:13] his sounds and I think it's really interesting to look at how other artists are creating
[00:01:21] tracks and how other artists work.
[00:01:24] And I think also that's why most of the videos I do in which I start and making a song and create a song
[00:01:35] are so popular on my channel.
[00:01:40] In fact every time I do such a video
[00:01:43] people are basically rushing in on the video and looking at it and commenting that they like it very much.
[00:01:51] So I think it's very interesting for all of the artists to look actually how other artists work and create music
[00:02:00] to get other and new insights in the creation process.
[00:02:04] SoundCloud.com/SunsetOnMars I put the link in the description and listen to the ambient sounds of Michael.
[00:02:12] So back to business Bitwig Studio 3.0 Beta 3 is out
[00:02:21] and you can see in this change look here we have a lot of improvements and fixes
[00:02:25] and for instance here the Phase 1 module oscillator there's a feedback control added.
[00:02:32] So a whole lot of new stuff to try out.
[00:02:36] So go to bitwig.com and when you have a running plan you can download Beta and have fun.
[00:02:41] And yeah don't forget to deliver feedback to the devs so they can fix stuff in time.
[00:02:47] The next topic is about a preset for the grid and it's called Mutated Butterfly Preset
[00:02:57] and Christia's music delivered me this preset to showcase this in my video.
[00:03:02] And this is how it looks.
[00:03:05] This is the preset and you even throw the text in there.
[00:03:14] And this grid preset uses impulse responses of recursive filters to create sound.
[00:03:21] By pressing a note you will send one single sample into the filter bank.
[00:03:26] By their recursiveness they will create harmonies at the resonance frequencies of the filters.
[00:03:32] Try it multiple times. It creates different results every time.
[00:03:37] Also try changing the timings to get interesting results in pitch.
[00:03:42] And this is how it sounds.
[00:03:45] Now I already tried some parameters here.
[00:03:51] I don't know.
[00:04:16] It just reminds me of Jurassic Park in some kind of way.
[00:04:22] It's very mysterious and...
[00:04:26] Yeah pretty interesting device and if you want to play around with this preset you can
[00:04:55] because it's also in my GitHub repository because he created a pull request.
[00:05:01] So when you go to my polarity music tools you go to bitwig 3.0 you have presets
[00:05:08] and then he created a community folder here and there are his presets for the showcase in my videos.
[00:05:18] So yeah go there download this preset, try it out and thanks for Christia's for delivering me
[00:05:24] this preset for the showcase.
[00:05:26] The next entry is by N. Beidt on Niko from Germany and he created some kind of glitch generator
[00:05:38] and it looks like this.
[00:05:42] And to make use of this I created two tracks here with a drum and bass loop
[00:05:53] and it sounds like this.
[00:05:54] So just some 80s stuff and then you activate the script,
[00:06:03] the script preset and the script preset creates some artifacts.
[00:06:10] So it's a funny way to create some sounds in between the drums right and to probably make
[00:06:33] more sense of this you have to bounce down some bits. So go in here on the track of the glitch
[00:06:41] preset and hit bounce.
[00:06:43] And then you have an sample you can work with right.
[00:06:50] Something like this.
[00:07:14] So it's a great way to create random artifacts between the drums bounce it down and then use it to
[00:07:24] arrange some interesting glitch beats.
[00:07:28] So this is glitch generator 2 it's also available in my GitHub repository and if you want you can
[00:07:38] go to soundcloud.com/n.beidt.fx and to listen to sounds of Niko.
[00:07:46] So yeah that's it for this video and thanks for watching.
[00:07:50] Tell me what you think about this format me showcasing some of the presets or
[00:07:54] projects or releases of the community members and tell me if you want to see more of this stuff or
[00:08:03] maybe it's if it's too boring or not good enough. So yeah tell me what you think in the comments
[00:08:09] and I see you in the next video. Thanks for watching. Bye.