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Introducing: Drum and Bass Project Loops for Music Creation and Learning

Tutorial | May 26, 2019

In this short video, I wanted to share a project with you that contains five different scenes for creating drum and bass tunes. Each scene has different loops and tracks, separated into categories like kicks, snares, bass, and atmospherics. I've added some compressors to glue the sounds together, but there's not much processing going on. I use a main kick on every draft, sometimes layered with different top kicks for texture. The bass sounds are created with the Phase Four synth, which I find works well for drum and bass. I've also included step sounds, a piano, and a pad sound. This project is a starting point for creating your own drum and bass tracks, and I'll continue adding more to it in the future. I would love any feedback or suggestions for additions or changes. You can download the project from my GitHub repository and have fun experimenting with it. Thank you for watching!

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

Questions for this video:

1. What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to provide drum and bass producers with a starting point for their tracks. The video showcases five different scenes, each with its own set of loops and tracks that can be used to create drum and bass tunes. The project is meant to be a resource for both beginners and experienced producers, allowing them to either learn or have fun experimenting with the loops and create their own tracks.

2. What kind of sounds are included in the project?

The project includes a variety of sounds that are typically used in drum and bass music. These include kicks, snares, heads, bass, step sounds, atmospherics, and more. The kicks and snares have been separated into different tracks, allowing for flexibility in layering and combining them. The bass sounds mainly rely on the Phase 4 synth, which is known for its ability to create great bass sounds for genres like drum and bass and dubstep. Additionally, there are piano and pad sounds included for added variety.

3. What level of processing has been done on the sounds?

The project has been kept relatively clean in terms of processing. There are some compressors applied to certain groups to help glue the sounds together, but overall, there isn't much processing going on. The focus has been on mixing the sounds correctly to achieve a balanced and well-rounded sound. Some distortion has been added to the kicks for added texture, but this is kept minimal and only on the main kick. The goal is to provide a starting point that is clean and ready to be customized by the user.

4. Are there plans to expand the project in the future?

Yes, the creator of the project plans to continue adding more content to it in the future. The goal is to eventually have a large drum and bass project that users can rely on to start their own tracks from. This means adding more sounds, patterns, and processing techniques to provide even more options and possibilities. The creator also encourages users to provide feedback and suggestions for what they would like to see in the project, whether it's specific sounds, techniques, or any other ideas. The project aims to be a collaborative resource for the drum and bass community.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
You can also click on the timestamps to jump to the right part of the video, which should be helpful.

[00:00:00] Hey there, in this video, it's a pretty short one, but in this video I want to share a project with you.
[00:00:07] In this project there are five different scenes at the moment to create drum bass tunes from.
[00:00:16] So there are basically five different loops with different tracks. As you can see I have separated into kicks and snares, heads, bass,
[00:00:28] step sounds, atmospherics and so on. And you can basically start at the top with a scene and then you have a complete loop or drum bass loop.
[00:00:39] And you can use it to start your own tracks from and you can use it to dive in and learn a bit maybe.
[00:00:46] And maybe it's just fun to play around with and create something from it. And I want to stop talk now and want to show you how it sounds.
[00:01:01] That's the first draft.
[00:01:03] The second one.
[00:01:13] And the last one.
[00:01:39] It's some liquid funk R&B type of track.
[00:02:04] And yeah, as you can see, I have some compressors on some of the groups, but just a tiny bit to glue the sounds together.
[00:02:12] So there's not much processing going on in this project. So it's pretty clean, just mixed right.
[00:02:20] I tried to mix it right and there's not much distortion going on, some distortion on the kicks, on the main kick.
[00:02:30] So yeah, there's a main kick basically that I use on every draft. And on some of the drafts, I have different top kicks at the top layered on top.
[00:02:41] So we have just a small different texture. So the kick sounds different, but it's the same main weighty sub kick.
[00:02:50] Okay, then I have different snare sounds here and I combine them differently. Then I have different head sounds and patterns.
[00:03:01] And I have the bass sounds. Bass sounds are basically R phase four and some of the bass sounds don't have even FX on it.
[00:03:10] It's just pure phase four. And I really like how the phase four sounds in the context of drum, bass or dubstep.
[00:03:18] It's a really great synth for these type of sounds. And I have some step sounds, as you can see here.
[00:03:28] And also phase four, a piano, which is in the sampler. The smooth piano is also available on my GitHub separately.
[00:03:37] And yeah, a small pad sound with a pulley synth. And I started this project today and I want to continue to add stuff to it maybe.
[00:03:49] So we have sometime in the future, a big nice drum bass project where you can start your drum bass tracks from.
[00:03:58] So you have a starting idea, you have some bass sounds, right?
[00:04:01] And you can just experiment with some different patterns or additional sounds you just found and put it on top and then change everything.
[00:04:10] And the next time you want to start a drum bass tune again, then you just open this and, you know, same procedure.
[00:04:17] So I think that's, yeah, for now it's five drafts at the moment.
[00:04:23] You can let me know what you want to have inside the project or what you think would be benefit from this.
[00:04:34] We can add different stuff or different sounds or different processing techniques, something like that.
[00:04:41] Or send me some feedback what you've done with it. So tracks you created from these projects.
[00:04:48] And yeah, give me some feedback, some comments, what you think, what you like, what you don't like.
[00:04:58] Yeah, it would be appreciated. Yeah, that's it basically for this video.
[00:05:05] If you have some questions you can ask and then I try to answer it in the next video or I comment on your comment on YouTube.
[00:05:14] So, yeah, that's that. And yeah, thanks for watching and download this stuff from my GitHub repository.
[00:05:22] I put a link in the description and have fun with it. And I'll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching and bye.
[00:05:28] Bye.