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Updates to My GitHub Repository, Bitwig Community Presets, and Preset Party App

Tutorial | Jun 05, 2019

In the video, the person gives an update on their GitHub repository and its content. They inform that they have made some changes to reduce the size of the repository by removing certain folders. Now, it only contains Bitwig presets and can be easily cloned into the Bitwig library. They also mention potential plans to split the repository into different versions for Bitwig 1, 2, and 3 in the future. The person then talks about renaming their Bitwig presets repository to Bitwig community presets to clarify that the presets are from the community, not their own. They mention that the monthly Bitwig competition is currently not very active but plan to add a bot to a Discord chat where users can upload presets and discuss them. These presets will be automatically added to the repository.Lastly, they discuss changes made to the preset party app, which is a standalone application for managing the repositories. They show how to change the path of the Bitwig library and how to download and update the repositories. They mention that the initial download may take longer but subsequent updates will be faster as only the changes are downloaded.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

Question 1: Why did you remove the samples folder and contact patches folder from your GitHub repository?

The reason I removed the samples folder and contact patches folder from my GitHub repository is because some people complained that the repository size was too big, approximately 1.7 gigabytes. By removing these folders, I was able to reduce the size of the repository to only one gigabyte, making it much smaller and more manageable.

Question 2: Can you explain the purpose of your GitHub repository and how it relates to Bitwig presets?

The purpose of my GitHub repository is to provide Bitwig presets to the community. By cloning the repository into the Bitwig library, users can have access to new presets from me every week. The repository contains Bitwig presets, and it serves as a central location for users to easily access and download these presets.

Question 3: Why did you rename the Bitwig presets repository to Bitwig community presets?

I renamed the Bitwig presets repository to Bitwig community presets to clarify that the presets included in the repository are not solely mine, but rather contributed by the community. The new name reflects the collaborative nature of the repository and emphasizes that it is a collection of presets from various Bitwig users.

Question 4: What changes are you planning for the Bitwig presets repository in the future?

In the future, I plan to implement a bot in the Discord chat associated with the Bitwig presets repository. This bot will allow users to upload their own presets and engage in discussions about the presets in a dedicated chat room. The uploaded presets will then be automatically added to the Bitwig community presets repository, further enhancing the collaborative aspect of the repository. While the bot is not currently available, it is a planned feature that may be introduced in the near future.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
You can also click on the timestamps to jump to the right part of the video, which should be helpful.

[00:00:00] Hey, I wanted to give you a small update about my GitHub repository situation or my content.
[00:00:08] And because some people complained about that my GitHub is pretty big, it's basically 1.7
[00:00:18] gigabytes in size, and I made some changes.
[00:00:21] I removed the samples folder and the contact patches folder.
[00:00:25] So now it's only one gigabyte in size, much, much smaller.
[00:00:30] And because it only contains Bitwig presets, you can basically clone it directly into your
[00:00:40] Bitwig library and have new presets every week from me.
[00:00:48] And yeah, maybe in the future I also split the repository into different versions.
[00:00:55] So we have a repository for Bitwig 1, 2, and 3 and so on.
[00:01:00] But for now it's that way.
[00:01:05] That's the update to my GitHub repository.
[00:01:08] And the second one is to the Bitwig presets repository.
[00:01:12] And I renamed it.
[00:01:13] I renamed it to Bitwig community presets.
[00:01:17] And if you have a local clone of that repository, you may update your local clone.
[00:01:24] And I made this change because I wanted a more different naming to make it clear that
[00:01:33] these are not my presets.
[00:01:36] These are presets from the community itself.
[00:01:39] And the monthly Bitwig competition is not very active at the moment.
[00:01:44] But I plan to add a bot to the Discord chat where you basically go into a chat room, upload
[00:01:51] your preset, and you can discuss there about the preset.
[00:01:55] But this preset upload will be automatically added to this repository.
[00:02:03] So this will be a change in the future.
[00:02:07] But the bot is not there yet.
[00:02:09] But in the future it may come pretty soon.
[00:02:14] And the third change is I made also a change to the preset party app, which is the application
[00:02:21] you can use as a standalone application for your computer and where you can basically
[00:02:28] update all the repositories or your local copies of the repositories.
[00:02:35] And this is how it looks like.
[00:02:38] And there is a binary for Linux and MacOS and Windows.
[00:02:46] And when you install it, it looks like this.
[00:02:49] And at the first start you have for the path here always your standard Bitwig library.
[00:02:59] So in the case of MacOS it's users, then your username, documents, Bitwigs, presets, library,
[00:03:06] presets, and so on.
[00:03:08] And in my case I have my libraries in a different directory.
[00:03:13] So when you go to Bitwig into the settings here and look at settings, locations, under
[00:03:21] my library you can see I have my Bitwig library in a different directory and on a different
[00:03:28] drive.
[00:03:29] It's volumes, producing presets, Bitwig library.
[00:03:32] And I want to clone the GitHub repositories directly into this library.
[00:03:38] So I have to make a change to this path here with this button.
[00:03:42] And then you go to producing presets, Bitwig, library, presets, and then I select open and
[00:03:53] I change this path here.
[00:03:55] And all I have to do now is if you look at the systems directory, if you look now when
[00:04:02] I hit download here, it will be automatically created local copy of this GitHub repository.
[00:04:12] And you have all your presets inside there.
[00:04:16] And the initial download is maybe a bit longer because you download the complete repository.
[00:04:25] But the follow up downloads, when you always just want to make an update, they are pretty
[00:04:31] much more faster because you only download the changes made to the repository.
[00:04:39] And if you download my Bitwig to
[00:04:50] and
[00:05:11] I
[00:05:32] change
[00:05:53] the
[00:06:17] code
[00:06:45] in
[00:07:13] the code.