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Exploring the New Bitwig Studio 3.0: Grid Presets and Fun Features!

Tutorial | Jul 11, 2019

In this video, I talk about the release of Bitwig Studio 3.0 and how excited I am that it's finally available for download. I mention that there is a demo version available for those who want to try it out. I also mention that users can download the presets I created for the grid by going to the settings and packages section. I demonstrate how to use the presets with the MPE controller and discuss the different types of presets I created, including pads and beat patterns. I also mention the idea of randomizing presets and demonstrate how it works using the pulley synth and the grid. I discuss the limitation of not being able to persist the generated presets, but overall, I express my excitement for the new release and invite viewers to provide feedback and bug reports for future improvements. I conclude the video by thanking the viewers for watching and wishing them fun with Bitwig 3.0.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:


  1. What is Bitwig Studio? How does it differ from previous versions?

    Bitwig Studio is a digital audio workstation (DAW) software that allows users to create and produce music. In this video, the creator mentions that Bitwig Studio 3.0 was recently released, and they were surprised and happy about it. This suggests that there were significant updates and improvements in this version compared to previous ones, hence their surprise and happiness.

  2. Is there a demo version of Bitwig Studio available for download?

    Yes, according to the video, there is a demo version of Bitwig Studio available for download on the website. This allows users to try out the software before making a purchase or committing to using it.

  3. What presets are available for the Grid in Bitwig Studio 3.0?

    The creator mentions that they have created presets for the Grid in Bitwig Studio 3.0. These presets can be accessed by going to the settings and packages section, activating the Bitwig factory device presets, and downloading all the presets for the Grid and other devices. The creator also demonstrates how to access and use the presets in the video.

  4. Can I use MPE controllers with the presets for the Grid?

    Yes, the creator mentions that they have already mapped MPE controls within the presets they created for the Grid. This means that if you have an MPE controller, such as a Roli Light Block, you can use it with some of the presets. The creator demonstrates how the MPE controller can be used to manipulate the sound in the video. However, the creator also notes that standard MIDI keyboards can still be used with the presets, so it is not a requirement to have an MPE controller.


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[00:00:00] Hey, welcome back to another video on this channel.
[00:00:03] And Bitwig Studio just released or released yesterday and I was pretty surprised by it
[00:00:09] because I thought this bitter period is going on forever.
[00:00:12] But I'm pretty happy that it's out now and you can download it and enjoy the grid for
[00:00:19] yourself.
[00:00:20] I think there's also a demo version up so you can try it out if you have no running
[00:00:25] plan or you're actually just interested in Bitwig Studio and want to try it out.
[00:00:30] So go to the website and download the demo version and try it out for yourself.
[00:00:36] And if you have a running plan and you just download Bitwig Studio 3.0, you can use all
[00:00:43] my presets I created for the grid.
[00:00:45] And if you go here to the settings and packages, essentials collection, and you can activate
[00:00:52] the Bitwig factory device presets and download all the presets for the grid and all the other
[00:00:58] devices.
[00:01:00] So just do a bet.
[00:01:01] And when you open up the pulley grid and it's empty, you can just use this button here and
[00:01:08] you instantly inside the presets browser here and you see all the presets for the pulley
[00:01:15] grid.
[00:01:16] And if you go down here to polarity, you see all my presets for the pulley grid.
[00:01:23] And for instance, if you go here for Captain Kirk, you can see it's a pretty simple setup.
[00:01:34] Not so simple, but not too complicated.
[00:01:37] And I have also inside here, MPE controls already mapped.
[00:01:42] So when you have an MPE controller like I do here with a Rolly light block, you can use
[00:01:48] that with some of the presets.
[00:01:50] So for instance, if you press a note and use the pressure or press harder, then you change
[00:01:59] the sound.
[00:02:00] [music]
[00:02:28] I actually have to use or buy a new camera setup so I can show you all the stuff on my
[00:02:34] desk when I press something.
[00:02:35] I just need more cameras.
[00:02:37] I think I need multiple cameras all inside my room here to just show you everything what
[00:02:44] I do.
[00:02:45] But for now, it's just my eyesight from my monitor.
[00:02:49] But yeah, if you have a light block, you can use that with some of the presets I created
[00:02:53] for the grid, but you can also still use a normal standard MIDI keyboard.
[00:03:00] It works perfectly fine.
[00:03:03] Yeah, I also try to create a whole range of different presets for the grid.
[00:03:12] So it's not just pads.
[00:03:14] It's also created some beat stuff.
[00:03:18] So you have a beat rambo where you create with just the push of a button, "Rambonize".
[00:03:26] The button is called "Rambonize".
[00:03:28] So you can "Rambonize" something and every time you press the button, you have a different
[00:03:34] pattern for the drums and you also have different drum sounds.
[00:03:38] So just hold the key on your keyboard and it plays the pattern with the drum sound and
[00:03:44] use the buttons to randomize.
[00:04:01] If you like the drum sounds and just want to change the pattern, then you can do this
[00:04:05] with this button here, "Pattern Rambo".
[00:04:28] And if you like just the FX sounds not so much, then just use this button to randomize
[00:04:35] the effects.
[00:04:41] And I really like this idea to have some kind of instruments where you just push randomize
[00:05:04] and you create a new preset or a new sound, something like that.
[00:05:10] Or you're running out of ideas or you need basically a studio partner and want to ask
[00:05:18] him, "Hey, just do some sounds for me.
[00:05:21] I have no ideas today, so inspire me".
[00:05:25] I also use this idea with, I think it's "Rendal Rambo" where I use an pulley synth and the
[00:05:36] grid to randomize some of the parameters from the pulley synth.
[00:05:40] Every time you press generate, you get a new sound.
[00:05:56] As you can see with the push of a button, you get a lot of different presets.
[00:06:20] So it's just multiple presets in one preset, if you will.
[00:06:25] So you have infinite presets.
[00:06:29] The only thing is that you can't persist actually the generated presets.
[00:06:36] So when you load out Procheck again, all these modulated parameters here are basically gone.
[00:06:44] You start with zero.
[00:06:45] So if you want to persist the sound, you have to render it down to audio.
[00:06:50] That's the only downside at the moment.
[00:06:52] I wish there would be some option where you can just left click here on this knob and
[00:06:58] say "Transfer me this modulated value to a real value".
[00:07:04] So this knob would basically snap to the currently modulated value.
[00:07:13] With this, you could actually persist the sound and also create a lot of different presets.
[00:07:22] But for now, you have to render it down to audio.
[00:07:25] That's the only downside.
[00:07:27] But nonetheless, it's fun to play just to hit generate and get a different sound every
[00:07:34] time.
[00:07:42] Okay, that's that.
[00:07:53] So a lot of new presets for myself for Bitwig inside you can download with the packages
[00:07:58] here.
[00:07:59] And yeah, have fun with it and hit me up with some critique and new ideas you have or what
[00:08:06] you want to have corrected or when you have found some bugs.
[00:08:10] I will correct it in the future and yeah, will inform you with the form of a video.
[00:08:18] And yeah, thanks for watching and thanks for trying out my presets and have fun with the
[00:08:24] new Bitwig 3.0 release.
[00:08:27] And I see you in the next video.
[00:08:29] Thanks for watching and bye.
[00:08:36] Bye.
[00:08:37] [Music]