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New Bitwig Sampler Patch Using MFP Synth Pro: Free Preset Download

Tutorial | Apr 27, 2020

In this video, I share a new preset for the Bitwig sampler that I created from samples recorded on my friend Jericho's new MFP Synth Pro. It's an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer with a vintage sound that I love. The preset is free for my Patreon subscribers, and all you need to do is tweak the remote controls to create different sounds. I also show a new feature in Bitwig Studio 3.2 beta that allows for easier use of the preset. The preset includes pitch mode, voice stacks, filter envelopes, and more. I also recommend checking out Jericho's channel for analog and euro rack content. Overall, I hope you have fun with this preset and leave any questions or feedback in the comments.

You can watch the Video on Youtube - support me on Patreon

Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

What is the new preset for the Bitwig sampler and where did it come from?

The new preset for the Bitwig sampler came from a synth pro by MFP that was recently bought by Polarity's friend Jericho. Several sounds were recorded from the synth and sent to Polarity, who used them to create the new preset for the Bitwig sampler.

How can someone access the preset and what is the cost?

The preset is available for free for Patreon subscribers. Non-subscribers can access the preset by subscribing for just one dollar on the Patreon page. This will give them access to the preset and all other goodies available for Polarity's Patreon subscribers.

What are the features of the preset and how does it function?

The preset is essentially a folded sampler with remote controls that enable users to tweak the sound to their liking. It comes with pitch mode, voice stacks, filter envelope, and ADSR, and users can select different samples and tweak the controls to create their desired sound.

are there any additional resources or channels that subscribers can access?

Polarity has provided an additional resource in the description of the video - a link to Jericho's channel where viewers can access more videos related to analog and euro rack stuff. Subscribers can also access the Patreon page for more goodies and updates from Polarity.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
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[00:00.000] So, in today's video, I want to share a new preset or patch for the Bitwig
[00:04.960] sampler video guys. My friend Jericho recently bought a new synthesizer. It's a
[00:10.560] Synth Pro by MFP. It's a Berlin synthesizer company and you play it around with
[00:17.600] the Synth Sample some sounds and send it me the files. I created a new patch for
[00:22.880] the Bitwig sampler from it and that's what I want to share with you. The patch
[00:27.520] itself is free for all my petriens so if you're not a petrian you can head over to
[00:31.840] petriens and subscribe for just one dollar. It's pretty cheap and you get this
[00:36.320] and all the other goodies for free. So before we dive into what you can do with the
[00:42.640] patch with the preset itself, I want to switch over to Jericho what he has to say
[00:47.840] about the Synth. Hello, I'm Jericho. I'm a good friend of polarity and I got
[00:52.320] recently all of one of these little Synths. It's an MFP Synth Pro, it's an 8 boys
[00:56.800] polyphonic synthesizer, three VCOs, a nice sounding dual filter, three envelopes
[01:03.280] and two LFOs. I really like the vintage sound of it. So in polarity I asked
[01:09.440] me to record some stuff and I did that. Not so modulation happy because I
[01:15.200] leave that to polarity and it's magic bitwig skills. Have fun. Did you hear that magic bitwig skills?
[01:22.400] But before we start I have already my headphones ready. Something is missing. That's of course
[01:29.200] the intro. Use my code polarity in the shop to save 10% on the price and support my channel.
[01:40.080] We are finally in bitwig studio and in the background you can see bitwig studio version 3.2
[01:46.960] the beta version and you can use this preset inside the currently stable version of bitwig studio
[01:53.200] 3.1 but I want to show you a new feature inside the beta version and I was begging the developers
[01:59.840] for years now that they implement something like this and it's finally here and that is that you
[02:05.440] can use your Windows Explorer or your operating system Explorer and you can double click on a
[02:11.840] BV preset file and then it switches to bitwig studio, creates a new track and on that track we
[02:20.080] have the preset file. Finally before bitwig studio 3.2 bitwig basically gave you an error message
[02:30.320] I can't open this shit this is not a project and I got several messages from my user base
[02:38.800] basically saying I can't open your preset bitwig studio give me an error message and I have to say
[02:46.480] no it's a bug please create a new project track and drop the BV preset file on a track and then
[02:52.640] it will work okay. From now on we can use double click inside Windows Explorer and it opens up
[02:58.320] bitwig studio opens track and creates a preset file on it and then all you have to do basically
[03:05.760] is to right click on this device here go to save preset to library to make it persistent okay and
[03:13.680] then it will hopefully fill up this form automatically with all the metadata metadata and then all
[03:23.920] you have to do is basically click okay and then bitwig will move the BV preset file to your library
[03:30.800] and then you can recall it every time from the browser here go to presets and it will be in here
[03:36.800] right so nice workflow addition it's finally here and it works flawlessly inside the beta for
[03:44.400] me at least okay so this is the preset now we are talking about and I'm increasing here a bit the
[03:50.240] scale of the interface we can see it better and the preset is basically a folded sampler so
[03:57.120] you can double click it and you see it's a sampler with just remote controls in front and
[04:03.520] there are also macros macros different defined okay but you don't need them really all you need
[04:14.080] to do is tweak these remote controls here in front and this is how it sounds that's the default sound
[04:27.440] okay so that's a sound and you can use the select knob here of course to change to a different sound
[04:48.160] so when we look into the sampler patch itself and switch here you can see there are some samples
[04:56.240] defined for different keys sometimes there is one sample across the whole keyboard spread
[05:04.640] and sometimes there are multiple mappings for different keys so a lot of samples and you can
[05:12.640] switch through them with the select knob here basically
[05:43.360] okay so you can select different samples and they are also at the end here noise samples I think
[05:59.440] on the key of C0 and C sharp 0 so when you go basically all the way down to your keyboard yeah
[06:16.080] it's just some noise samples from the noise generator of the synth
[06:31.680] so just to have some some kind of yeah noise filter resonances yeah some random stuff so just
[06:50.720] additional funny noises and the rest are basically all in keys we can play it on your keyboard and
[06:58.480] use it in a song for pads and lead sounds etc
[07:18.880] so then remote controls we have pitch mode here which makes exactly that what it says
[07:24.560] it changes the pitch over time randomly and for each voice separately so when you have multiple
[07:32.880] voices going on makes all the voices a bit of frequency or pitch wobbling so brings
[07:54.480] in a lot of more analog flair or flavor and then we have voice stacks here and voice stacks are
[08:06.880] on by default so all five voices are activated but they are quiet so I used basically here
[08:15.200] I think let me look into this yeah I use basically a voice stack modulator where by default only one
[08:25.360] voice the third voice is active okay so you play only one voice but when you want to have multiple
[08:32.080] voices you don't need to activate here the voice stacking it's always on you just blend in all the
[08:37.840] rest of the voices okay so this is just one voice and then you have four additional voices
[09:08.400] so basically when you want to make some bass sounds then you don't need you only want one voice
[09:21.680] basically so you just take this to zero and then you have only one voice
[09:51.840] and maybe when you want to play some nice bass lines then maybe go with the voice here to mono
[10:01.120] so each time you play a new voice the last voice will be choked okay
[10:14.000] so you don't have overlapping voices basically so that's perfectly nice for
[10:18.400] a bass sounds okay then we have something like this here filter envelope that's something similar
[10:26.480] to voice a stack here where I blend in basically the filter let's close this down so as you can see
[10:36.240] when I turn this knob up the filter goes down okay and also I think I change how much
[10:54.960] each filter will be applied to different voices so in the middle the middle voice is basically not
[11:03.360] so much filtered then the to left and right voices are more filtered and so on so the filter is
[11:11.680] different differently in different amounts applied to the voices also this comes into play here
[11:20.080] when you turn the filter envelope up not only the filter is here basically cutting off the high
[11:29.520] frequencies we also bring in here the envelope to open up the filter over time but slightly different
[11:37.120] for each voice also okay so you can see this here that each of these points or dots represent a voice
[11:45.600] and all of these dots move differently so you can see the middle voice is basically faster than
[11:53.760] all the rest of the left and right spreaded voices that's without filter and that's with close
[12:10.800] cut off with the low pass filter close low pass filter and the opening of the filter is basically
[12:17.200] decided by this ADS R here but the different amounts for each voice and it can of course go into here
[12:29.760] and change some of the ADS R settings if you want to happen something faster or slower
[12:36.240] so you can go from an bass sound
[12:48.480] to a pad pretty fast so bring in this release lower attack slower
[13:00.240] and that's without effects so there's nothing no reverb anything on it right but you can of course if
[13:25.360] you are a bitwik user or subscriber you may be downloaded in last packaged content package of
[13:33.760] bitwik studio which is called I think collar and collar and space or something like this I'm
[13:41.840] going to preset here yeah it's called fx space time and then there should be a nice reverb by
[13:50.160] myself called Art Reverb and this brings in nice up effects
[14:20.160] so you can combine basically everything I've done in the past with this preset
[14:51.040] so this is this preset I wanted to show you I don't want to make this video longer than
[14:56.240] necessary but there are a lot of sounds in this patch as you saw jerry go did a nice job of
[15:03.680] sampling different voices without yeah losing too much characteristics of the of the synth itself
[15:14.160] so you played around a lot with the filter knobs and yeah try to make every sound sound a bit
[15:22.400] special okay so this is preset as I said you can go download this patch on my patreon page I put
[15:31.840] a link in the description also I put a link to jerry goes channel in the description because
[15:36.960] it makes it makes a lot of you know analog videos or your euro rack stuff and so on and maybe you
[15:44.400] want to check it out so a link is in the description it's for free you only need a subscription
[15:50.720] for my patreon it's only one dollar so pretty cheap I hope you have a lot of fun with this preset
[15:57.280] please leave me comment if you have some questions or if you want to leave some feedback
[16:03.360] and that's it for this video thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video bye