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Taking a Stand Against Racism in the Music Industry

Tutorial | Jun 02, 2020

In this video, I want to make it clear that I hate racism and there's no place for it on my channel or in my communities. If you think racism is good, then please leave my channels. Putting labels on people and saying who is good or bad is a simple-minded world view that we need to get past. Racism is a problem in all areas of our lives, including the music business. We need to stop it altogether. While I won't use all the circulating hashtags on this topic, I want to make a point within my community and inspire others to do the same. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more videos on Bitwig and music production.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

What is the topic of the video?

The topic of the video is about racism and the speaker's clear stand against it. He emphasizes that racism has no place in his community and in his channels.

What is the speaker's stand on racism?

The speaker's stand on racism is clear - he hates racism and believes there is no place for it in his comments or in any of his discords. He also states that if someone thinks racism is good, then they should get out of his channels.

Why does the speaker think it is important to make a video about this?

The speaker thinks it is important to make a video about this because racism is a problem that exists not only in the music industry but in all areas of our lives. The constant noise of racism and sad peak events make it necessary for everyone to join together and stop this altogether.

What message does the speaker want to convey through this video?

The speaker wants to convey that racism is unacceptable, and people should stop categorizing others as good or bad based on their race. He wants to inspire his followers and the audio and music industry to take a stand against racism and work towards making a better and inclusive community.


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[00:00.000] Welcome back to another video. In today's video, it's about racism and I want to make a point and make this point pretty clear
[00:07.920] I hate racism and there's no place for racism on this channel in my comments or in any of my discords
[00:15.720] If you think racism is good then get the fuck out of my channels
[00:21.520] Putting people into follows into trials put labels on it and then say these are good people
[00:27.360] These are bad people. It's a stupid simple world view to have and we have to get past it
[00:35.040] so
[00:36.840] If you are supporting me in this then I still like you and maybe I want to inspire you also to make a video about this
[00:45.800] Make a point there are a lot of people in the audio business in the music business and this is a problem
[00:52.000] Across all areas of our lives, right?
[00:54.840] That's not just music business. It's a constant noise with a lot many many sad peak events and
[01:03.880] We have to stop this all together. So I
[01:08.640] Think that's a pretty important video to make. I also don't put all the
[01:13.640] Circulating hashtags on this because I don't want to get used because of this. I just want to make
[01:19.680] This point or bring this point across in my community within my followers. So
[01:27.440] Thanks for watching there are a lot of videos following up of course about Bitwig and music production. So
[01:33.560] Yeah, thanks for watching and I see you in the next one. Bye.