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New Bitwig Studio Presets Showcase - Evolving Sounds and Sequences

Tutorial | Jun 04, 2020

In this video, I show off some new presets that I created for BitVic Studio's updated package manager. To get these presets, you just need to click on the packages tab and install the essentials collection or just install the evolving sounds and sequences from it. I showcase various presets such as Burnout, Ceramic Bonko Band, Dream State, Guitar Ballad, Hoover Rave, Key Groove, Nasty Ways, Rusty Rubber, Signs in Time, and Wormhole. I encourage viewers to try out the presets, play around with them and give me feedback. If interested in more content, viewers can subscribe to my Patreon page.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

What are the new presets available in BitVic Studio's updated package manager?

The video showcases some of the new presets available in BitVic Studio's updated package manager. The presenter created presets for evolving sounds, such as bass, pads, and plucky strings. The presets also have velocity modulation and patterns that can be adjusted using the remote controls. BitVic Studio users can access the new presets by clicking the BitVic logo or the button at the top left of the screen, navigating to the packages section, and installing the essentials collection, which contains all the new presets.

How can I save money on BitVic Studio and support the presenter's content?

Users can go to the presenter's website, use the link to the BitVic store, and enter the presenter's code to save 10% on the regular price of BitVic Studio upgrade plans. By doing so, users support the presenter's channel and content.

How do I install the new presets in BitVic Studio 3.2?

To install the new presets, users should click on the BitVic logo or the button at the top left of the screen, navigate to the packages section, and install the essentials collection, which contains all the new presets. If they already have the essentials collection installed, they can update it, possibly, or install only the new presets by going to the essentials collection itself and selecting "evolving sounds and sequences." Once installed, users can access the presets by going to the presets section, selecting tag 3.2, and choosing the presenter's name.

What are the features of some of the new presets in BitVic Studio 3.2?

Some of the new presets in BitVic Studio 3.2 include a ceramic bongo band, guitar ballad, Hoover rave, key groove, nasty ways, rusty rubber, signs in time, and wormhole. The presets consist of different types of sounds, including bass, pads, and plucky strings, with many featuring velocity modulation and adjustable patterns using the remote controls. Some presets, such as the guitar ballad, use the selector instrument selector as a step sequencer, and some, such as wormhole, use multiple envelope generators inside the grid to create evolving sounds. The video showcases each preset and provides demonstrations of their unique features.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
You can also click on the timestamps to jump to the right part of the video, which should be helpful.

[00:00.000] BitVic Studio just updated their package manager, and with it you can install new presets
[00:04.800] I created for you.
[00:06.280] So in this video I want to showcase some of the new presets.
[00:14.640] If you want to save some money on BitVic Studio, enter upgrade plans, and you want to support
[00:19.800] my channel and my content, then go to my web page, use the link to the BitVic store,
[00:24.920] use my code and save 10% on the regular price.
[00:30.280] So when you are in BitVic Studio 3.2, all you have to do to get these presets is to click
[00:34.680] this button at the top left, or you can click this BitVic logo here.
[00:39.600] And then you go to packages here, packages.
[00:43.600] Then all you have to do is to go to collections and install the essentials collection.
[00:48.840] If you already have the essentials collection installed, then you can update it, possibly.
[00:54.560] And if you only want to install the new presets, then you can go here to the essentials collection
[01:00.560] itself and just install evolving sounds and sequences.
[01:04.920] And there are just seven megabytes here, so not very big.
[01:12.080] Then you can close this down and can search for the new presets here, go to presets, choose
[01:18.880] to tag 3.2, and of course can choose my name here.
[01:22.280] So you can see all the presets I created for you, and then we can skip through it.
[01:28.720] So the first one here is called Burnout and I think this is just a bass sound.
[01:37.280] So you can see it's evolving over time, it's slightly various in tone and rhythm.
[01:51.240] Also and that was basically just the general topic of this package that we have some evolving
[01:57.520] sounds in it.
[01:59.040] So you can change here to tone.
[02:07.040] And also the timings of some of the envelopes.
[02:26.200] So you can change it in all kinds of directions.
[02:29.720] The second one here is called ceramic bonko band, and I use the sample this one here.
[02:39.000] So it's basically a sampler preset.
[02:43.040] And with the sampler preset I created also some patterns here.
[02:48.440] So you can initially just hit one button.
[02:56.160] And it also depends how hard you press the keys on the keyboard.
[03:00.120] So if you just press soft then you have it a bit quieter.
[03:07.400] Can change here to humanizing feel of the pattern.
[03:10.800] Or I can flatten the velocity or just remove the flattening so you have more dynamic between
[03:21.840] the sounds, or I can just make this full on completely flat so all the velocity is on
[03:30.000] the same basically.
[03:41.440] And also completely remove the sequence here we have individual hits.
[03:55.480] So it should be a fun preset to play with.
[03:59.520] The next one is called a dream state and I think that's possibly a pad sound.
[04:11.360] That's also important with these pad sounds I created a lot of velocity modulation.
[04:20.680] So when you press the keys pretty soft then you probably have some kind of pad sound.
[04:25.480] And if you press the keys pretty hard then you get some kind of lead sound or more a
[04:31.520] plucky attack.
[05:00.800] You can also change here a lot of stuff in the remote controls but I want to switch to
[06:00.800] what you pressed keys on the keyboard.
[06:30.800] That's also a lot of stuff changing over time so if you press the keys pretty long a
[06:41.240] lot of stuff is happening.
[07:11.240] So it's fun to play I think.
[07:27.840] The next one is called guitar ballad so it's also exactly like the dream, a ceramic
[07:35.400] bongo band that you have a pattern created with an arpeggiator and of course you can change
[07:49.320] the sound of the guitar.
[08:03.320] So you can also remove the sequence completely it's just for demo purposes so you can remove
[08:10.400] this and can just play individual plugs.
[08:32.040] So I'm not good player on the keyboard but you get it.
[08:42.880] What's also interesting on this patch is that I didn't use here the there's no physical
[08:50.840] modeling happening there's just steps here the steps modules used for oscillators.
[08:59.720] So there's basically no no physical modeling algorithm used for this patch.
[09:08.240] So you can explore this of course for yourself so I want to move on the next one it's called
[09:13.320] Hoover rave and I try to recreate this you know famous you know patch where you have this
[09:22.040] patch, this pulse modulation puts with modulation.
[09:51.600] So you get the idea.
[09:58.960] Next one is called key groove and this is just some basically one key so you press one
[10:07.760] key and then you have some kind of pattern running.
[10:14.360] When you change the key then you have a different key of course different note and you can
[10:28.480] change here the loudness of each of these parts so we can blend out the snare or the
[10:34.240] bleeps just the bass just the kick.
[10:49.080] So it's also a pretty fun demo of some of the features of Bitwig Studio 3.2 I'm using
[10:54.600] here the selector instrument selector and just basically use it as a step sequencer and
[11:04.240] steps through each of these instruments here okay next one is called nasty ways I think
[11:13.400] it's also a bass some kind of bass sound yeah it's a bass sound.
[11:28.400] So maybe pretty nice for that step.
[11:58.360] Next one is called rusty rubber it's also bass sound actually created a lot of bass sounds
[12:07.800] for this preset, tough this preset.
[12:35.680] Also nice for dubstep and drum bass next one is signs in time this is also some kind
[12:41.000] of plucky pad sound so it depends on the pressure you apply to the keys.
[13:08.440] So this is more kind of blade runner.
[13:37.720] Next one is called wormhole and this one you can change the pattern I think so how the
[14:01.200] sound evolves is basically changing and for this one it's actually pretty interesting
[14:29.640] I used your multiple envelopes inside the grid so basically I think the multi stage envelope
[14:39.800] generator I used your multiple envelopes in a row so they are playing basically one after
[14:46.000] another.
[14:58.120] So maybe I can use something from this when you want to make something similar in the
[15:03.320] grid you can just copy or clone this here if you want.
[15:06.960] So these are basically the presets for 3.2 I want just to showcase this to you and yeah
[15:16.240] I want to encourage you to try it out for yourself play around with it give me some feedback
[15:22.200] and yeah hit me up with the comments.
[15:25.200] So that's it for this video thanks for watching.
[15:27.840] If you liked the video or the presets itself then yeah please leave a like subscribe to
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[15:47.920] Yeah that's it for this video thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one bye.