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Bitwig Live Streaming Tips, New Discord Bot, and Preset File Updates: Enhancing Community Interaction

Tutorial | Jun 18, 2020

In this video, I talk about my experience with live streaming on Twitch and how it's a great way to interact with subscribers and followers. I also share some tips on how to schedule live streams and address some technical issues I encountered during my first stream. Additionally, I introduce a new Discord bot called Chefkoch, which allows users to upload and share Bitwig clips and preset files with the community. I explain how to use the bot and also demonstrate a new feature in Bitwig Studio 3.2 that allows users to open preset files from the Windows Explorer. Finally, I encourage viewers to join our Discord community, where they can exchange preset files and clips with others for free. I also remind them to define a default action for BV preset files in their browser for easy access. Overall, I hope to continue creating tutorials and live streams to engage with my audience and offer helpful tips and tricks for using Bitwig Studio.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

How can I save money on Bitwig Studio and upgrade plans?

Answer: In the video, the creator provides a link to their webpage, where viewers can use a code to save 10% on the regular price of Bitwig Studio. By using this link, viewers can support the creator's channel and content while also saving money on their purchase.

What is the Chefkoch bot, and how can I use it to share Bitwig clips and presets with the community?

Answer: Chefkoch is a Discord bot that watches over certain channels on a Bitwig Discord server. Users can upload Bitwig clips and preset files to the "Your Clips" channel, which Chefkoch then submits to the Bitwig community presets GitHub repository. This way, users can easily share their work with others in the community, and also access new content uploaded by other users.

How can I open preset files from Windows Explorer in Bitwig Studio 3.2?

Answer: In Bitwig Studio 3.2, users can now open preset files from Windows Explorer by double-clicking on the file. They can also set Bitwig Studio as the default program to open PV preset files by going to their browser settings, selecting "File Types," and searching for PV preset files. They can then set the default action to "open PV preset files with Bitwig Studio." This way, users can quickly scan through new preset files from other users and add them to their tracks.

How can I join the Bitwig community and interact with other users?

Answer: Viewers can join the Bitwig community by accessing the Discord server mentioned in the video. They can share their work with other users, download preset files and clips, and ask questions or engage in discussions. The creator also mentions that they plan to continue creating tutorials and live streams for their audience, offering additional opportunities for community interaction.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
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[00:00.000] So in today's video it's about live streaming, I want to do more live streams, it's about
[00:05.200] Bitwig clips and the new Discord bot called Chefkoch and it's about preset files in Bitwig
[00:12.080] Studio 3.2.
[00:19.160] If you want to save some money on Bitwig Studio and the upgrade plans and you want to support
[00:24.280] my channel and my content, then go to my web page, use the link to the Bitwig store,
[00:29.400] use my code and save 10% on the regular price.
[00:34.800] So live streaming, I did my first live stream yesterday on Twitch, not my first but my
[00:41.040] first in a long time.
[00:43.520] And I think live streaming is a nice way of actually doing some interaction with the subscribers
[00:49.040] or the followers, also the subscribers on Patreon.
[00:52.920] And it's also a nice way of answering some questions when you have some small problems
[00:58.280] or maybe you want to or not sure how you approach certain things in Bitwig Studio.
[01:03.640] So I can just ask them in the chat and I can answer them.
[01:09.200] Also yesterday I did some small little sketch inside Bitwig Studio created a new track
[01:15.040] basically and I uploaded the project while I'm streaming and people can download the
[01:21.480] project and can basically remix the track or add some things and send it back.
[01:28.960] So there's a nice little opportunity to actually create some interaction between the followers
[01:35.120] and me.
[01:38.120] I still need to figure out some stuff so like the microphone was too quiet yesterday
[01:44.240] and I also need to figure out some kind of schedule when I want to stream maybe only one
[01:51.360] time in the week, maybe only on the weekends, maybe every day which time would be best
[02:00.680] because I have a lot of followers actually in different time zones.
[02:05.240] Some people answered in my poll here on YouTube actually that they don't have time to watch
[02:11.480] streams and that they can even barely keep up with my content on YouTube with the videos
[02:18.320] and they are fairly behind watching all the videos I'm publishing over the week.
[02:25.160] So yeah I will still continue to make these tutorials, maybe these small tips and tricks
[02:33.840] videos, maybe less of them but more continuously and also add some live stream to it so where
[02:43.080] people can jump in, ask some questions and watch me doing some stuff in Bitwig Studio.
[02:51.000] And yeah I can do my daily work, maybe create some tracks what I usually do in Bitwig Studio
[02:58.280] create some sounds and people can watch and ask questions.
[03:02.800] So this will be hopefully nice for you and also the second topic I want to talk about
[03:10.840] is the discord bot called chefkoch and chefkoch is basically a bot that watches over certain
[03:17.720] channels on my discord in Bitwig and you can, I can show it to you, it looks like this,
[03:31.480] there's a new channel on our Bitwig discord called your clips and in this channel you
[03:36.360] can upload just by dragging and dropping these files into this window here, you can upload
[03:44.880] Bitwig clips, you can also upload still the preset files as you can see in here, you can
[03:50.520] download them, there's a small simple here to download and when you upload these files
[03:55.880] here and you use a name then also these files will be submitted to the GitHub page called
[04:06.800] Bitwig community presets and there's a small little sub directory called presets and
[04:13.480] discord clips and this one's new, you can click in here and then you have sub directories
[04:18.640] and these numbers are basically the discord user IDs and then you click in here and then
[04:26.200] you have basically all the files, this user uploaded to the discord channel and this
[04:34.080] way we have still a nice overview over all the submitted presets and clips in the chat
[04:42.440] here, there's also overview you can scroll through the channel itself but this way here
[04:49.320] you can basically fork this GitHub repo and also use your GitHub client to basically fetch
[04:58.480] all the new data into your local hard drive directory and you can also use my older version
[05:06.600] of my preset party application but it's pretty old and I need to update it to work correctly
[05:15.640] but it should be still working, so if you have this installed then you can also use
[05:22.320] the preset party application and just hit update and you should get all these presets
[05:31.720] and also now clips with the update, so on the hard drive itself I have here basically
[05:41.920] this local repo of Kitop here and I can click this and I can see all the new clips added
[05:52.320] to the channel in discord, so this one here is the one by CZIC, it's this one F minor
[06:00.720] asset app and I can click it and here a small preview and then you can drag it in and
[06:10.760] that's the basically, that's what's so special about Bitweek clips you get now a note clip
[06:17.600] here with all the notes inside and all the modulations and you also get the instrument
[06:23.560] or the device, chain basically here with the Poly-Grid or the settings or the effects,
[06:30.360] so Bitweek clip is basically preset plus the note information and I think you can also
[06:38.240] save audio files, so it's basically a complete track with all the notes on it or the effects
[06:45.320] or the instruments and you can save it as a clip, to save the clip you actually just take
[06:52.520] the clip here and drag it into the right hand browser here, okay, doesn't matter where
[06:59.440] you just drag it, drop it there and then it asks you in this model here for add clip
[07:05.480] to library and then you choose a name, obviously your creator, username, BPM maybe add some
[07:12.160] text and then save devices in clip, you have to check this checkmark here and then you
[07:19.920] get it, okay, and then you have basically a PV clip file created and this clip file you
[07:28.840] can also use here this browser, just drag it and drag and drop it into this window here
[07:35.760] and then you can define here some names and upload this file, okay, and then the chef
[07:43.260] Koch bot will say thanks for submitting and it will be submitted also to our GitHub repo
[07:51.220] to get a link to the repo also and then you are basically done, so this way you can
[07:56.920] exchange super fast Bitweek clips and also the preset files here with the community and
[08:04.920] also download new content from the community, so it's a nice way of exchanging all you
[08:10.920] need to do is basically use our discord channel, you can use discord in the browser, you
[08:17.680] can also download here some small application which is basically just a browser but you
[08:22.680] can use the browser to have it open all day like I do here, also yeah, chat a bit with
[08:29.380] all the users here and ask some questions or as I said download presets or upload clips,
[08:37.240] okay, so this is the update to the chef Koch bot, it now supports Bitweek clips, also with
[08:43.280] Bitweek Studio 3.2 we get now the possibility to open PV preset files from the Windows Explorer,
[08:51.240] you just double click them and Bitweek Studio will open them and with this new feature
[08:58.680] we can also go here into the browser in my case it's Firefox and if you go to the settings
[09:07.200] inside Firefox here it's obviously everything is in German, you can go on the first page
[09:13.240] here, it basically says general general, probably in your language, go down here to the file
[09:20.760] types and you can search for PV preset files and then you have an action here at the right
[09:29.280] side, in my case it's open PV preset files with Bitweek Studio as a default, don't save
[09:36.880] it, open it up with Bitweek Studio, so that's my setting and when you have the setting
[09:42.620] active, every time you click a link to a PV preset file in the browser it will open in
[09:50.600] Bitweek Studio automatically, that's super handy actually, so when you go here to the
[09:56.900] Bitweek Discord to the presets channel and just click some random download here, it
[10:06.560] will send you to the browser of course to download the file and then you get this
[10:10.920] model which says open with Bitweek Studio and I'll just hit ok, I get now Bitweek Studio
[10:19.640] as a focus, I have a new track and I have to preset on this track automatically, super
[10:25.660] nice and then I can start to play this preset.
[10:42.260] So this way you can super fast scan through new preset files from users from the discord
[10:50.500] channel or some other website, I think there's a website called Bitweek Us where you can
[11:00.300] download Bitweek preset files, so this way it's actually pretty handy in the browser,
[11:06.100] just click the file or the link and then Bitweek Studio will open the file for you and
[11:13.460] adds it to a new track, super handy, I don't think it's working currently for clips,
[11:20.020] so if you have clips here it just will open or download these clips and save it to disk
[11:27.660] and I don't think there is actually an action possible for Bitweek Clip files, maybe
[11:33.540] we get this in the future, there's no file type defined here but this would be nice
[11:39.940] to have this also for clips, so if you use Firefox or some other browser go to file types
[11:49.260] and define a default action to open BV preset files in Bitweek Studio, super handy.
[11:56.140] That's it for this video, so come to our discord, check out all the preset files or the clips
[12:03.060] and exchange with the community, it's completely free, link to the discord is in the description
[12:07.620] below, also don't forget to define a default action for the BV preset files in the browser,
[12:14.180] it's super handy and I really like it.
[12:17.060] So the next live stream is gonna happen soon, I let you know over my Twitter account
[12:22.140] I push out the notification maybe also with Patreon and you can join the fun there.
[12:28.300] So thanks for watching, leave a like to the video, if you liked the video and subscribe
[12:32.820] to the channel, maybe head over to Patreon, subscribe there and support my content and
[12:37.820] all the stuff I'm doing on the internet.
[12:40.300] Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video, bye.