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Introducing Piano Delays Preset Package - Create Unique Atmospheres with Bitwig Studio!

Tutorial | Apr 12, 2021

In this video, I showcase my new piano delays preset package, which is available on my Patreon for the five bucks tier. I demonstrate how it works by using the new electric keys package from bitwig studio. I explain how the seven presets work, such as creating fragments, slowing down and pitching up the delay signal, and creating a nice evolving atmosphere. I also mention how it can be used to sample for a sampler. I invite viewers to subscribe to my Patreon for the five bucks tier to download this package and have some fun.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

What is the piano delays preset package and what does it do?

The piano delays preset package is a collection of seven presets that you can apply to keyboards or pianos to create a unique atmosphere or delay effect. It creates an evolving sequence over time and is inspired by the drip plug-in that you can often find on Instagram. The presets create noise bursts, shimmering high pitched sounds, and can be used to slow down or speed up the delay signal.

What is needed to use the piano delays package?

To use the piano delays package, you need to be running the latest version of Bitwig Studio 3.3.5 or higher.

How can I access the piano delays preset package?

The piano delays preset package is available to download on my Patreon page for the five-dollar tier. If you are already subscribed, you can simply go to Patreon and download it.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
You can also click on the timestamps to jump to the right part of the video, which should be helpful.

[00:00.000] Hey guys, welcome back to another video today. It's about my new preset package called
[00:04.880] piano delays. It's available on my Patreon for the five bucks cheer
[00:09.760] When you subscribe, you can download this if you're already subscribed. You can just go to Patreon download it and have some fun
[00:16.400] Um, and yeah, it's it's a package consisting of seven presets that you can put on some key instruments or
[00:24.560] My piano was and it creates some kind of atmosphere or delay or rework around it
[00:31.200] It's a bit more than that. It's it's you know, it creates some kind of sequence
[00:35.920] evolving over time and
[00:38.560] I wasn't inspired by this um
[00:40.960] drip plug-in where you can see the ad on Instagram all the time and it's like you have this random
[00:48.160] um preset thing vst effect device and you put it on some simple sounds and then you get magic out of it or something new that inspires you or
[01:00.880] Is at least a bit more fancy than the um sound you
[01:06.160] Input, okay, so I want to showcase some of the presets in this video. I show you how it works
[01:12.400] and
[01:13.200] Yeah, let's start
[01:14.720] Um, so here we are in bitwig studio. I don't know the version exactly
[01:19.280] um
[01:20.480] 3.3.5
[01:22.720] So this is what you need at least to run these plugins or presets and to showcase these I want to use the new electric keys package by bitwig
[01:33.680] um
[01:35.360] electric key
[01:38.720] S
[01:39.520] Let's go here for a road because I like it
[01:45.200] So let's try this out
[01:52.720] Maybe we make the release a bit longer here
[02:01.120] Nice
[02:02.320] Okay, so now we have a
[02:04.640] kind of random
[02:07.040] simple sound and we now need my piano delays and you can go here to the preset browser
[02:14.160] And just a tropiano delays just one word and then you get here
[02:19.040] one two three four five six seven presets
[02:24.640] And yeah, let's drag them on so the first one is fragments here and it's called fragments because it creates fragments
[02:31.760] This is uh
[02:36.960] Um, yeah, and when you play now the sound here
[02:45.200] Get little noise bursts
[02:47.200] You can also change the diffusion of these sounds
[03:01.600] I put a mixer to 100% so you can hear all need the fragment
[03:11.120] Oh my god, completely dry
[03:13.120] You
[03:16.320] Maybe change the grain
[03:27.440] So this this uh preset is more meant to be combined with all the other reverb's right you can
[03:35.440] Of course, you're using just a regular bitric delay
[03:49.280] And the ear is more like these small little particles or noise bursts um and have some you know create some ear candy
[03:59.520] So maybe delete this here and go for gismund
[04:03.120] And
[04:05.600] And I also put here the mix all the way up to 50% and there's also a limit knob here on all these presets
[04:12.400] And this basically limiter at the end of the chain where you can drive in the wet signal only
[04:18.400] Into the limiter so you can increase the loudness of the
[04:22.480] of the wet signal a bit
[04:24.560] Um, because I designed all these delays a bit more subtle so you have a just you know in the background as an
[04:32.000] As a backdrop
[04:42.480] What if you want to do some ambient
[04:46.080] Songs or you know ambient bits then you maybe want to have this louder and more prominent in your in your songs
[04:53.600] We can just amp up the wet signal here a bit
[05:08.960] But I I really prefer to have to see more like in the background um, so I have it all the time mostly at 30%
[05:16.160] Um, there are some others things you can change for instance the shimmer which brings in some high pitched sounds
[05:46.640] You
[05:56.880] Uh with tapes here. I think I just meant to I have some
[06:01.840] Some half-time presets in there. I created for the mud by tools package
[06:07.680] Also some double-time
[06:10.160] presets to speed up and slow down the
[06:12.720] Delay signal and you can blend this in here with these with this with this knob right so you can completely remove all the
[06:21.360] Uh
[06:22.560] Half-time and double-time presets
[06:36.880] I'll change some feedback on some of these delay
[06:39.360] Um, the late devices also on the reverb here can completely remove the reverb in the chain
[06:45.840] So a lot of options here. I have where I can influence the sound
[06:50.240] So the next one is magical
[06:52.720] You can see I'm pretty creative for the names here
[06:55.040] So let's try this one out
[07:17.760] It's just fun to play around with this
[07:19.520] Because it's kind of a second player or you play with yourself in the in the past
[07:26.560] So you play some kind of pattern and then it repeats just two bars after that
[07:31.120] And then you play something different so you play back and forth with yourself all the time
[08:01.600] So yeah, it's pretty fun
[08:10.880] Then we have your questions
[08:14.000] So it's it's basically a nice delay package when you're a board of your current delays
[08:20.160] They don't too much than just delaying and uh, yeah, reverbing the sound
[08:25.680] Um, here's basically more in it. There's a lot of um
[08:28.560] Um, slowing down pitching up and adding some fragments and um, yeah, cutting up the the amplitude here and there so
[08:59.520] You
[09:10.880] Can also go with the limiter in in the negative range if you think the wet signals too loud
[09:17.280] So this is also possible
[09:47.920] Okay, this is called question questions in your school here
[09:52.000] You
[10:12.560] Then we have this one here. I also previewed this on my instagram account, I think
[10:17.520] Oh, let's get that limiter up
[10:27.520] It's pretty subtle
[10:58.000] You
[11:12.480] Can also bring up the mid gain here, but because I cut out the mid the mid the mid part
[11:18.080] Which can bring this back here with the mid gain
[11:20.640] It's just in djq basically where I remove the mid
[11:23.680] And also you can change the bandwidth of the mid of this djq with this one here
[11:31.440] You can completely amp up the mid or remove the mid
[11:59.440] That's great. It's a nice
[12:03.440] Evolving atmosphere. You can also maybe sample for the sampler
[12:08.480] Use it as a nice sampling source
[12:10.480] Yeah, last year we have taped which tries to emulate a bit of a tape recorder with some um some chorus
[12:30.800] Yeah, there's also a heavy EQ in there
[12:45.360] Get this typical typical EQ curve of a cassette tape
[12:49.360] Also distortion and noise
[12:56.720] So this is without
[13:26.800] Maybe also nice to combine this with the other presets here, right?
[13:35.520] Yeah, so this is basically the whole package you get on my Patreon page
[13:40.880] And like I said, I plan to do more stuff like this also for other
[13:45.760] Instruments like bass sounds where we have put in like I don't know a sine wave and then you put on a preset
[13:51.600] And it's instantly a nice
[13:52.960] Fat mid-range dubstep bass, I don't know, software like this
[13:57.600] It's a lot of fun to actually create presets like this for bitwix studio
[14:03.120] Because I can completely dive into the modulation system go go completely wild with it and
[14:11.840] Yeah, also create nice content for you guys
[14:15.520] So yeah, that's it for this video. I think I tried to showcase everything
[14:20.640] If you have some questions then please let me know in the comments of course and
[14:28.400] Yeah, like I said, it's available on my Patreon for the five bucks tier
[14:33.360] So just subscribe there and you can download this whole package and have some fun
[14:37.840] So thanks for watching please leave a like if you liked the video subscribe to the channel and maybe
[14:42.560] Um, is it one of my live streams this week. So thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video. Bye
[15:12.560] So