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Ambient Tools - Three New Ambient Music Presets To Create Unique Soundscapes

Tutorial | Thu Aug 19 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

In this video, I have created three new presets for my patrons, which can be found on my Patreon page for the five dollar tier. I call these presets "Ambient Tools" and they are designed to help create interesting rhythms, percussion and glitch effects quickly and easily. I have demonstrated how to use each of the presets, as well as some of the customization options available. I hope you enjoy using these presets and thank you for supporting me!

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

What presets did you create for your patrons?

I created three new presets for my patrons called Ambient Tools. The presets are Percussionist, Glitches, and Lix. Percussionist creates rhythmic elements and needs a gate or note signal as an input. Glitches generates glitch sounds that change in speed and loudness. Lastly, Lix is a modification of my random melody generator that generates a random melody in key and scale.

How can someone get the presets?

These presets can be found on my Patreon page for the five bucks tier.

What do the presets do?

The Percussionist preset generates a sequence with clicks, tombs, and ramblers. It also has a dynamic knob to modify the patch and a reverb time knob to control the amount of wetness. The Glitches preset generates glitch sounds that change in speed and loudness, and it has knobs to control the high-pass and low-pass filters, and the modulation amount. The Lix preset generates a random melody in key and scale, and it has knobs to control the input white noise or pink noise, and the rate of the


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[00:00.000] Welcome back to another video. In today's video it's about three new presets I created for my
[00:05.760] patrons. We can get these presets on my Patreon page for the five bucks tier. It's not super
[00:11.760] expensive but just as a disclaimer. This is not free content. So on my recent stream last Friday
[00:20.480] I thought maybe it would be nice to create some presets for some situations where I want to
[00:25.840] create something in a live environment or I need to improvise and I need some some sequences
[00:32.400] pretty fast without searching through all my samples. So you created three new presets here which
[00:38.720] I call ambient tools and this is just a collection of presets. I want to extend in the future but for
[00:47.040] now it's only three presets and you can see in the background here I'm running as a pet wave file
[00:54.480] which is just pitched down by 21 semi tones here and you can also get this wave sound or wave
[01:01.360] file from my last sample drop on my Patreon page so it's also available there if you want to
[01:08.800] want to recreate this patch here and then I have these three presets here on three tracks.
[01:14.960] So the first one is called percussionist or ambient percussionist and as the name says it tries
[01:20.640] to create some rhythmic elements, some percussion elements and all it needs as an input is a gate
[01:28.640] or a note signal so we can create here yeah a note clip and in this note clip we just paint a
[01:35.600] random note and it doesn't need to be or you don't need to be specific with the pitch you can just
[01:41.680] you see here. It doesn't matter really how we need is the gate input on not the pitch information.
[01:47.280] So now we have this down here we can hear now the sequence running
[01:54.960] and we can generate a new sequence by hitting the generate button here
[02:10.400] so the generate button generates a new sequence it also generates new sounds
[02:29.200] I trick out by these sequences and also the audio effects here on the on the preset are also
[02:36.560] randomly altered a little bit you can also have your some tweak knobs you can use for instance reverb
[02:44.880] time can bring in the repeater completely wet or just mix it in 50% here then we have your volume
[02:55.040] sliders on knobs for the clicks, tombs and the ramblers and we can also change the modulation
[03:00.480] amount so some of these sequences modulate filters and loudness levels and so on and you can change
[03:07.280] here this by turning this down for instance if you just want to have slightly slight clicks and pops
[03:17.200] here and there so it's kind of a dynamic knob or dynamic slider or expression however you want
[03:32.560] to call it so you can use this to modify this patch can also slow down the whole sequence here by
[03:41.200] maybe going to two bars the phase length of two bars so it's the same sequence it's just
[03:46.960] stretched out the two bars or four bars
[04:17.120] by the way the generation here is also synchronized to the grid so you can press this anytime but it
[04:26.240] waits for the next bar to happen to implement these changes so now that we have this we can move
[04:40.320] on to the second preset here which is called Glitches or ambient Glitches and it also needs a
[04:46.560] gate input here and I choose to use these gate inputs because maybe you want to sequence these
[04:53.440] effects or these presets and you want to have some parts without these presets and some parts
[05:02.080] with these presets so you can choose here with a note clip where you want to put these so it's
[05:06.880] nice for arranging these sounds or these sequences so the second one here is a bit subtle effects
[05:14.240] so we just solo this here and press generate and this one generates some
[05:21.360] yeah some glitch sounds that are also changing in speed and loudness
[05:26.240] so if you like this and also so when you generate it basically generates a sequence when these
[05:49.040] effects occur in the loop and also how they modify over time and how they sound
[06:00.080] and you have your some knobs where you can you know high high pass low pass you can modify the sound
[06:07.120] then here on the FX FX box pretty easily we can also change the modulation amount so we can
[06:14.720] you know have the filter not working too much if you don't like it
[06:26.400] you can also change the input white noise or pink noise
[06:30.240] and if you think these clicks and pops are too fast you can change the rate of the clock speed
[06:47.360] so you have some you know some modifications you can implement here on
[06:50.960] some certain parts
[07:11.840] and the last one the last preset is called Lix and it's a modification of my random melody generator
[07:18.240] it generates a random melody in key and scale and it also needs an
[07:25.680] yeah a gate or note information as an input but you can also hit play here and then it plays
[07:30.480] all the time so you don't need and don't need to lay down a gate signal if you don't want to
[07:37.680] and then you generate basically a new melody and did you also generate a new sequence when
[07:43.840] this melody fades in and fades out so you also have why you have to you have some kind of
[07:50.800] melody cuts at certain points in your loop not all the time it's not a melody that plays over
[07:56.640] and over and over it's just it just fades in at certain points and this is randomly generated
[08:03.840] so let's bring this one down
[08:06.080] and also yeah it only generates notes so you can choose which kind of synthesizer you want to use
[08:17.440] you can also send this out to hardware if you want to
[08:21.760] this can here it's just playing a note but it plays this exactly the same note at the same
[08:29.040] position every time if you don't like it just hit generate and you get the new sequence
[09:29.040] you can create a nice little random atmosphere you have a pad you have a nice little rhythm
[09:36.640] that sounds interesting you have these glitches here maybe a bit too annoying over time
[09:45.920] but yeah you have something that runs in the background and then you can go to your synthesizer
[09:50.160] maybe improvise something with your synthesizer or play something on top and if you get bored of
[09:55.040] the sequences then you generate new sequences or add something to it with another set of tools
[10:01.200] so you have like something you can play around with and alternate between and keep the listener
[10:07.360] interested in what you know what what's playing at the moment so like I said these are basically the
[10:16.720] first three presets and I want to add more to this because I need some some of these some of these
[10:23.600] tools for myself because I plan to do more of these live streams on my youtube channel and yeah
[10:30.320] it's nice to have something like this at hand to come up with some sequences pretty fast
[11:00.640] you can also maybe use it as just in the background have some main drums and then
[11:13.120] latest on top here to get you know make the drums more interesting so yeah a lot of options
[11:20.080] so like I said you can can get these three presets on my Patreon page if you subscribe with the
[11:26.080] five bucks here and you can also then download all my old presets in all my old goodies on Patreon
[11:33.520] when you're subscribed so I think it's a it's a nice way of supporting me also so also a big
[11:42.000] thanks to all my current Patreon supporters which is super nice to have all these people supporting
[11:47.360] me and it's a great fun to produce all these presets every day and yeah make some content for
[11:54.480] for the community so yeah if you liked the video if you think this is helpful then please
[12:00.720] leave me a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and I think that's it for this video see you in the
[12:06.320] next one thanks for watching and bye