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Bitwig Beat Battle: Introducing the Amazing Entries

Tutorial | May 20, 2022

I participated in the first Bitwig Beat Battle from two weeks ago and would like to thank all participants for their great work. I introduced all the patches submitted, from Xenophish's masterpiece completely dipped in blue to Art Sense's full sounding patch. I praised everyone for their creativity and encouraged everyone to join in the second beat battle, as it is great fun.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

Who were the participants of the first Bitwig Beat Battle?

The participants of the first Bitwig Beat Battle included Xenophish, Random Scratch, Ovalent, Mika, Frank, 14 Below 0, John Wood, Beatnik, Sinus 1, Cairop, Enigma Curry, Cross-mod, Internal, and Art Sense.

What was the goal of the Bitwig Beat Battle?

The goal of the Bitwig Beat Battle was to build a self-generating grip patch within 10 by 10 squares.

How did the participants do in the Beat Battle?

The participants did very well in the Beat Battle. They were able to create complex and interesting patches that demonstrated their creative skills.

What is the next step for the Beat Battle?

The next step for the Beat Battle is to start the second Beat Battle. Participants will be able to follow the rules and submit their patches to be judged.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
You can also click on the timestamps to jump to the right part of the video, which should be helpful.

[00:00.000] Today I would like to introduce all participants of the first Bitwig Beat Battle from two weeks ago.
[00:06.500] The goal was to build a self-generating grip patch within 10 by 10 squares.
[00:12.000] And the community delivered.
[00:14.000] I would like to thank all participants and praise them for their great work.
[00:18.500] I would like to use the video to briefly introduce all patches.
[00:22.500] You will find links to the artist and to the patches in the description below.
[00:28.000] So let's start.
[00:30.000] Xenophish has sent in a masterpiece completely dipped in blue.
[00:34.000] Several pitch quantizers provide the right note.
[00:37.500] The patch slowly unwinds in waves.
[00:40.500] It has recurring patterns that makes the patch very musical.
[00:44.500] The default media transmitter tried to make a complete track with drums, bass and melody.
[00:59.000] All in 10 by 10 squares.
[01:01.000] The result is quite simple and mystical.
[01:04.000] The melody could use some work but still very well done.
[01:18.500] Don't let shoes rely on scratch sounds and the cool grooving melody.
[01:23.500] All the patch needs is a fat beat and we are in business.
[01:27.500] Good job.
[01:40.000] Random scratch gets by without scratch sounds and also tries a more complete track structure.
[01:45.500] A kick, a bass and a melody and even high heads are included.
[01:50.000] The patch seems to develop a bit but then falls back on the recurring patterns.
[01:54.500] But still, great work.
[02:09.500] Ovalent's patch is reminding of early synthesizer concerts by Klaus Schurzel.
[02:14.000] Very nicely realized and you even think you can hear some chance from time to time.
[02:35.000] Mika actually delivers the complete niddle part of a chemical brothers or brother-giproduction.
[02:40.000] A big beat could help to complete the whole thing into a song.
[02:58.000] Frank goes back to the simple structures and gets extra-terrestrial sounds out of the small sampler patch.
[03:04.000] It's great what you can do with just a few modules.
[03:29.000] 14 below 0 is then in this ambient patch that has been very meditative.
[03:34.000] Sounds like the patch is evolving in all directions but always keeping the drone character.
[03:56.000] It also has probably tried to musically recreate an increased server rack here.
[04:01.000] I think such sounds can also be very interesting for games, films or art installations.
[04:06.000] I think it's well done, thanks for sending it in.
[04:30.000] With John Wood's patch we have a typical track structure again, noisy drums with a melody, but more do you want.
[04:37.000] Here too I can imagine that few additional instruments can quickly lead to a beautiful track.
[05:01.000] My man has probably also pissed off a server rack here too, or should maybe team up with Elosa for an experimental album.
[05:08.000] Still we have a kick drum, pleaps and a noise carpet here that could hint at high hats.
[05:14.000] Great little patch, thanks for sending it in and contributing, very well done.
[05:33.000] Beatnik has tried his hand at the dance floor beat and spiced it up with the generative melody.
[05:38.000] There are even a few squares left, with decent bass and a few pads, a complete track could be created out of this tour.
[06:05.000] Sinus 1 has probably delivered one of the smallest patches, an ever changing drone and the beat setting melody create an interesting sound experience here.
[06:35.000] Cairop brings us back to ambient, load pad sounds, a morphing arpeggio and some bell sounds create a great mood.
[07:06.000] Some of itself probably tells here the story of a bird.
[07:15.000] The drone in the background makes a good impression and the melody in the foreground could still use some variety, but actually everything is already quite coherent.
[07:36.000] Enigma Curry also tries his hand at extraterrestrial sounds. The melody creates a great background atmosphere and the FX sounds make you think of monsters or maybe crazy robots.
[07:47.000] So surely also something for movie or game soundtrack.
[08:08.000] Cross-mod delivers thick bass drums with generative arpeggio patterns, a deep bass and high heads. The patch invites you to play around and can easily be modified to generate new patterns.
[08:31.000] Internal's main melody reminds me of a mysterious whistling tone or singing birds. Not sure, but the steady beat in the background makes it not less suspenseful.
[08:41.000] Last but not least, art sense has delivered a very successful and full sounding patch.
[09:02.000] The frequencies are well balanced and the effect sounds keep the whole thing interesting.
[09:16.000] So these are all the entries from the last beat battle. Thanks to everyone for joining in, it was great fun to listen to all of these patches and seeing that people actually getting creative with Bitwig and the grid, finding new ways, learning something new and so on.
[09:32.000] So a second beat battle is already in the works and in the description you will find links to the details and of course to the rules.
[09:41.000] Everyone is invited, so make sure you join in, it's great fun. See you next time, thanks for watching and bye.