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Installing the Free Bitwig Randomizer Extension

Tutorial | Jul 11, 2022

I recently discovered a free Bitwig extension that helps me to quickly generate names for my projects and randomly select samples and presets from the browser. I can just click the 'Select Random Item' button to pick a sample or preset, and then I can use the 'Random Name Generator' to create a name for my project. All I need to do is download the "Randomizer.bv extension" file and put it in the "Documents/Bitwig Studio/Extensions" folder. I think this is really helpful and makes my workflow easier.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

What is the Bitwig extension that can be installed for free?

The Bitwig extension that can be installed for free is called the Randomizer. It helps to generate names for projects and also provides a random selection from the browser. It is available on the IO page and can be installed by downloading the randomizer.bv extension file and placing it in the Documents/Bitwig Studio Extensions folder.

How does the Randomizer help with sample selection?

The Randomizer helps with sample selection by providing a button to select a random item from the browser. This allows users to preview sounds with the keyboard and randomly select samples or presets without having to make a decision.

How can the Randomizer be used to create a project name?

The Randomizer can be used to create a project name by using the Random Name Generator. This combines the current date with a random name and can be adjusted by turning off the date in the controller settings. The generated name can be used as a project name and saved as the file name.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
You can also click on the timestamps to jump to the right part of the video, which should be helpful.

[00:00.000] Hey folks, welcome back to another video.
[00:02.760] Today is about a Bitwig extension you can install and it's completely for free that
[00:08.480] helps you to generate some names for your project and also gives you a random sample
[00:14.920] or preset from the browser.
[00:18.520] And it's available here on this page, IO page, and you can see we have here the randomizer.
[00:25.760] You can unfold this and then you can select, for instance, you have randomized browser
[00:31.120] selection, which is the first feature here.
[00:34.840] And let's say you are in the sampler here and you want to select a sample and you're
[00:40.600] not really sure what sample to pick, right?
[00:43.080] And then you can click this button here, say, select random item, then select some sample
[00:50.640] here from the browser.
[00:52.640] Of course, can preview here with the keyboard, can also hit this multiple times, we get different
[01:01.160] selections, so it helps you kind of randomized sample selection.
[01:07.640] And not only that, you can also go here to the presets if you want to, right, with all
[01:13.200] the presets instead of samples.
[01:15.780] And then you can also select random item here and then select some presets at random.
[01:22.600] And sometimes it's really helpful to, yeah, get over the making a decision, basically,
[01:29.760] get over this and just go with the flow and just go with some something random lead you
[01:35.160] to interesting results, maybe.
[01:38.160] And I really like this.
[01:39.840] And then if you're OK with that, you can also click your add current item or just click
[01:44.680] OK.
[01:45.680] I think it's the same thing.
[01:49.160] And then when you made your track and you want to save it or you want to save a preset,
[01:53.400] let's say you want to save preset to library, right?
[01:57.640] And then you need the name.
[01:58.840] And then you can do this here with a random name generator, you click generate and then
[02:02.920] it's combining here to current date with the random name.
[02:09.000] You can also do this here multiple times.
[02:11.960] If you don't like the date, you can also switch this off.
[02:15.800] You have to go to your controller settings and to the corner, chronic panel randomizer
[02:20.600] here and you can just deselect prepend date for file name.
[02:25.000] And then you have just a name, right?
[02:29.720] And yeah, you can then maybe also use this here as a as a file name for your project.
[02:37.720] I really prefer using the data here, I have to say.
[02:42.640] And just copy this and save as and then put this in and then you have a project name,
[02:51.160] at least something, something interesting, something random, you can rename it any time
[02:56.760] after that if you maybe have a name that suits your project better.
[03:03.240] But for the moment where you just need a name and maybe a date, then this is completely
[03:08.880] nice to have in my opinion.
[03:11.520] So how do you install this, right?
[03:13.280] So you go to the Bitwig, to the GitHub page here, I link to that in the description below.
[03:20.600] Go to the GitHub page and then there's a release releases button on the right side.
[03:25.640] You can see there's only one release.
[03:28.880] Click on that.
[03:29.960] And then you can see the randomizer dot bv extension file and you can download this
[03:35.240] to your download folder, of course.
[03:37.960] And then all you have to do, you have to put this file into your documents, Bitwig studio
[03:46.240] extensions folder, and then you can just put it there.
[03:51.040] Super simple, actually.
[03:52.520] And then you don't need to restart Bitwig, it just takes a moment.
[03:56.040] You maybe can see here the spinner on the right top corner, the spinner spinning.
[04:02.080] And then after a while, it becomes available inside Bitwig studio.
[04:06.360] Then you have to go to your settings page here to the controllers, right?
[04:10.360] You can go settings, controllers.
[04:13.800] And then you have to add a new controller.
[04:17.640] Click that.
[04:18.800] As a hardware vendor, you select here the mechanic panel option.
[04:24.040] And then you can see your randomizer.
[04:26.280] It's basically a controller, a controller script.
[04:30.600] And then you have this new page here, you can't select any media input because you don't
[04:34.280] need that, and you can select your prepend date for file name or not, just how we like
[04:40.840] it.
[04:41.840] And then it should be available here on the right side on this IO page, where you have
[04:48.440] to just unfold this, and then you have it here all the times.
[04:53.560] Also, what you generate here is saved with your project.
[04:57.680] So you have this available anytime you open the project again.
[05:01.920] So it's a very nice Bitwig extension, very useful.
[05:07.400] And I think there are more features coming to this, I guess.
[05:11.960] But for now, it's very useful, at least for me having here a random name for the project,
[05:17.800] for presets I do every day.
[05:20.320] And I have to think about some, you know, I have to come up with some weird names for
[05:25.080] presets.
[05:26.080] It's very nice to have.
[05:28.760] And I really wish Bitwig integrates something like this into Bitwig Studio natively here
[05:36.600] when you say save, save as or save that you have a new project, or even when you create
[05:43.480] a new project, right, you have your new three, maybe give us date, a random name, a random
[05:49.360] string or something like this could be sometimes really helpful, in my opinion, okay.
[05:55.440] So that's all for today.
[05:57.720] I want to show you give this preset or this extension a try.
[06:02.000] It's very helpful.
[06:03.960] And yeah, also thanks to the creator itself, maybe he can put up some donation button here.
[06:13.120] I think it's possible on GitHub itself.
[06:16.160] So yeah, thanks for watching and have fun with it.
[06:20.280] Until next time, see you and bye.