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Exploring Reach - A Powerful Algorithmic Reverb Plugin

Tutorial | Jan 20, 2023

This video is about Reach, an algorithmic, extra-terrestrial reverb plugin created by a developer from Berlin. It has two skins, is on sale for 24 bucks, and has a GitHub page for open development. The plugin includes a reverb module with modulation, frequency splitters, and effects such as de-create, flanger, chorus, and distortion. The plug-in also has a gain knob that controls the volume of both the wet and dry signals, which may be changed in a future update. The video provides a demonstration of the features and sounds of the plug-in, with a brief overview of its uses.

You can watch the Video on Youtube

What can you do with the plugin?

With the plugin Reach, you can add algorithmic reverb to your sound and create interesting sonic textures. You can use the quick access knobs to control the mix, pre-delay, feedback, modulation, frequency splitter, and effects such as de-create, flanger, chorus, and distortion. You can also control the gain of the wet signal and add pre and post-EQ to shape the sound further.

Whats the biggest benefit of the plugin?

The biggest benefit of the plugin is that it is an algorithmic, extra-terrestrial reverb, making it perfectly suited for Ambient music. It is also on sale for an affordable price, has a well-made website, and is open to development and feature requests.


If you don't want to watch the Video, or search for a specific topic, here is the transcription of the video with links to video markers:

[00:00.000] Hello guys, welcome back today in this video.
[00:03.480] It's about this plugin called Reach.
[00:05.720] It's made by one developer from Berlin and it just came out one week ago or so and there
[00:13.520] was no promotion at all.
[00:15.640] And it looks a bit from the design standpoint, it looks like an OP1 field kind of device.
[00:22.320] There's also here a dark version and a bright version, a few more into that.
[00:28.840] You can choose between two skins.
[00:31.600] It's also on sale at the moment for 24 bucks here.
[00:36.320] And the website is also very well made and it's an algorithmic, extra-terrestrial reverb,
[00:45.520] so it's perfectly made for Ambient and stuff like this.
[00:49.800] There's also a GitHub page here.
[00:52.800] So it's a very open development, let's put it that way, so you can file some issues here
[01:00.640] or maybe feature requests or just code stuff yourself if you want to.
[01:09.160] And yeah, the link for that is in the description below and I want to take this video and play
[01:13.000] around with this, so I'll give you some sound here.
[01:17.640] So I'm using Piano Stage ATF for the input, just the felt piano and on that I put here
[01:25.640] the reach.
[01:43.280] So with your mix of 50%, I go up to 100%.
[02:11.600] So what you see here, all these knobs are basically quick access knobs, so the most
[02:17.000] important parameters.
[02:20.440] And this plug-in consists basically of an algorithmic reverb module, what you can see
[02:25.560] here.
[02:26.560] There is modulation, of course, for the delay times, so you get a bit of pitch modulation.
[02:31.560] You can increase or decrease the gain of certain frequency bands, so there's a frequency
[02:37.920] splitter in there at some point and you have different, you know, all pass devices for
[02:44.480] the low end and for the top end.
[02:47.080] And we have some effects here we can put on the reverb.
[02:50.120] Decreate is something like a bit crusher, the flanger, chorus, distortion.
[02:55.240] And we have here a gain knob to increase the gain after the plug-in.
[02:59.560] And in my opinion, this gain knob here should only increase the gain of the wet signal, but
[03:06.360] it also increases the gain of the dry signal, which in my opinion doesn't feel right, because
[03:14.160] most of the times I want to increase the gain of the wet signal to match it with the loudness
[03:19.240] of the dry signal.
[03:21.120] So maybe in another update, it would be nice to have here the gain knob only acting on
[03:27.760] the wet signal itself.
[03:30.120] So when we put in some chorus, you can see we have also nice animations here, the flanger.
[03:46.400] You can also see this here down with these progress bars at the bottom.
[03:57.440] It sounds like a bit crusher, it's maybe something for lo-fi, lo-fi fans.
[04:10.520] So the flanger makes it very wonky if you want to, also the chorus here.
[04:21.960] So these are quick access knobs, and you can dive into these effects even more if you push
[04:30.240] this button here called effects.
[04:31.920] So we have reverb here, which is the reverb module, de-create, flanger, chorus from here,
[04:38.000] and distortion.
[04:39.400] And you can also rearrange these things, right?
[04:43.040] So you can say, I want to have the reverb at the end, I just want to use chorus in front
[04:48.080] of the reverb.
[04:49.080] So everything after becomes more rich, so maybe use a bit crusher for more overtones.
[05:16.040] And the mix knob here, I think, I'm not sure what this is mixing, maybe the effect section
[05:25.840] with the reverb section, so you can say I only want to have maybe the effects here, or both.
[05:37.760] I'm not really sure what this does here.
[05:42.240] Maybe I should have read the manual beforehand, but I just want to give you a shout out for
[05:48.720] this plugin.
[05:51.400] So here with the reverb, also the algorithmic reverb, there are some things in here you can
[05:56.960] change that you can't outside.
[05:59.480] So it's the feedback here, of course.
[06:01.160] If you increase the feedback, you can go up to 100%, you get this exclamation mark.
[06:10.520] It's building up then over time.
[06:14.120] And also a special case is, in my opinion, that the pre-delay is actually included in
[06:18.920] the feedback loop.
[06:21.800] So normally you go in with the audio, then you have a pre-delay here, I think, and then
[06:27.440] you go into the feedback loop.
[06:30.400] And it loops only what's in here, right?
[06:33.080] But here the pre-delay is included in the feedback tank FX or whatever you want to call
[06:39.560] it in the loop, basically.
[06:41.880] So it changes how long it takes for the round trip to complete.
[06:46.320] So you can make the reverb even longer with this.
[07:00.720] You get almost like a drone sound out of this with the long pre-delay and feedback here.
[07:17.800] So yeah, it sounds like it's included in the feedback loop here.
[07:23.000] And then we have here the frequency splitter, so we have three frequency bands.
[07:27.280] It's almost like in Bitwig Studio, like in FX3.
[07:31.920] So you have low, mid, and high part, and you can change the gain for them.
[07:35.880] And you can also change the crossover frequency here, but I think here the frequencies are
[07:40.680] pretty fine selected.
[07:42.840] And yeah, you can change that if you want to.
[07:47.160] And yeah, you have also quick access to time, space, diffusion damping.
[07:52.360] I think damping is just an EQ on top, but there's also here an EQ page separately.
[07:58.800] So you have pre-EQ, you can add notes to it, and you can say I want to have low pass here
[08:05.160] as a pre thing, or maybe a post-EQ at the end here.
[08:13.480] So low pass is usually what I do.
[08:31.080] Let's go back here to the reverb page, lower feedback.
[08:43.080] You can also make the space pretty small, timing pretty short.
[08:48.040] What's that?
[08:49.040] Diffusion, dials down.
[08:50.920] So you can also make pretty tiny rooms.
[09:17.520] So all kinds of things you can play around with to tweak your reverb.
[09:23.280] There's probably not something new in this plug-in, of course.
[09:28.280] But you know how it is with reverbs, right?
[09:31.600] Every reverb sounds a bit different.
[09:33.760] It has different features, and everyone does the algorithm, how a reverb works internally
[09:39.880] a bit different.
[09:40.880] So you have always a different sound in a way.
[09:44.360] And I really liked how this plug-in looks, how much it costs, and how it works.
[09:49.560] It's pretty clean-coded, in my opinion.
[09:52.120] I have no problems so far.
[09:55.040] I have this for two days now, and I use it in some occasions.
[10:15.000] Maybe the chorus at the end.
[10:29.280] Here you can utilize distortion for the loudness.
[10:49.600] So like I said, the gain knob is a bit...
[10:52.520] So when you have the mix at zero, you can basically change the loudness of the dry signal
[11:01.000] also, which just feels wrong, in my opinion, but I probably also not right with this.
[11:08.840] But it feels to me it should only control the volume of the wet signal.
[11:23.680] Oh yeah, it slightly changes the pitch.
[11:31.880] It's very subtle.
[11:39.040] So let's try this out here on a synth, maybe.
[11:45.360] It brings up to 100% here, go to reverb, put distortion in front.
[12:04.040] Get the range.
[12:45.600] Okay, sounds also nice on some pads.
[12:55.640] Maybe try some drums here.
[13:04.080] Take the drums and then reach, and I put my audio level also in here so we can hear it
[13:26.600] better.
[13:43.000] Amping, I have nice reverb at the end, I have delay spray.
[14:09.000] I have the flange here on the drums.
[14:38.840] You can also diffuse the signal, it influences heavily how the reverb sounds.
[15:08.200] So it's also nice on drums to also create some kind of spring reverb type of sound here
[15:16.120] with this.
[15:17.120] So yeah, short, tiny rooms are also possible with this.
[15:22.840] So it's a nice little good reverb, I would say.
[15:28.640] I'll probably use in the future in some occasions.
[15:33.120] I want to give a shout out basically for this plug in here because it's well made, it looks
[15:39.560] good and it sounds good and it's also an affordable price.
[15:45.560] So I think that's it for this video, link to this plug in is of course in the description
[15:50.400] below.
[15:51.400] Leave a like if you liked the video, thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next
[15:54.320] video.
[15:55.320] Bye.