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Bitwig Studio Version 5: New Player Mode and Birthday Giveaway!

Tutorial | May 01, 2023

In this video, I share some exciting news about Bitwig Studio 8 track and 16 track in version 5, which will feature the grid in a new player mode. This means that users can load all my presets and generative patches in 8 track and 16 track. As it's my birthday, I will be giving away three 8 track codes for those who are on the fence about trying out Bitwig or for their friends. I will post codes in the comments, YouTube community page, Discord server, and Patreon page. Lastly, I thank all my followers and supporters for allowing me to do what I love.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

What is the new player mode in Bitwig Studio version 5?

The new player mode in Bitwig Studio version 5 is a feature that will be available in all 8 track and 16 track versions of the software. It will allow users to load presets and generative patches in the grid, although they won't be able to modify them. This feature will enable users to experience the possibilities of the grid and how it can enhance their production.

What kind of codes will be shared in this video as a giveaway?

In celebration of the creator's birthday, the video announces a giveaway of three 8 track codes for Bitwig Studio. These codes are perfect for those who are interested in trying out the software but are on the fence about buying it. The codes can also be shared with friends who might be interested in trying out Bitwig Studio. Users can upgrade to the full version of the software if they like what they see.

Where can users find the giveaway codes?

The giveaway codes will be shared in several places. They will be posted in the comments section of the video, on the creator's YouTube community page for subscribers, on the Discord server, and on the Patreon page. Users can visit any of these platforms to claim a code for Bitwig Studio.

What message does the creator want to convey through this video?

The creator of the video wants to spread some joy with the giveaway of Bitwig Studio codes and also take the opportunity to thank their followers and supporters on YouTube and Patreon. The message is one of gratitude and celebration, as well as an invitation to the Bitwig Studio community to experience the benefits of the new player mode in version 5. The creator hopes to see new faces in the community and enhance the production capabilities of Bitwig Studio users.


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[00:00.000] Welcome back folks, today I have an exciting secret to share with you about Bitwig Studio
[00:06.080] 8 track and 16 track in version 5, when it actually releases.
[00:11.920] But before that I have some good news to share, actually, maybe good news for me, it's
[00:17.240] actually my birthday today, although I'm not a big fan of birthdays, I thought it would
[00:23.080] be a great idea to spread some joy and share some goodies with the community.
[00:28.040] And many of you are familiar with my presets and generative patches that I post from
[00:34.000] time to time on my channel.
[00:36.200] And if you use Bitwig Studio before, you know how powerful grid can be.
[00:41.520] Well with version 5, all 8 track or 16 track versions will feature the grid in a new
[00:47.240] player mode.
[00:49.520] And this means that you can now load all my presets, grid presets in 8 track and
[00:58.000] 16 track, such as reverbs and, you know, the generative patches I made.
[01:04.880] Although you can't modify anything inside the grid, you can still experience what it
[01:11.200] can do and get the glimpse of how it can amp up your production of course, so you can
[01:16.160] try out the presets I made and see if it's something right up your alley, right?
[01:24.680] And because it's my birthday, I want to give back to the community by sharing some
[01:29.400] 3-8 track codes with you.
[01:32.040] These codes are perfect for those who are on the fence about jumping into Bitwig, or
[01:37.200] for those who know a friend maybe who wants to try it out.
[01:41.600] But be quick with the registration because the code is only yours once you register it.
[01:47.200] If you like what you see, you can always upgrade then to the full version of Bitwig at the
[01:51.200] lower upgrade price of course, so that's also possible.
[01:56.160] I will be posting the codes in the comments and I will also exchange them over the next
[02:03.360] two days.
[02:04.960] So be sure to check back if you weren't lucky the first time.
[02:08.320] In addition, I will also post some codes on my YouTube community page for subscribers.
[02:14.520] So if you haven't already followed the channel, head over to the community page and get
[02:20.080] your code there.
[02:21.920] There will be also some codes on my Discord server, which you can find in the description
[02:26.680] of course and on my Patreon page, so make sure you follow and subscribe also there.
[02:32.960] And yeah, that's it for this video.
[02:35.880] I hope you all enjoyed the new player mode that will be available with the release of
[02:40.960] Bitwig Studio version 5 and maybe we'll see some new faces in the community soon.
[02:48.120] Lastly, I want to thank all of my followers of course and supporters here on YouTube
[02:51.960] and Patreon.
[02:52.960] Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it.
[02:57.160] It's been a while to write and I'm grateful that I get to do what I love every day and
[03:03.760] yeah, I really appreciate it.
[03:06.480] Thanks a lot.
[03:08.040] And that's it for this video guys, see you in the next one.
[03:12.000] Bye.