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10 Years of Bitwig Studio: Celebrating with Giveaways and Fan Comments!

Tutorial | May 13, 2024

In the video, I announced the winners of the Bitwig Studio giveaway, with the Essential version going to Donc8295, the Producer version to Bull Noble, and the Studio version to T-Borban9556. I also shared some of the comments I received from viewers, who expressed their gratitude for Bitwig's support of Linux, the user support provided by the developers, and the fun and creativity that Bitwig Studio allows for. Lastly, I mentioned that I will be attending Super Booth and invited viewers to join me there.

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In the latest video celebrating 10 years of Bitwig Studio, viewers correctly identified 2014 as the year Bitwig was first released to the public. The creator reflects on various comments from users who praise Bitwig for its Linux support, user-friendly design, and strong community engagement. Notably, users appreciate the ability to recreate VSTs inside Bitwig's grid to accommodate Linux compatibility issues. Many comments also highlighted the personalized and responsive customer support compared to other platforms like Ableton. The video concluded with a giveaway where names were drawn to win different versions of Bitwig Studio, celebrating the channel's milestone of reaching 20,000 subscribers. The creator also hinted at attending the Super Booth event, inviting viewers to join and discuss Bitwig and music production.

Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

What were some of the nice comments that I received about Bitwig Studio?

Several users expressed their gratitude for Bitwig Studio's support for Linux and how it allowed them to switch from Windows. Others mentioned how the user support provided by Bitwig was superior to other doors like Ableton. Many commented on the fun and creative experience they had using Bitwig Studio and how it inspired them in their music production journey.

When was Bitwig Studio first released to the public?

Bitwig Studio was first released to the public in 2014.

Why do people request recreating VSTs inside Bitwig Studio?

Some VST plugins do not work on Linux, so people who have switched from Windows to Linux use Bitwig Studio and request the recreation of these VSTs in Bitwig's grid to continue using them.

How many winners were chosen for the Bitwig Studio giveaway?

Three winners were chosen for the Bitwig Studio giveaway: one for the Essential version, one for the Producer version, and one for the Studio version.


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[00:00:00] So 10 years of Bitwig Studio and in the last video I asked to put down the year when Bitwig
[00:00:06] Studio was first released to the public and what can I say everyone got it right on the first try.
[00:00:12] So I want to switch over here to the comments to show you some of them because some of them are
[00:00:17] really nice. So yes Scott Garmin wrote two days ago 2014 which is the right answer of course.
[00:00:23] I'm a Linux desktop user and I'm so grateful to the devs that they supported this platform from
[00:00:29] the start. It's a really great door and has provided me with a ton of fun and creative expressions.
[00:00:35] And that's completely right. The first version of Bitwig Studio was supported on Linux. So a lot
[00:00:42] of people actually use this to switch over to Linux from Windows and that's also why sometimes I get
[00:00:49] a lot of requests for recreating VSTs inside of Bitwig Studio, inside of the grid because some
[00:00:56] of the VSTs don't work on Linux but people want to keep using them. So they asked me maybe can you
[00:01:03] look into it? Maybe you can recreate this inside of the grid so I can kind of use the same plug-in
[00:01:09] or same processes in Bitwig on Linux. So then we have here also, paid off yet, Bitwig was founded
[00:01:21] in 2009. The first public release was 2014 which is right and I think today might be the day
[00:01:27] where it hits 20k subs which is also right. Thanks for the comment. Also your DashGlitch
[00:01:33] Road which is a very famous YouTuber also using Bitwig Studio. This was great to hear your story.
[00:01:40] We can talk about all the features until we are blue in the face but what really matters is having
[00:01:45] fun while doing it. I've also rediscovered the fun and creation process since I jumped over this
[00:01:52] resonates a lot with me. And yeah, like I said in the last video, fun is very important for the
[00:01:58] creation process. If you don't have fun, you don't come up with nice ideas. That's just how it is.
[00:02:05] This is how the brain works. So thanks for commenting your Dash and also what can I read here?
[00:02:14] Oh yeah, this one here. Longtime Ableton and probably soon full-time Bitwig user here. My
[00:02:20] favorite thing about Bitwig is the user support. I've had multiple scenarios now where I noticed
[00:02:26] that something would stop working in a beta release because of my very elaborate setups and I would
[00:02:32] just message them and they would fix it. Whereas with Ableton, it's just like screaming up from
[00:02:38] the bottom of a well. The first release of Bitwig was 2014. Yeah, I guess it's also like Ableton
[00:02:45] Live is much, much bigger, right? And user support is maybe not that big in comparison. I don't know.
[00:02:52] But in my opinion, also the user support is pretty quick in most cases with answering
[00:03:00] user questions. So yeah, thanks for the comment here.
[00:03:03] Here's stereo 2014. I bought it when it came out and then proceeded to not use it for about eight
[00:03:12] years. A year or two ago, I got back into production and jumped into Bitwig. Your channel has been a
[00:03:18] such a great resource. Thank you for all that you have done over the years. Yeah, thanks for
[00:03:24] commenting and letting me know. Like I said, I also have a lot of fun actually sharing my
[00:03:30] processes on YouTube. I did this all my life, sharing basically what I do while producing music.
[00:03:37] And yeah, it's great to hear back that I inspire people because that's exactly what I want to do
[00:03:43] with this channel. 2014 as a new producer, I was struggling understanding how Ableton worked
[00:03:51] when then I tried Bitwig 8 track, which made me understand Ableton, but then I couldn't go
[00:03:57] back to Ableton. So I bought a Bitwig full license here. That's also a nice story here,
[00:04:01] where you just bounce back and forth and then you just stuck with something that aligns with your
[00:04:08] experience or that it's something that's more fun to use. And every new major version of Bitwig
[00:04:20] released makes me love their approach even more. The way the door is designed just resonates with
[00:04:25] my thinking and creative process. It is a frictionless workflow experience. Yeah, that's also true for me.
[00:04:31] Then you're also Sam De McClure. Thanks for keeping yourself energized. I've learned so much from
[00:04:39] my videos over the years. Thanks for the comment. It helps. Oh yeah, let's read this one here.
[00:04:49] Pull, pull, John X. My path to Bitwig back in the year of 2014 was clear as water started out
[00:04:56] producing music in the late 80s with all the different sound trackers laying notes on the grid.
[00:05:01] Almost like programming all the music just like you mentioned how you worked with samples in Cuba,
[00:05:06] a soundtrack force me thinking outside of the box solving different sound problems,
[00:05:11] making own echoes and delays with note effects and pitch slides. I'm still a big fan of Carsten
[00:05:16] O'Baske lead to a special mindset which I rediscovered in Bitwig 1.0. I can reflect to what you say in
[00:05:24] your video about Bitwig and creativity. I felt exactly the same. I have tested all the other doors
[00:05:30] and the one I still use frequently is Bitwig and of course, Soundtracker Renoise. A big thanks
[00:05:38] for all the inspiration, new ideas you have given over the years and have a well-deserved break.
[00:05:43] Best records. Yeah, thanks for the comment and yeah, I can also resonate with this a lot. I think
[00:05:49] at the core, most people use Bitwig for the same reasons or for the same reasons I use Bitwig,
[00:05:58] I guess. So it's really, really great to read that and see that. Maybe another one here. Then we
[00:06:07] pick a winner. Stay tuned. The first Bitwig version was released in 2014. Of course, the door
[00:06:18] that caught my attention after a long hiatus of music, everyone with some sense of musicality
[00:06:24] will know straight away that Bitwig is the one kind, one of a kind door with its features, of course.
[00:06:34] Maybe another one. This one here, Soundcore. 2014 was the first release. There was also a demo
[00:06:40] version on some music journals. I actually found polarity with the drum device presets in Bitwig.
[00:06:45] Oh, that's nice to hear. The modular approach inside the door itself was new, while the main
[00:06:50] initial effects were kind of bold. You could modify to create your own. The struggle shifted
[00:06:55] from sounding like everyone to a more nuanced flavors. However, you still have to do some patching,
[00:07:01] of course. Bitwig and Cubase are my favorite doors of all time. It still surprises me that
[00:07:08] almost every new VST plug-in release could be recreated inside that modular environment. The
[00:07:14] grid took away the complexity of any reactor, by the way. Yes, that's a complete shooter. Still some
[00:07:21] black or gray areas of the grid. You can't reproduce everything, but you can, let's say,
[00:07:27] do 90% of the VST plug-ins that are on the market. You can recreate inside of the grid in some or
[00:07:34] another way. Maybe not to 100% sounding the same, but you can recreate the process more or less.
[00:07:40] And maybe the interface is missing. I guess to most VST plug-ins today, the interface is the
[00:07:48] biggest deal, actually, how you access these features. So I hope we get in the future in
[00:07:54] Bitwig some kind of interface designer where we can create our own interfaces to some of the grid
[00:08:00] patches. Okay, so a lot of comments here. I read them all, but I can't read them all inside of this
[00:08:07] video. But thanks to everyone letting me know the story. It's really, very interesting for me to
[00:08:12] know how people come to Bitwig and why they are watching my channel. It's actually a nice
[00:08:20] source of information in here. So yeah, I basically copied all these names here into an excel sheet
[00:08:28] in here, also with the comments. So I also added here some additional names from my Patreon,
[00:08:37] because I don't want to comment on YouTube. They comment basically on my Patreon post. So
[00:08:44] everything is in here. So we can see we have 652 entries. And I just take everything here
[00:08:53] and copy this over into this pick random name winner website here, I have phoned on the net.
[00:09:01] I put everything in there. And all I have to do is push this button here. So I start with the
[00:09:09] essential version, right? So the first winner is basically the third place. Okay, are you ready?
[00:09:20] Three, two, one, and click. So the essential version is or goes to donc8295. So maybe I put
[00:09:33] this here into the into the sheet. So essential version goes to don, then we pick here the producer
[00:09:43] version, which is the second price. So I hit this button here again. Are you ready? Three, two, one.
[00:09:53] And the producer version goes to bull noble, which is a nice name.
[00:10:02] Let's put this in here. Congratulations to all of you so far. And the big version, the studio version
[00:10:09] goes to, are you ready? Three, two, one, and go. T-Borban 9556. Congratulations. You won basically
[00:10:26] the biggest version, the full version of Bitwig studio. So yeah, congratulations to all of you.
[00:10:33] Maybe I throw in some A-Track licenses here and there on YouTube the next days. Stay tuned.
[00:10:40] And like I said, congratulations to everyone here. I contact you and yeah, you get then your license.
[00:10:49] So I think that's it for this video. This week is actually Super Booth from Thursday, Friday to
[00:10:58] Saturday. I'm probably there on Thursday and Friday. So if you want to meet up some Bitwig
[00:11:05] folks and folks and also myself, then be there or be square. You know the deal. So you can come
[00:11:15] there, say hello, and maybe we can talk about some Bitwig stuff or music related things,
[00:11:22] something like this. Okay, that's it for this video. Thanks for all people joining the competition,
[00:11:28] writing these nice comments and yeah, subscribe to the channel, like the video, and see you in the
[00:11:37] the next one. Bye.
[00:11:38] faint laughter