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Recreating the Stranger Things Theme in Bitwig Studio: Prolavity Things

Tutorial | Jul 13, 2019

In this video, I recreated the Stranger Things theme using Bitwig Studio. I also collaborated with a friend to recreate the intro, resulting in Prolavity Things'. All the tracks in the project were created using Bitwig only, including an E-kick, polyscent, and a sampler with my voice. I also showcased the Bitwig 3.0 tape machine preset that I made for the master track. The project does not use any dynamic processors, only a peak limiter at the end. I recorded my voice for some portions of the track. I provided the project download link in the description. Additionally, I mentioned the Bitwig Outrun Challenge for creating and sharing Retro Wave or Synthwave presets. The challenge is for fun and there are no prizes involved. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video.


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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

Question 1: What is the purpose of this video?

Answer: The purpose of this video is to showcase the process of recreating the Stranger Things theme using Bitwig Studio. The creator also mentions that a friend recreated the intro, resulting in the combined project called "Prolavity Things". The video aims to share the tracks and techniques used in creating the intro and also offers the project file for download.

Question 2: What tools and plugins were used in this project?

Answer: In this project, Bitwig Studio was the main software used. The creator mentions using several Bitwig devices, including an E-kick and polyscent for the drum and synthesizer elements. A sampler with the creator's voice was also utilized. The Bitwig 3.0 release introduced a tape machine, for which the creator made presets. These presets are included in the project file for download. Additionally, a peak limiter was used for the master track, while reverb and EQ were applied to various elements throughout the project.

Question 3: Can you give a brief overview of the project's structure and automation?

Answer: The project consists of separate tracks for different elements of the intro. The creator mentions using automations on some tracks, which can be explored by opening the project file. The kick track serves as a drum or heartbeat throughout the track, with reverb and EQ applied. The arpeggiator track utilizes the polyscent, with additional reverb and EQ. The project does not include any dynamic processors, with only a peak limiter applied to the master track. The creator also recorded their own voice for specific parts of the intro.

Question 4: What is the Bitwig Outrun Challenge mentioned in the video?

Answer: The Bitwig Outrun Challenge is a community-based challenge where users are encouraged to create and share presets within the Retro Wave or Synthwave theme for Bitwig Studio. Participants can upload their presets to the Bitwig Discord in the Challenges channel. The creator suggests that, in the end, a package of Retro Wave presets for Bitwig could be collectively created. The challenge is meant for fun and does not offer any prizes. The video provides a link to the Bitwig Discord for participants to join and share their presets.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
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[00:00:00] [MUSIC]
[00:00:10] [MUSIC]
[00:00:21] Hey, welcome back to another video.
[00:00:48] As you could see, I tried to recreate a Stranger Things theme inside Bitwig Studio,
[00:00:54] and a friend of mine recreated the intro, and together it's "Prolavity Things".
[00:01:03] So all these tracks here are basically Bitwig only, so I have an E-kick and an polyscent,
[00:01:12] and I think I have also a sampler with my voice inside, so it's pretty basic,
[00:01:18] and I try to recreate a complete intro from the Netflix series.
[00:01:23] And I want to also give away this project here, but first I want to show you some of the tracks what I've done.
[00:01:31] I have here the master track on which I have the tape machine, which comes with a Bitwig 3.0 release.
[00:01:40] I made some presets for it, and if you go to Packages here and install the Bitwig Factory Device Presets,
[00:01:48] you can use this tape machine.
[00:01:51] Also, when you download this project here, you have it already inside the project,
[00:01:55] so you have it separated with the download.
[00:01:59] And yeah, just use the peak limiter for the master, and as you can see here,
[00:02:05] the kick is used for some kind of drum or the heartbeat throughout the whole track,
[00:02:14] and a little bit of reverb and EQ.
[00:02:17] So just basic stuff for the arpeggiator used.
[00:02:22] Of course, the arpeggiator, polyscent, some reverb, EQ, also just basic stuff.
[00:02:29] There is in the whole project no dynamic processors, just the peak limiter at the end here.
[00:02:38] And I recorded my voice just for some of the voice bits inside this track.
[00:02:47] So let's listen to it again.
[00:02:49] [music]
[00:02:52] [music]
[00:03:21] So when you open up the project, just look at the automations.
[00:03:37] I did some of them, some automations here on some of the tracks.
[00:03:45] So just for you, just for info.
[00:03:51] And yeah, that's basically it.
[00:03:54] I mean, it's a pretty simple project to recreate the intro.
[00:04:01] And yeah, it was just at a fun time doing it.
[00:04:06] [music]
[00:04:08] Ah yes, the Outrun Challenge, the Bitwig Outrun Challenge.
[00:04:24] So if you have presets created inside Bitwig with the topic or in the theme of Retro Wave or Synthwave,
[00:04:35] then share these presets with us.
[00:04:38] Go to the Bitwig Discord. I put the link in the description below.
[00:04:41] Go to the Challenges channel and just upload your stuff.
[00:04:45] You can also download stuff from others in the theme or in the topic of Outrun and Retro Wave.
[00:04:55] So maybe in the end we can create a small package of Retro Wave presets for Bitwig.
[00:05:02] That would be pretty fun.
[00:05:04] You can't win anything, it's just for fun.
[00:05:07] So keep that in mind.
[00:05:09] And yeah, thanks for watching.
[00:05:11] And you can download this project in the description.
[00:05:14] I put the link there.
[00:05:16] I put also links to the Discord here.
[00:05:19] And yeah, I'll see you in the next video.
[00:05:22] Thanks for watching and bye.
[00:05:24] [music]
[00:05:26] [music ends]