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Comp Guitar Preset for Betwixt Studio - Get It Now for Just $1!

Tutorial | Jul 06, 2022

In this video, I discuss my preset called "Comp Guitar" which is available on my Patreon with the lowest tier. I show how it can sound like an acoustic guitar and I explain how the tonality, decay, pitch mod, and impulse responses can be used to change the sound. I also demonstrate how it can be used with Betwick Studio to create interesting guitar sounds. Lastly, I encourage viewers to check out my Patreon and download the preset.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

How do I access the comp guitar preset?

The comp guitar preset is available on my Patreon with the lowest tier. You need to subscribe with the maybe one bug and then you can download the preset.

What can I do with the comp guitar preset?

You can use the tonality remote to change the tonality of the sound and modulate it with a random modulator or with some step mods. You can also adjust the decay of the impulse, add pitch mod and broken sound, adjust the impulse responses, add reverb and delay, and use the amp presets in Betwick Studio to simulate different guitar sounds.

How can I make the guitar sound more realistic?

To make the guitar sound more realistic, you can bring in some dissonance from time to time with the broken sound and use the velocity setting. You can also adjust the impulse responses to add body sound and wooden attic sound and increase the space reverb for a more ambient sound. Additionally, you can use the amp presets in Betwick Studio and the note fx to further customize the sound.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
You can also click on the timestamps to jump to the right part of the video, which should be helpful.

[00:00.000] Hey folks, welcome back to another video today
[00:02.720] It's about this preset here called comp guitar and it's available on my patreon with the
[00:10.080] lowest tier so you need to subscribe with the maybe one bug and then you get this
[00:15.520] so this just as a disclaimer and this is how it sounds
[00:32.480] maybe some lower octaves
[00:40.480] so it sounds like an acoustic guitar
[00:48.400] I based this patch roughly on my recent video about using physical modeling with the polymer
[00:56.080] synthesizer and I flashed this a bit out here with remote controls so you can change the sound
[01:02.640] so we have here the tonality remote which changes of course the tonality of the sound
[01:13.600] and you can modulate this here maybe with a random modulator or with some step mods to change it
[01:18.320] over time maybe make it react to your mpe controller or maybe to velocity or the mod wheel
[01:25.760] then we have a decay and decay is not the envelope decay of the amp of the sound itself
[01:34.720] it's it's the decay time of the impulse going into the comp filter so you can change the sound
[01:40.320] you're also drastically so in this position it's more thin
[01:44.800] and the more decay you bring in the more thicker the sound is and I think the sweet spot is around
[01:58.960] here okay so then we have the pitch mod which of course brings in some wobble some pitch wobble
[02:12.800] so this is completely a straight note and then pitch mod modulates this
[02:28.080] and this is also available on the mod wheel so you can just use the mod wheel of your keyboard
[02:32.320] and then bring in pitch mod every time you want to then we have this broken thing here
[02:39.200] which brings in a bit of dissonance
[02:54.320] so this is a super clean guitar sound here at this position here it's completely dissonant
[02:59.360] or it sounds a bit broken so you can also use maybe here velocity for that to bring in a bit
[03:05.040] of dissonance from time to time just to make it more realistic right and then we have here the
[03:12.320] knobs for the impulse responses and I have here the first one which is body so when I dialed this
[03:17.840] out it sounds completely synthesized and then I bring in here the body sound or the body
[03:29.920] frequencies of a guitar body itself to amplify the right resonances
[03:45.920] then we have here a wooden attic sound or impulse response so it sounds more like you
[03:51.200] play the guitar in a in a real room so now we have basically or it sounds like the microphone is
[03:58.640] pretty close to the guitar itself and if you move the slider to the right it sounds like
[04:04.000] the guitar player is moving away from the mic more further into the room
[04:18.960] it sounds like someone is playing further away from the microphone so for me the sweets
[04:24.080] what is here around 50 percent and then we have here some space reverb if you want to you know
[04:34.960] use it for your ambient session or something like this so you can bring in here some
[05:05.840] of course you can go here into the fx box and can trigger it a bit further maybe you can dampen
[05:13.680] here for instance the guitar body sound with the with the stilt EQ
[05:19.920] so the guitar sound becomes more brighter or a bit more darker a bit softer
[05:37.200] then we have what else of course you can change here the reverb itself it's basically a reverb
[05:43.760] thing here and then we have here some some delay plus action with the space
[05:51.680] diffusion algorithm here so it sounds a bit more spacey maybe you want to remove
[05:56.480] here some of the higher frequencies maybe something like this
[05:59.200] yeah i think this is better let's let's use this as default and
[06:15.520] also you can now use let's dial this back
[06:21.360] you can now use some of the amp presets here of betwick studio to simulate more like
[06:26.480] e guitar sounds
[06:38.960] so this is something you can do maybe use a different preset here and a lot of presets
[06:44.480] actually in the library this one they can even make some kind of e guitar sounds with this
[07:14.800] so
[07:27.680] it's even the drone drone preset here nice clean Leslie let's try this one
[07:37.840] so here's a lot of possibilities you can try out in betwick studio itself
[07:45.280] just with this preset also interesting is that this one is polyphonic so you can use chords
[07:53.680] with your notes here maybe dial in a minor chord something like this
[07:59.680] and then use the the strum device here
[08:11.520] yeah i use two steps one up one down
[08:27.360] then maybe a quantizer after this
[08:47.920] so you can also experiment with the midi fx or note fx actually that's how it's called
[08:54.960] and yeah have some fun with it so this is available on my patreon like i said in the beginning
[09:01.040] it's just one buck so you subscribe at one buck for maybe a month and then you can
[09:07.520] just download this and all the other presets that are also available on this tier so thanks
[09:14.160] for watching leave a like if you like the video subscribe to the channel and head over to my
[09:19.200] patreon and download this thing here right thanks for watching and bye