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Overview of Minimal Audio's Cluster Delay Plugin

Tutorial | Mar 01, 2023

I recently bought the Minimal Audio Cluster Delay plugin, and in this video I gave an overview of what it can do. I showed how to adjust the delay, add effects, sync it to a beat, and use the randomization button to get a random preset. I also mentioned that the plugin is currently on sale for $50.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

What does the Minimal Audio Cluster Delay plugin do?

The Minimal Audio Cluster Delay plugin is a delay and reverb plugin that allows you to design delay taps with knobs and synchronize them to the beat. It also has effects such as pitch wobble, diffusion, chorus, phaser, flanger and frequency shift, as well as ducker, low pass, high pass, timing settings and randomization button.

How can I use the Minimal Audio Cluster Delay plugin?

To use the Minimal Audio Cluster Delay plugin, you can first select an input, such as a piano track. Then, you can use the knobs to design the delay taps and adjust the settings such as delay timing, feedback, delay time spread, synchronization, cross feed, pitch wobble, diffusion, chorus, phaser, flanger and frequency shift. You can also use the ducker and the timing setting to duck the wet signal when a track comes in. Lastly, you can use the limiter or soft clip to clip the signal at the output, and use the randomization button to select a random preset.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
You can also click on the timestamps to jump to the right part of the video, which should be helpful.

[00:00.000] So this is the cluster delay by minimal audio and I just bought this and it came out yesterday
[00:16.580] or today.
[00:17.580] I'm not really sure, but I instantly bought this because I like all these minimal audio
[00:22.800] plugins for some reason, I also like the visuals here and see when we use it to try
[00:28.120] in that knob, you can see everything is visualized, which is really nice.
[00:34.000] So this is basically a delay and you can design the delay tabs pretty easily with some of these
[00:40.880] knobs here and you can also synchronize everything to your beat and you can also tweak this from
[00:48.360] sounding like a delay to some kind of reverb and maybe we go here to the init setting.
[00:55.960] So this is the init setting, as an input here we use the piano tech and it sounds like
[01:01.960] a delay.
[01:07.520] We have now two tabs at the moment here, which are basically two delays, this is one delay,
[01:13.120] you can change delay timing here, feedback, delay time spread, you can also synchronize
[01:28.880] this, so it's in sync with the beat, we have also cross feed here to feed basically the
[01:38.560] left channel into the right channel and so on.
[01:47.280] We can also use here some effects, we have here a pitch wobble, you can see it modulates
[01:52.240] basically the delay timing slightly and we also have here diffusion, so we can create
[02:06.200] some kind of reverb with this, so we can diffuse basically all these tabs.
[02:21.640] And also pitch modulates here the diffusion algorithm, which is nice.
[02:30.440] And some chorus, phaser, flanger and also frequency shift.
[02:39.000] So on every tab we basically frequency shift the audio, which is really nice.
[02:55.320] There are also a lot of presets in here and you can use here this randomized button to
[03:01.160] just select some random preset.
[03:07.560] Some kind of swell, you can see here it comes louder over time, let's use some feedback
[03:20.480] and diffuse this a bit.
[03:48.880] That's more like reverb.
[04:06.120] There's also a ducker in here, so when you have a tricycle coming in, basically the wet
[04:12.040] signal ducks down, I think this is how it works.
[04:14.720] There's also timing here, if you want to change the timing of the ducking algorithm.
[04:20.080] Try wet knob, input gain, output gain, there's also here, I think this is some kind of soft
[04:26.920] clipper at the end, doesn't show me here the tooltip.
[04:32.920] So yeah, there's also limiter I think, so limiter or hard clipped soft clip, I don't know.
[04:39.640] At least you have something on the output here to clip the signal if you want to.
[04:44.160] You can also here change how the tabs basically behave over time, you can change the spacing
[04:50.880] of the tabs, how they are scattered over time, low pass, high pass, also timing setting and
[04:58.560] you can disable the snapping to the grid.
[05:01.240] So if you want to go off the grid with the beat synchronization here, you can do that
[05:05.400] too.
[05:06.400] So there are a lot of options in here, also powerful that you have here this randomization
[05:12.240] thing button, but it's not really randomization, it's just selecting a random preset, but it's
[05:17.600] okay because we have so many presets already in here.
[05:22.480] So it's sometimes nice to just click this button and see if you get something nice for
[05:27.960] your current sound.
[05:32.080] And then just tweak from there, let's sync this here.
[05:41.760] Look and spread, change the spacing, ramp it up, a little bit of crossfeed, more feedback.
[06:06.080] Oh, maybe it's a fusion.
[06:32.760] So yeah, it's a nice delay.
[07:02.600] Delay the signer or reverb or experimental plug in if you use here, the frequency shift
[07:08.720] a lot, so you can get some nice sounds out of this probably.
[07:23.480] What's the sync button here?
[07:24.480] No, it doesn't work there, okay.
[07:33.180] And everything is nicely visualized.
[07:34.680] So I want to give you basically a small overview of what is plug in because it just came out.
[07:40.760] Maybe I do another better tutorial about it, about some tips and tricks, how we can use
[07:45.960] it.
[07:46.960] But for now, it's just my first 10 minutes with this plug in, I want to give you an overview
[07:53.680] over this.
[07:54.680] The link is in the description below if you want to try the demo version or try the version.
[07:58.680] And it's also on sale at the moment for 50 bucks, I think, okay.
[08:02.680] So thanks for watching this video, leave a like if you liked it and see you in the next
[08:06.120] one.
[08:07.120] Thank you for watching and bye.