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Manage your Audio Plugins with KVR

Tutorial | Mar 06, 2024

In my new video, I announced that KVR, the popular plug-in website, has released a free local plug-in management solution for Windows and Mac. This application scans your hard drive for VST2, VST3, and CLAP plug-ins, providing a list of all your installed plug-ins. You can synchronize this list with KVR for updates, reviews, and forum discussions.

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KVR recently launched a free local plugin management application for Windows and Mac. This tool scans your hard drive for VST2, VST3, and CLAP plugins, listing all installed plugins on your drive. Users can synchronize this list with KVR to receive updates, leave reviews, or engage with forums. The application features include:

The application aims to provide a comprehensive overview of installed plugins, ease plugin management, and keep users informed about updates. Despite occasional crashes, it offers unique market value by simplifying plugin management across different DAWs and versions.

Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

What is the KVR plug-in management solution?

The KVR plug-in management solution is a free application for Windows and Mac that scans your hard drive for VST2, VST3, and CLAP plug-ins and creates a list of all your installed plug-ins. It allows you to synchronize this list with KVR so you can receive information about updates, leave reviews, and participate in forums.

What features does the KVR plug-in management solution offer?

The KVR plug-in management solution offers the ability to scan and synchronize your installed plug-ins, sort them by type, and search for specific plug-ins. It also provides information about outdated plug-in versions on your local PC, allows you to directly access plug-in files or visit the KVR website for more details, and helps you identify and remove duplicate or problematic plug-ins.

What are the benefits of using the KVR plug-in management solution?

Using the KVR plug-in management solution can help you keep track of your installed plug-ins, stay updated with the latest versions, and easily manage and remove plug-ins that may be causing issues. It also provides a platform for exploring user reviews, participating in discussions, and staying connected with the plug-in community.

While the KVR plug-in management solution is a useful tool for managing plug-ins, it may have some stability issues and occasional crashes. However, considering there are no similar solutions available on the market, it is still recommended to give it a try, especially if you want to streamline your plug-in management process and stay informed about updates and reviews.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
You can also click on the timestamps to jump to the right part of the video, which should be helpful.

[00:00:00] KVR, the big plug-in website, just released a local plug-in management solution for Windows
[00:00:06] or Mac and you can download this application completely for free and it scans your hard
[00:00:11] drive for VST2, VST3 and CLAP plug-ins and you get a list of all your installed plug-ins
[00:00:17] on your local hard drive.
[00:00:19] And then you can synchronize this list with KVR and you get information about updates
[00:00:25] or you can leave a review or maybe read the forums or stuff like this.
[00:00:30] And this is your announcement in the background and there is also a dedicated web page for
[00:00:35] this application here and I leave you a link in the description below.
[00:00:39] So you can head over to this page here, read what's going on and you can also download
[00:00:44] here Windows and a Mac client.
[00:00:49] It looks like this.
[00:00:51] Maybe I go here to my local version.
[00:00:54] So you see on the left side here a list of all your installed plug-ins.
[00:00:58] You can scan your plug-ins.
[00:00:59] You can synchronize this list with KVR.
[00:01:02] We have some options here.
[00:01:04] We can sort by CLAP plug-ins or VST only if you want to write all plug-ins.
[00:01:13] On the right side you can see KVR basically is just a website more or less.
[00:01:17] You can also head over here to my KVR.
[00:01:21] And yeah, and then you see news here.
[00:01:24] So it's basically just a website, the KVR website.
[00:01:29] So on the left side here we can also say, let's say KVR-NewR, right?
[00:01:35] So now we see versions or plug-ins that are installed where the version is outdated basically
[00:01:41] locally.
[00:01:42] You can see adaptive verb installed version is 1.2 and available version on KVR is 1.4.
[00:01:51] This doesn't need to be the current version of the plug-in.
[00:01:54] Maybe the vendor or the company didn't update KVR.
[00:01:58] So maybe KVR is also outdated on this because you can also switch it to a local NewR.
[00:02:05] So this means some applications have NewR versions on my PC than on KVR.
[00:02:13] So you can see your accent to basically installed version is 2.13 and available version on KVR
[00:02:20] is 1.3.
[00:02:22] So the vendor needs to update basically the page or the version or the available version
[00:02:26] here.
[00:02:29] So yeah, so you can see a list of stuff that's outdated on your local PC and you can also
[00:02:34] see what's completely available that's installed at all on your PC here in a list.
[00:02:40] You can also search for stuff.
[00:02:43] Also interesting, you can right click here.
[00:02:45] You can say, show an explorer, right?
[00:02:47] You can go directly to this file here in my VST3 folder, which is nice.
[00:02:56] And you can also double click on this here.
[00:03:00] Double click on ACE here.
[00:03:01] And it shows you on the right side basically the KVR page, which is also nice.
[00:03:06] And read some reviews here and some informations.
[00:03:10] For me, actually interesting was the scan process.
[00:03:14] So I do this here with you and I hit scan and I say scan for all new updated plugins.
[00:03:23] And it starts to scan.
[00:03:24] You can see this in the lower right corner.
[00:03:26] And then I get something like this.
[00:03:27] And this is something I get all the time when I update Bitwig Studio, right?
[00:03:32] Or when I switch to a different door and try out some things because I have to test a lot
[00:03:37] of different plugins in different doors because people ask me weird questions all the time
[00:03:44] and I need to try it out, right?
[00:03:46] So then I go into a different door or maybe in a new Bitwig version, I get this pop in
[00:03:50] all the time.
[00:03:51] And then I hit quit because this is just a trial version I have installed maybe two years
[00:03:56] ago.
[00:03:58] And after the scan process is done, I always forget to remove these plugins because I can't
[00:04:05] remember all the plugins that popped up.
[00:04:07] I have multiple of these.
[00:04:10] And yeah, I had quit basically and then it continues to scan quit.
[00:04:17] So I have to do this all the time basically.
[00:04:20] So here's a problem.
[00:04:23] Ignore.
[00:04:26] And when it's done with scanning your hard drive, it shows you some kind of lock.
[00:04:33] And that's pretty interesting.
[00:04:36] It takes a moment here to catch up.
[00:04:39] So it shows you this lock file here.
[00:04:42] You can see down here we have 15 errors found during scan, right?
[00:04:46] We can sort this by raw.
[00:04:48] So these are basically the plugins I want to remove, fail the scan.
[00:04:54] And you can right click here and can say show an explorer.
[00:04:57] And that also gives you basically the file directly on the hard drive.
[00:05:02] And you can right click and can say delete or whatever or move it to a different directory.
[00:05:08] So easy to remove basically from here all the plugins I don't want to have.
[00:05:15] But also down here it shows you plugins that are installed in multiple directories, right?
[00:05:21] You can see a Google force with version 1.4 was also found in a different directory.
[00:05:27] So you can get rid of these doublets basically, which is also nice and not easy to do without
[00:05:35] a management solution.
[00:05:36] So yeah, that's basically it about this application.
[00:05:43] It's just a bit of a version.
[00:05:44] I hope they improve on this a bit because it also crashes from time to time.
[00:05:49] But also I don't need to use this every day.
[00:05:51] It's just for me to get an overview of what's installed on my hard drive, maybe get information
[00:05:57] about updates and also get rid of some plugins that are producing errors during the scan process
[00:06:05] and different doors.
[00:06:07] So yeah, I want to show you this here because I saw this just released a few days ago and
[00:06:13] no one spoke about it.
[00:06:15] I found it quite interesting because there's nothing like this on the market if I'm right.
[00:06:21] So there's nothing on the market where you can manage all your plugins.
[00:06:26] So quite interesting.
[00:06:28] Maybe you want to give it a go.
[00:06:30] That's it for me for this video.
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[00:06:37] Thanks for watching.
[00:06:38] See you in the next video.
[00:06:39] Bye.