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Creating Unique and Immersive Presets for Bitwig Studio 3.0 Sneak Peek at the Physical Piano

Tutorial | Jun 02, 2019

In this update video, I talk about how I have been busy with my daily job and preparing presets for the release of Bitwig Studio 3.0. I explain that my goal is to have a collection of good sounding presets ready for new users who want to explore what's possible with the grid. I showcase a piano emulation I created using filters and physical modeling synthesis, along with mechanical sounds from a friend's piano. I also introduce a new reverb called Kitchverb and discuss using random modulation to create an organic feel. I share a work-in-progress version of the piano preset on my GitHub repository and provide a link in the description. I also mention that my friend, Skyance, has released a sample pack on a new website called Intimate Noise and I encourage viewers to check it out. Lastly, I ask for feedback on the piano preset and mention that I will be discussing other patches in upcoming videos.

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Questions & Answers

Maybe you dont watch the video, here are some important takeaways:

1. What was the reason for creating presets for Bitwig Studio 3.0?

The reason for creating presets for Bitwig Studio 3.0 is to have a collection of good sounding presets ready for the release version. This is helpful for new users who have just purchased Bitwig Studio and want to explore the capabilities of the grid. By providing these presets, the creator aims to offer a selection of sounds that showcase what is possible with the grid and provide a starting point for users to experiment with.

2. What is the process involved in creating the piano emulation within the grid?

The process of creating the piano emulation within the grid involves using a combination of filters and physical modeling synthesis. The creator has recreated the mechanical sounds of a piano, such as the trigger noise when a key is pressed and the release noise when a key is released. Multiple noises are used to create a round robin effect, adding variation to the sounds produced. These noises were provided by a friend who sampled their piano. By using filters and physical modeling synthesis, the creator is able to simulate the characteristics of a piano and create a realistic emulation within the grid.

3. What is the "Kitchverb" reverb and how is it used?

The "Kitchverb" reverb is a new reverb created by the creator. It is described as being suitable for ambient sounds and has a long delay. A random modulator is used to change the delay times on each output filter, giving the reverb a more organic and less static feel. This reverb is also made available as part of the preset library for Bitwig Studio 3.0. Users can adjust the settings of the "Kitchverb" reverb to add a sense of space and depth to their sounds.

4. What is the purpose of the sample pack from Skyence and how can it be obtained?

The sample pack created by Skyence, provided on the Intimate Noise website, offers a collection of samples for users to incorporate into their music production. It is mentioned in the video that a demo track was created using only the samples from this pack, which can serve as an example of what can be done with the samples. The sample pack can be purchased and downloaded from the Intimate Noise website, which is a new platform that launched recently. The video provides a link in the description for users to access the sample pack and listen to the demo track created with it. Feedback on the sample pack and the demo track is also encouraged.


This is what im talking about in this video. The text is transcribed by AI, so it might not be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
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[00:00:00] Hey, I want to give you guys an update on what's happening with my YouTube videos.
[00:00:06] And I was basically busy in my daily job the last week.
[00:00:10] So I was walking all day and at the evening I was preparing presets for the release of
[00:00:18] Bitwig Studio 3.0.
[00:00:21] And the reason for that is I want to have a big pile of good sounding presets ready
[00:00:26] for the release version.
[00:00:27] So when new people jump into Bitwig Studio and just bought it and they want to explore
[00:00:34] what's possible with the grid and what's not, I want to have some good sounding presets
[00:00:39] ready for them.
[00:00:41] And as you can see here, I try to create or recreate a piano assimilation or emulation
[00:00:48] inside the grid with a lot of filters and physical modeling synthesis.
[00:00:56] And I have also some two samplers here with some noises inside.
[00:01:01] And these noises are basically the mechanic sounds of the piano itself.
[00:01:05] And a friend of mine called Skyance delivered me some samples from his piano.
[00:01:11] And yeah, let's see how it sounds.
[00:01:25] You can turn up the mechanic sounds more.
[00:01:32] You can see or hear that you have basically a trigger noise when you push the key and
[00:01:38] you have a release sound or noise when you release the key.
[00:01:51] I have multiple noises, so it's not not every time you press the key, it's the same noise.
[00:01:56] So it's basically round robin.
[00:02:00] So there's alteration.
[00:02:03] And yeah, I've also prepared a new reverb called Kitchverb.
[00:02:12] And you can already hear this.
[00:02:14] It's pretty nice for ambient.
[00:02:33] Very long delay.
[00:02:35] And I used some random modulator here to change the delay times on each of these outpass filters
[00:02:43] basically to get a much more organic feel.
[00:02:49] So it doesn't sound too static.
[00:02:52] And yeah, this one is also available then in this big library of presets.
[00:03:03] And I want to give you a work in progress version of this piano here.
[00:03:09] And I put this preset inside my GitHub repository.
[00:03:15] And I think it's called physical piano.
[00:03:19] Yeah.
[00:03:20] So look for that.
[00:03:22] I put a link in the description where you can find my GitHub and you can download it.
[00:03:30] And I also wanted to give you an update about Skyence, which is the guy that delivered me
[00:03:37] this noises for the piano.
[00:03:41] He also made a sample pack on a new basically website that just started yesterday, which
[00:03:50] is called Intimate Noise.
[00:03:52] And there's this pack formation where he did some samples and created some samples.
[00:03:58] And I also did a small demo track here, which you can listen to, where I used only the samples
[00:04:05] from this pack to create this demo track.
[00:04:08] So there's also a link in the description to this pack here where you can buy it and
[00:04:16] download it or just listen to my demo track and give me some feedback.
[00:04:22] I also want to give you give me some feedback about this piano preset here, because this
[00:04:28] is a work in progress.
[00:04:29] I want to change some things, add some more macro or remote controls so you can easily
[00:04:37] tweak the piano and play around with my plan is maybe to add some artificial stuff.
[00:04:45] So it's more so that it's more unique sounding, right?
[00:04:51] I mean, there are a lot of pianos you can already download and maybe you have already
[00:04:56] five or six pianos with the size of six or 10 gigabytes on your hard drive.
[00:05:04] So why did you need my preset?
[00:05:09] I mean, it's small, it's maybe 30 megabytes.
[00:05:14] But it's not so good sounding like real piano.
[00:05:19] And maybe I add some artificial stuff here so you can, it's more usable for ambient or
[00:05:24] electronic stuff where I add some particles or you know, some sequences or something like
[00:05:31] that.
[00:05:32] So, so it's not just an piano.
[00:05:35] So that's my plan for it.
[00:05:37] Yeah, give me some feedback on that one.
[00:05:40] How it how do you like it?
[00:05:42] What do you want to change?
[00:05:44] And I think that's it for this video.
[00:05:47] I think there's a video coming tomorrow where I discuss some other patches because it created
[00:05:53] also some hang drum preset and a new guitar preset and I'm working on a kind of leveler
[00:06:02] plugin.
[00:06:03] But I want to talk about this later in my upcoming videos.
[00:06:09] Yeah, thanks for watching.
[00:06:11] Tell me what you what you like, what you don't like.
[00:06:14] Give me feedback, download the presets, give the new library or intimate noise website
[00:06:21] to visit and yeah, I see you in the next video.
[00:06:24] Thanks for watching and bye.
[00:06:26] Bye.
[00:06:26] Bye.