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Producing Melodic Techno/House in Bitwig Studio

Oct 26, 2021 Tutorial
In this video, I produce a melodic techno or melodic house tune inside Bitwig Studio. I start from zero with no idea what to do and end up with a track that is 7 minutes long. I use a variety of techniques such as automation, modulation, sound design, mixing, arranging, and keeping the sequence interesting. I show how to create a root drone, how to use an instrument, how to apply audio effects, and how to use a step modulator. I also demonstrate how to use an LFO, an EQ, and a reverb device.

Producing Drum and Bass from Start to Finish

Nov 18, 2021 Tutorial
In this tutorial, I explained my thought process for producing drum and bass inside the studio from start to finish. I started with the bass first, and explained how I use smooth ball synths to create the bass groove, which then influences the pattern of the drums. I also shared some tips on how to create interesting patterns, such as using automation and steps mode to modulate the pitch, LFO and ADSR. Finally, I explained how to use reverb, distortion, chorus, and EQ to add effects to the bass and create a unique sound.

How to Create a SynthWave Track in Bitwig Studio

Feb 11, 2022 Tutorial
In this video, I show how to create a simple SynthWave track in Bitwig Studio. I demonstrate how to create a dreamy lead sound, a bass sound, and a drum beat. I also discuss how to use a breath controller and arpeggiator to make the track more interesting. Additionally, I talk about how to use a VHS preset and a texture plugin to add texture and atmosphere to the track. Finally, I show how to arrange the track into a cohesive song.

Creating a Synthwave Track with C-Ludian Chords and Glitch Drums

Mar 22, 2022 Tutorial
In this video, I created a music track using a synth, a reverb, a delay, a key filter, a note rap device, a quad track, an arpeggiator, a chorus device, a quad bass, a portal, percussion and drums, a lead sound, modulation and automation, and a half time. I randomly modulated the sounds and added some distortion, reverb, and a transient shaper to bring out the spaces. I then layered some triggers and hi-hats to create a nice combination. Lastly, I used a filter and a phaser to give it a final touch.

Creating a Self-Running Grid Patch in Bitwig Studio

Apr 06, 2022 Tutorial
In this video, I showed how to build a self-running grid patch in Bitwig Studio. I started by selecting the grid and setting it to monophonic mode. I then connected a trigger to a phaser and an XP filter, and then used a face in to create notes. I added a sample and hold, a dice module, and a reverb to the patch. I also added a pitch signal to switch between an octave higher or lower. Finally, I used a global shuffle to change the pattern.

Creating Drum and Bass: An Intro to Making Music

Apr 07, 2022 Tutorial
I am creating a drum and bass track and I am starting with the bass. I am using FM8 and mixing in two oscillators and adding a bit of noise and distortion. I'm then moving on to the drums, using a kick and snare, and then a shaker and ride. I'm using the transient shaper and hard clip to level out the sounds and then I'm creating a sidechain with the kick, so that it removes the bass when the kick plays. Lastly I'm creating a step sound with a pulley synth and adding in a crash sound.

Creating Glitch-Hop Music Easily Using Instrument Selectors and Effects

Apr 11, 2022 Tutorial
In this video, I show how to create a Glitch-Hop track using a drum machine, bass lines, and multiple layers of instruments. I explain how to use a ramp mod and how to switch between layers with instrument selectors and step mods. I also explain how to use note repeats, quantizers, and effect zones. Finally, I show how to use a click filter to get the kick drum out of the drum machine.

Producing a Drum and Bass Track in Under One Hour

Jun 27, 2022 Tutorial
I created a drum and bass track from scratch in this video. I started by adding a snare to a sampler and then adding a kick drum and some hi-hats. Then I created a bass line by modulating the oscillator and adding a beat limiter and a step mod. After that I added a pad sound with some modulation and a delay. I then added some more drums and a crash. I then added a clap and used a filter to make the kick and bass stand out more in the intro. Finally, I added a micro pitched synth and faded out the pad for the outro.

Bad Take - Creating a Track from Scratch with No Devices

Jan 26, 2023 Tutorial
In this video, I'm showing viewers how to create music from scratch using tools such as the polygrid, kick drum synthesis, noise module, filter, distortion, chorus, mod delay, step mode, auto level, ducking, wave folder, reverb, dice, clap, white noise, envelope follower and diva. I'm also demonstrating how to sprinkle samples on top for an organic sound. At the end, I offer viewers the chance to download the track on my Patreon page.

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